The medichip is here

Implanted medical chips to control your blood pressure are now a real thing. On the face of it, a good thing if you have high blood pressure but it’s only the beginning.

They’ll get smaller and more functional. They’ll tell the medics when your blood pressure rises and they’ll rush round to check you’re okay. Again, not necessarily a bad thing.

However, when it gets to the administrators and politicians, they’ll want to know who’s getting worked up and when. Getting worked up will be a suspicious activity – and will identify every Daily Mail reader out there for a start.

Are you tense? Nervous? What are you hiding that’s making you nervous? Confess your sins and you will be free from tension. Nothing to hide, nothing to fear, remember? Haven’t heard that one for a while.

Otherwise, the small explosive charge fitted to your aorta during routine surgery will ensure you don’t make anyone else nervous in the future.

It’s for the greater good…

14 thoughts on “The medichip is here

  1. Is this in any way connected to what I heard about on the radio this morning? Apparently your NHS now says burnt toast is bad for you, as it may cause cancer. If I had to hear sh** like this every day, my BP would be sky high.

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  2. I guess the argument here is/or will be…

    “Well, we use machines on the outside to keep you alive. What’s wrong with a machine being inside?”

    Um…this space = already occupied. Filled to capacity. No room at the inn. No room at the out. No room at the inn and out. No room at the inn if not out.


    ^The Cure – Primary^

    Clever. Very very clever.

    I dunno. I got not answers. /me shrugs

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