Nose mucus and overseas books

CStM and I are the slime twins today and we both feel like crap. Nothing at all has been achieved today. Concentration is impossible, our heads are filled with wet sand and we are going through a small forest worth of tissue paper.

Fortunately nothing is open today anyway so we didn’t have to go anywhere. Our combined mucus production has kept visitors at bay too so it’s been partly restful, partly worried that we might both morph into Jabba the Snot.

Anyway, I have less than 48 hours before I have to drive an unfamiliar vehicle along roads I don’t know to get it here so we can go home.

It’s not too bad, I have some practice doing this with hire cars but this one is actually mine so it matters if I break it.

Still, recovery before collection is imperative. It’ll be even harder to drive if I blast a nose jellyfish onto the windscreen!

So, in lieu of anything sensible, here’s what happened when RooBeeDoo sent a copy of The Underdog Anthology to her friends in America…



10 thoughts on “Nose mucus and overseas books

  1. WOWW! That is a GREAT cover!!!!! REALLY REALLY REALLY GREAT!!!!!!!

    Re the slime thing: It’s Britain. I got hit with it while visiting a number of years ago. Picked it up just north of London and arrived up in Edinborough virtually incapacitated by it. Belinda Cunnison was being gracious enough to put me up for a few days and in return all I did was sneeze ‘n slime ‘n mucous all over everything in sight. I had NEVER had anything like that before or since! NO other symptoms…. just quarts of running mucous!

    – MJM

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  2. Hells bells. I figured if someone is stupid enough to send me something free in the mail, I’m stupid enough to quasi-return the favor as best I can. The vid was the best I could muster. 😦

    Kudos to the camera operator. She had no fucking clue what I was going to do. Neither did I really. Just kinda…an idea. It worked! Yea us!

    Thanks so much for the book. Looking forward to reading it. I made it to the first sentence in the Forward, and had to put it down, cause I started smiling immediately.


    ^Crystal Method – Dude in the Moon^

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  3. I noticed that, in view of the lefties’ gun control mania, yer typical Yanqui household is now equipped with a flick knife . . . Oh, it’s just a letter opener, officer.

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  4. I thought it was just me that was coughing like a good ‘un. I spent NYE in bed. Now I’m on the sofa, under the duvet, watching daytime tv.

    Get better soon the pair of you.


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      • “Just a cold though, not flu. ” Yep, when I had it there was no temperature or lower respiratory involvement etc. Just tons and tons of flowing liquid mucous. I felt sorry for Belinda as it seemed she’d planned two of three days of taking me around to some of her favorite night spots that were being attacked by the brand-new Scottish ban. I’ve got a bunch of pics somewhere of the pubs along Leigth Way all steel shuttered up. :/

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  5. While you’ve been away, I’ve dusted down my archive. I’d forgotten just how many stories were lurking there, just waiting to be let out. And I’ve rattled off another three over the Christmas period, so I’m enjoying a creative burst as it were. Anyway, I definitely have enough for a single-author anthology. Genres are all over the place – western, criminal conspiracy, politics, science fiction, ghosts, romance – even a cross-dressing spy and a Tudor Queen (not at the same time…).

    Drop me an email when you get back and we will discuss.

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