Home again


There has been some mouse activity in the two weeks of emptiness in the house. Out here in the country that’s no surprise and the level of activity suggests it’s probably one field mouse who had 14 days to make holes in things. It shouldn’t be hard to eradicate it.

Could have been worse. I half expected to find a rusting Transit outside and fifteen Romanian gypsies in residence. I had brought home two epees to add to my collection although those are only really effective against French invaders so really I would have had to get indoors and reach my double bladed or the slide blade sword, or perhaps the sledgehammer, to deal with the Transit invaders.

In the end it was just a mouse. The sledgehammer has not been ruled out but using a long blade seems like overkill.

There was a discussion on the epees, which I’ve had since I was about 14 but which were still in my father’s workshop…

CStM: “Do you really need more swords?”

Me: “Different ones are for different things. These, for example, are mainly for killing French people.”

CStM: *rolls eyes and mutters*

Anyway, the poor little Fiesta is still in the garage enjoying a well earned off the road rest. I’ll tart it up, add some optional extras (brakes, wheel bearing, suspension) and see if I can sell it later. Or maybe thrash it to death across harvested fields because it’s worth bugger all really…

I have a mini monster truck now, the same age as the Fiesta but with half the mileage and a lot less shabby… for now. It has an automatic gearbox which is a bit freaky at first. Gears change but I’m not doing it. Still, it’s progress, it’s not like the old fashioned ones where you have to change gear yourself.

Now I have access to all my emails and have cleared out most of the two weeks of spam. Holiday is over, publishing resumes with a vengeance.

Busy busy busy busy…



19 thoughts on “Home again

  1. :: Picturing Leggy rollin’ ’round the house withy a plunger in one hand and a flashlight in the other intoning: “E-Rad-I-Cate! E-Rad-I-Cate!” while the dozens of mice that he thinks are one mouse invisibly giggle down at him from the rafters and CStM leans back to enjoy the show. ::

    – MJM

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  2. Nutella on a mousetrap. Killed about a dozen in my new place’s loft last winter, none so far this winter. I laid awake listening to scrabbling above me some nights, gently calling out encouraging comments about eating the chocolate…snick…followed sometimes by the drumming of little feet on the ceiling. The dance of the dead. Good times.

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  3. Cats sort out mice. I recall with fondness a mouse infestation that ended when one of our toms was seen wandering about the house with a mouse tail dangling from his mouth.

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  4. I would suggest “inadvertently” driving your car through the front door, then doing some donuts in the living room into order to rearrange the furniture in a little more non-conventional manner. It may confuse the mouse/mice into thinking that they have taken up residence at a race track with really insane and/or shitty race drivers who can’t keep their car out of the barriers, and perhaps they would retreat to the higher elevations so they can watch the races from a safer elevation. But this is only because a flamethrower wasn’t listed in your arsenal of potential avenues to relief, nor was their any mention of anti-personnel explosive devices. You appear to be beyond legal recourse, and so…I’ll go with the obvious…

    You have someone else there to help you…correct?

    Make them do it.

    Of course, there is always division by zero.

    Good luck.

    ^Joris Voorn – Goodbye Fly (Original Mix)^

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