Russia’s Most Wanted

I don’t know how true all this is, but the news keeps popping up.

It seems George Soros, a man with far more money than he has time left to spend it, has been intent on bringing down the entire Russian Federation (and, apparently, most of the rest of the world). Could one man really do all this damage?

Well, with enough money and influence and an army of dim lackeys, especially when your dim lackeys manage to get elected, it’s not impossible to imagine – although as the plot of a novel it would really have to have James Bond in it somewhere.

But then you don’t need 007 when you have Vladimir Putin. The man clearly just doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks of him as long as Russia is happy with him being President. Russia, it seems, is largely pretty much okay with him being in charge. I have to admit he does seem to be the most clear-headed and actually adult of all the world leaders at the moment. Even though he’s a commie.

Sure there are protests in Russia – what leader hasn’t had to deal with protests (apart from Kim Jong Jinglyjangly who just shoots them all)? On balance though, Russia seems quite content with Putin in charge.

There are allegations that Soros used Danish and Swedish currency derivatives to try to damage the Russian stock market. How? I have absolutely no idea how that works but it seems Russia is pretty pissed off at Denmark and Sweden as a result. It didn’t work anyway.

Now it seems Putin has issued an arrest warrant for Soros which I think can only work if Soros goes to Russia, or a Russian territory. So all he has to do is not go there. I think he’s already banned from there anyway, so maybe an arrest warrant is overkill.

This Soros guy definitely warrants further study. I’d heard of him before, he keeps cropping up, but he does sound like he might be in there with Bloefeld and the other Bond villians.

I wonder if he has a high backed black swivel chair and a cat? I do hope so.

17 thoughts on “Russia’s Most Wanted

  1. although I can’t confirm anything there’s a lot about soros funding everything from orange revolutions to trouble in america. if there’s time and you can there’s lots of blogs/papers out there describing what he’s been up (starting with taking & selling the belongings or death camp bound prisoners in nazi germany)

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  2. If memory serves, he is credited with busting Hungary from the Soviet bloc. Don’t quote me, but it’s a good starting point for research. He somehow used financial tools, betting for or against currency, leaving permanent bad blood with Russia, enriching himself. With minor tweaking, he would make a fine Bond villain.

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  3. In 1992 I ran a small 2-shop retail business in Battersea and Barnes. We were on our uppers in the middle of the ERM/Major/Lamont crisis, the Bank called in our ovedraft demanding it in cash by close-of-banking that day (we just about got there…) and I remember at that moment Soros being on the radio, announcing that he was going to “wreck Sterling” or some such. That’s how it came across anyway.

    I’ve always regarded him as a bad man since that afternoon. The Economist, a celeb-magazine for “Liberal” types, has always thought he farts green lights (as my old man used to say!)

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  4. Soros, a dangerous man with an obscene lot of dosh, who as he ages seems to be growing into your Supervillian mould.

    A lot of the unrest across the Pond appears to bear his grubby fingerprints. Whilst I would not be surprised to find out he has been secretly funding a certain well tanned (in the leather sense) hair dresser in her legal pot stirring at our Supreme Quisling Court.

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