Status update

I can’t get home before Friday because I have to wait until the car is ready, and can’t access most of my email accounts at the moment. When I get back I’ll set up a Leg Iron Books account and attach it to the laptop so I can be in touch anywhere, but for now I’m only really accessible through the blog.

The Goddess of Protruding ears does need a cover adjustment, as pointed out in comments, to make the text clearer. I have a lot of internal formatting to complete (this one has a glossary of terms with hyperlinks and each definition has to send you back to the right place in the book so it’s a bit more interesting to put together). However, this takes only time, it’s not hard really.

So by Friday I’ll have the internal eBook text for that one all done and at home I can sort the cover text. I have the internal print book text ready, that just needs a completed cover. It’ll be out next week.

Soon this damn holiday period will be over. It’s a real pain having two weeks when the country is pretty much closed. It delays everything. In future I have to arrange to have nothing important to do in these two weeks.

I’ll get this fledgling business off the ground if it kills me.


5 thoughts on “Status update

  1. Welp, you can’t wrestle an alligator and expect the alligator to conform to the rules of The Geneva Convention…you may want to take the conventional approach to non-conventional weapons.

    May I suggest a toga, a spatula, and a can of non-stick cooking spray.

    Just spray the cooking spray in your own eyes, and the rest will take care of itself naturally. 😀

    The toga and spatula are simply to take your mind off of how ridiculous “the goings on” are. 😉

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