Cower, children, and let the Authorities protect you

In Cologne, police rounded up pretty much anyone who looked like they might be from North Africa and questioned them. It’s not surprising after last year’s debacle – 600 sexual assaults and 400 robberies (numbers might not be accurate, I don’t have access to official figures here) in one night of New Year celebrations.

It was much calmer this year because the police were everywhere. If they had been out in force last year, there might not have been such a festival of crime but then there would have been no headlines for either year.

So last year was the fault of mass uncontrolled immigration and… so was this year. Huge authority supervision of the New Year party. It’s what the people wanted.

There was a vicious attack on unarmed civilians in Istanbul, Turkey. Santa with a Kalashnikov killed and injured a lot of unarmed civilians, because that’s how Islam operates. Kill those who have no involvement in any kind of anti-Islam activity because they are the ones who are not expecting it. No point going after the politicians who give the orders. They have security and they are watching out for trouble. No, far easier to kill the innocent. Our side would never do that…

…apart from the attack on an Istanbul mosque hours later. Same principle really, the harm was less deadly but severe nonetheless, and only unarmed civilians were attacked.

We are to believe all Muslims are the enemy though, so the retaliation attack is treated as if it’s just to be expected. Even though attacking civilians really makes our side the same as theirs.

Meanwhile we are now to cower in terror in case Islam unleashes mustard gas on us. Really, a first world war weapon anyone can make in their kitchen although unless you know how to contain it, that’s a really bad idea.

And yet… and yet… is there absolute proof ISIS are doing this? The retaliatory attack on a mosque was very fast. Like they were all ready to respond. Just an observation.

The nightclub gunman’s shouts of ‘Allahu Akbar’ only appeared in the third or fourth report. The rape fest in Cologne last year might or might not have been Muslim perpetrated, the implication is that it was.

And now we have to watch all local Muslims carefully in case they start wearing first world war German helmets with spikes on top and digging trench systems in their back gardens.

Neighbour is to watch and report on neighbour. Trust nobody. Anyone around you could be a thought criminal. All the multiculturalism is approaching the end point of its real intention now. All those who supported it, and who still support it, as a good thing, are the useful idiots of our time. Their usefulness will soon expire and to be honest, I’m happy to let them find out for themselves what that really means.

No need to worry. Authority will protect you. Wear your onesie baby romper suit, sip from your child safety cup, drink water from your nipple-equipped ‘sport’ baby bottle, watch meaningless sanitised childish crap on your TV and stay in the confines of your play pen. You’ll be fine. Nanny will make the bogeyman go away.

No she won’t. The bogeyman is what keeps you in line. Tales of the bogeyman are going to keep on coming. Nothing will change until you finally realise one thing.

The bogeyman is Nanny’s invention. Oh it’s real, but only because Nanny made it real.

Even the bogeymen don’t realise that Nanny controls them too. They can only hurt the ones Nanny lets them hurt.

Don’t be disobedient, children. Nanny will tell the bogeymen where you live…



4 thoughts on “Cower, children, and let the Authorities protect you

  1. “apart from the attack on an Istanbul mosque hours later”

    The Turks are saying that was a domestic incident, not retaliation for the nightclub massacre. There isn’t any “our side” in Turkey who’d attack a mosque anyway. Turkey has no significant non-muslim minorities.


    • The Turks think the initial attack was an attempt to destabilise the country. The second attack, in apparent retribution, could have been meant to push that.

      Very sensible of them to play it down. Pity our media have no such sense.


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