The Science of the Obvious

Or maybe the ‘oblivious’. It’s New Science. Never let the facts get in the way of a profitable conclusion.

Scientists (and I use the term in the loosest possible sense) have discovered that people like to socialise in pubs. What a pity then, that ‘science’ also declares that drinking is evil and there is ‘no safe level of alcohol’.

The article states its reasons for the decline of pubs…

In recent years, the lure of cheap booze from supermarkets and tougher drink-drive laws have resulted in many becoming restaurants or even closing.

No mention of the smoking ban? No recognition that booze has always been cheaper in supermarkets and even before them, in off-licences? No mention that the tougher drink-drive laws only happened in Scotland? The two reasons they give for the closure of so many pubs are not reasons at all. The one they miss out is the primary reason. Oh, and they don’t allow vaping either, because it ‘looks like smoking’.

Yet Science, that new version of it that doesn’t bother with any actual science, declares we must all go to pubs and be sociable and friendly – but no smoking, no drinking and soon no talking.

The commenters include a few utterly moronic drones who declare that pubs only serve to put out drunks into the community at closing time. Really, they believe that’s all pubs do (or rather did, before they shut down). They must have watched too many zombie apocalypse films and the limited space in their brains has caused a crossover between Dawn of the Dead and Last Orders.

There are, however, an increasing number of comments pointing out the real reason regular pub visitors like me suddenly became non-pub-visitors. The smoking ban. There is some intelligence out there still. Just not in any politician’s head.

I doubt anyone in government will ever manage to make the connection.

14 thoughts on “The Science of the Obvious

  1. There are, however, an increasing number of comments pointing out the real reason regular pub visitors like me suddenly became non-pub-visitors. The smoking ban. There is some intelligence out there still. Just not in any politician’s head.

    Plus an increasingly shitty attitude towards the clientele.

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  2. One of the most pertinent comments on that article, in response to some idiot denying that the smoking ban had anything to do with the demise of the pub, was to suggest having smoking and non-smoking pubs, and see which were the most successful.

    The answer, of course, is a forgone conclusion. We know exactly which would be the most successful. And so do Tobacco Control, which is why they will fight the idea with every weapon they have at their disposal.

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  3. Not forgetting clothing Apartheids, where headwear is frowned upon (“hides your face from CCTV, mate”), football shirts are a catalyst for mass brawls (“Were you expecting an influx of Waldhof Mannheim supporters in tonight then?”) and where a pair of Nikes can be deemed as perfectly acceptable at 19.59 but a cause for rejecting entry a minute later. It’s got to the point where one feels the need to phone up in advance to see if the pub meets all the necessary criteria. No wonder people can’t be arsed.

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  4. It doesn’t matter if vaping is allowed inside a pub. If I cannot smoke I will not go and sucking on plastic with a pint is no alternative to the real thing.

    They must have wanted the pub to die a slow and painful death otherwise they would have left us alone instead of forcing them to become health clubs and creches.

    Any pub owner who embraced the ban, believed the obvious bullshit that once smokers left the pubs the antismoker health obsessives would flood inside in their place, deserves to go bust and lose it all.

    If they cared about saving their pubs they would fight the smoking ban but they don’t so screw them and damn them to hell.

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    • Likewise. If I can’t smoke with my drink, I’ll stay home.

      Those publicans who supported the ban could have made their pubs nonsmoking any time they wanted. They didn’t need a ban to cater solely to nonsmoking customers. None of them did it, because any pub that became nonsmoking would have lost all its customers to the smoky pubs, and they all knew it. So to get their way they supported a total ban.

      The rise of the shed pub was never connected to the smoking ban either, but that was the real reason behind it. Smokers banned from pubs simply made their own pubs in their sheds.

      The one thing those antismoking publicans missed was that the antismokers are health-obsessed. They don’t like people drinking either…

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  5. Dear Mr Leg-iron

    “Camra’s Colin Valentine said it was ‘no surprise that pubs play such a pivotal role in a person’s wellbeing but it is fantastic news to hear this wisdom has now been confirmed by research’.”

    So dissuading smokers from participating in pub life by exiling them to the outdoors is detrimental to their well-being?

    So ash et al are actually anti-healthists. Not quite sure why the British taxpayers are being fleeced to pay for the likes of that nice Ms Arnott to pocket huge salaries, pensions and jet around the world for secret meetings with other anti-healthists.

    Obviously smokers’ well-being will improve if these people are defunded and all smoking bans repealed forthwith.

    What a strange world we inhabit where the anti-healthists are sponsored by the state out of taxpayers’ money.

    Maybe a politician or a ‘public health’ professional will explain it all one day.


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