The Goddess of Protruding Ears is now on Amazon in print, and soon in eBook.

Once that’s complete I have two more novels, plus a short story collection from Longrider, with another novel on the way.

Everything got slowed down today because Windows chose today to apply an update to the very same laptop that I moved the publishing work onto. One of those that shoots up to 80% complete in a matter of minutes, then increments by around 1% per hour thereafter. It’s a day when I really wish I had clicked on ‘remind me later’.

I’ve also written a project proposal for some microbiology work for a company who are pretty vague on what they want done. If I get it, it’ll mean six weeks intensive work but with a good payoff at the end of it. So it was worth it.

Then I have to try getting the deposit back on the flat I left at the end of October. The buggers sent me an electricity bill for £2.16 for the four days between me leaving and the next resident arriving. Now, I could get all stroppy and argue that I’m not liable for the electricity used by their cleaners’ hoover but sod it, it’s two quid. Won’t even buy a beer these days. The most useful aspect is that they can’t now claim they didn’t have a forwarding address for the deposit. So far they have managed to dodge speaking to me which is really only making it worse. I’m now thinking about reasonable interest rates to charge on an overdue account. It’ll be more than that electricity bill…

I haven’t seen much of the news as a result, although I have wondered about the Leftie argument that Trump is in with the Russians. Aren’t the Lefties the socialists, and Trump is supposed to be some far right wild-eyed hater of everyone? Which one is the natural soulmate of Soviet Russia? Aren’t the lefties trying to make the West into a Soviet enclave too? If Trump is best buddies with Putin then shouldn’t the conservatives/republicans be the ones shouting about him?

It all seems a bit playgroundish. Putin once again comes out looking like the only adult in the game. Aside from any other considerations, that alone should give our leaders pause for thought. Putin is the one showing level headed responses while all we see from our leaders are hysterical knee-jerk reactions with little to no thought behind them at all.

Compare our swivel-eyed loons and their determination to blame everything on Russia with Putin’s general response…

disappointedHe’s no threat to the West. He doesn’t need to do a damn thing to destroy the West. We’re doing that ourselves. All he has to do is wait.

And he knows it.

17 thoughts on “Working…

  1. I feel your pain. Getting a damage deposit back from a landlord can be a right muck about. Our last landlady had us scrubbing on hands and knees before she’d give our money back to us. I was thinking about calling the local rent tribunal because the apartment had already been properly cleaned. And all the previous tenants damages fixed. I was really ticked off about the whole process.

    Thinking about it, while we were leaving Mrs S got injured and had to go to hospital. I’d have set the ambulance chasers on the old witch (Our landlady), but didn’t think our case was strong enough.

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  2. A Danish politician, the defence minister, has been out saying Russia is a bigger threat to Denmark than ISIS and friends’ terror. Maybe he’s operating under the assumption that they don’t know where Denmark actually is.
    I’m sure Putin is somewhere munching popcorn and enjoying the show. We’re running around like headless chickens and he hasn’t even done much yet. No wonder he has so much time to run around topless.

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  3. This obsession with Russia is very odd. Bit like the obsession with sugar. Some famous name was on the telly this morning, virtually saying sugar causes cancer. Tumours apparently feed off it, so therefore, sugar is the new evil, along with Vladimir Putin. Putin and sugar. Erase them from your lives and you will be beautiful. And live forever and ever, amen.

    Honestly, I do wonder sometimes. Have I been transported to a parallel universe?

    Is it all to do with masking what’s really going on? Something to do with China perhaps?

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