Online silence

I have been uncharacteristically silent online tonight.

Tomorrow is the day of the funeral, at the civilised time of 12:30, and I have assembled two desks tonight. One new and one second hand. The new one at least came with instructions. Sort of…

The second hand one, well I was there when my son took it apart so it wasn’t too hard. It’s a glass desk and it’s now in one of the upstairs rooms that previously had no furniture at all.

So is most of the still unpacked clutter from my office. I was expecting a sofa bed delivery next week. It’s coming tomorrow. The room was nowhere near ready to accept it – there is at least room to put it inside now.

The office/guest room will need rearranging to accommodate the guest bed but that will probably happen the day before the first guest arrives. Earlier if I stop procrastinating.

Today was a busy one, my plans were once again thwarted by a change of delivery. I’m really hoping for a very quiet weekend.

Well, at least I don’t have to spend the weekend rearranging the office. That was the original plan but it’s all done.

Silver lining, and all that…


12 thoughts on “Online silence

  1. Sounds like progress. I spent the other weekend converting what had been built in wardrobes into office furniture for my office north of the wall – next trip up is the guest/my room and at some point I’ve got to build a bed; because buying one would be far too easy

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  2. I just disassembled, moved, and reassembled my massive antique Mission Tiger Oak executive desk. Whew! After a number of years of tapping away on my kitchen table, I am once again computing in style!



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