Poverty makes you fat

I have a feeling those in real poverty (no home, no food, no free benefits) would disagree while pointing to their visible bone structure. Almost all of it, in the worst cases.

However, in the UK, poverty just means ‘on benefits’. Never mind that there are many on benefits with incomes that have exceeded my worked-for income for almost a decade. Never mind that they pay much lower rents and council tax than me. No, they are ‘in poverty’ because it suits an agenda. They like the title but they don’t realise it’s not their agenda.

They are not the ‘work in progress’. They are one of the tools for that work, and when their job is done they will be discarded. Don’t bother trying to tell them, they won’t listen.

Scotland, that model society for Panoptica, now wants to impose stricter ‘anti-obesity’ regulations because the ones they’ve imposed already don’t work. Of course they don’t work. They were never meant to work. If they worked, the fattie-haters would have to find real jobs instead of demanding more cash to fund their hate machine. It’s the same MO as all the other hate groups we pay taxes for.

The reasoning is that ‘poor’ people make the ‘wrong’ food choices because they are in poverty. They can’t afford ‘proper’ food. The solution is to tax the cheap food to make it too expensive for poor people to eat. Since they still can’t afford the proper food, this will ensure they don’t get fat.

The logic makes a twisted kind of sense – we have fat poor people so if we put up the price of food so they can’t buy any, they’ll starve themselves thin.

This, the SNP believes, is another sure fire way to get re-elected.

What about thin poor people? Oh I suppose they won’t be around to vote next time anyway since with no fat reserves, they’ll all be either dead or too weak to mark an X.

The Scottish government absolutely hates any kind of business and wants to drive them all out of the country, along with any local jobs they might be paying local people to do. They also don’t want anyone importing anything. Who is going to add in an extra layer of regulatory shite just to sell to one little country who have declared they don’t want your products anyway?

Let’s consider a supermarket. South of the border, business as usual. North of the border, extra taxes on certain products, restrictions on advertising certain products, some things can be on special offer while other things can’t. How long before the likes of Tesco, Morrison’s, Aldi, Lidl, and more just decide Scotland is more bother than it’s worth? The latter two have a business model that hinges on low prices. If the taxes put their prices up to the same as Hamish McPricetag’s local shop in the hills, the entire point of Aldi and Lidl is gone.

Soon afterwards, so are they.

Meanwhile Tessie May threatens to make the UK a low-tax business haven if the EU piddle around on the Brexit deal. Good for her. Of course, Scotland will be busy increasing taxes until they top any EU country’s wielding of the tax hammer. Every country in the EU will be more attractive than Scotland for any business and right next door will be the Brexit tax haven.

If you were running a business now, what would you be thinking? I know what I’m thinking.

Scots, vote SNP. Fuck your country into the ground.

You know it makes no sense and I know you’ll do it anyway.


5 thoughts on “Poverty makes you fat

  1. Not I. Not my vote for Tartan taliban, they really are nanny writ large.

    Just a few lowlights from Holyrood – The 2016 smoking ban (Labour), multi-buy deals on alcohol (buy 3 bottles of chateau Sainsbury’s plonk, for the price of 2), restiction of alcohol promotions to alcohol section, with strict sizes over floorspace, the shuttering of cigarette packaging, banning of smoking in hospital grounds, plain packs (well the last is UK, the others all home-grown).

    There’s probably a few I have omitted, but might not be aware of till some jobsworth slaps a fine on me at some point.

    It’s enough to make one sick…

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  2. I read somewhere – perhaps here – that if, despite the signs, you smoke in hospital grounds there’s 4call they can do about it. I haven’t smoked since 1973(cigs) or 1978(pipe) but still hope it’s true and that people with spines are testing it

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