The isolated island

There has been a petition to stop Donny Trumpton meeting Mrs. Queen and Prince Jug-ears the Mad. It has reached the petition threshold which means this crazy idea has to be debated in Parliament.

Well, maybe. The petition to amend the smoking ban was never really debated. They had a debate to decide whether they should consider having a debate about the ban, and decided not to bother. That set the tone for those petitions, I think. I’ve never bothered signing one since.

Surely, Mrs. Queen can decide who she does and does not meet, and Prince Jug-ears’ handlers can decide who he meets too. The latter is irrelevant anyway. In a rare flash of diplomacy, Donny Trumpton has decided to avoid meeting the Prince of Madness because they hold totally opposite views on climate change. A diplomatic meeting ending in a punch-up might not look too good. Although if it ended up on YouTube it could probably pay off the UK national debt.

I can feel several MPs thinking ‘Hmmm…’

Go for it! The entertainment value alone is worth it. I’ll personally boost your view ratings.

I did wonder at the speed of Donny’s Muslim travel ban. Yes, he campaigned on it and yes, he promised to do it and yes, people voted for him knowing he would do it but it was done really fast. His arse had barely warmed the President’s chair before he started signing things.

On the face of it, a ban on migrants who are just coming into the country to take the piss out of the benefits system and then blow shit up can only be a good idea. However, Donny’s ban wasn’t thought out. It was a hasty ‘ban ’em all and let the airlines sort ’em out’ order. Very very bad idea.

It gives the Press so much ammunition – professionals with degrees suddenly can’t travel because they happen to identify as Muslim. The terrorists he blocked won’t make the news. Dr. Abdul’s inability to reach his patients will be on the front page. It wasn’t a carefully crafted law, it was a rush job and it shows. He’ll need to work out that he’s a head of Government and not a dictator.

Okay, he’s new to politics. I still see that as a good thing. But he’ll have to realise that running a country is not like running a business. You can’t just fire the people you don’t like. Give him time, he’ll work it out. He can’t possibly be as stupid as he looks.

Then again, most of our Prime Ministers were…

Even so, banning the president of the United States from a State visit at a time when we are leaving the EU and looking to set up new trade deals… This could turn into a very lonely island.

We have no leverage with the EU if America tells us to fuck off. None at all. Donny will not play ball with the EU and their lunatic regulations and with UK isolated from both, the next thing to collapse is NATO.

At this point, I wish I had a picture of Putin laughing and holding a big pot of popcorn. He gets the blame for everything these days but he doesn’t have to do a damn thing. Just sit around with the vodka and a box set of Carry On films – the source of all Western political ideology.

I have to get some popcorn too. This is going to get interesting.


18 thoughts on “The isolated island

  1. That petition – it’s being ‘signed’ (mostly) by Bots, not eligible UK residents. Call the page up, then refresh it.

    The Fail & other MSM have fallen for it.

    Gotta just love the hypocrisy surrounding the wall & the travel ban. O’bama, Bush & Clinton did same/similar things to wild cheers from the very same politicos who complain at Trumpton.

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  2. If our MP’s are stupid enough to insult by even talking about banning the elected leader of the USA, and our genuine friend in the White House, more fool them, and more fool us for having elected such people in the first place.

    On the banning of those from certain countries, Obama did this when it was deemed necessary, and for a longer period but not a word of critcism was said about it in the British propaganda industry.
    Seeing the attack on the Toronto mosque not 24 hours ago by persons as yet not officially described, it could be said President Trump is vindicated and right on the money, there but for the grace of God etc.

    I have no problems with President Trump, quite the opposite, he is doing what he said he would it’s called honouring your promises, i only wish we could elect our own version as PM, someone like Sir Nigel Farage would do nicely or Jacob Rees-Mogg, genuine, not just prepared speech, patriots.

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  3. There’s another petition now supporting Trump visiting Her Maj. When I last looked it had 50k signatures and rising. Blimey, this is better than watching Eastenders…


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  4. Wellll, if there is ‘no safe level of exposure’ to SHS; then,there is ‘no safe level of exposure’ to possible terrorists from certain countries.

    Why is the left complaining?

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  5. It’s not a “Muslim ban” – it’s a ban on people coming from seven distinctly flaky countries that do not cooperate with the USA over pre-vetting travellers. The blessed Obama was actually bombing six of them withuot a peep of protest fri=om the MSM.

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