Leg Iron Books – still alive.

logobasicI’m growing fond of the crow. I think I’ll name him Bob.

I have not abandoned this project. Lots of weird real life stuff has happened but Longrider’s novel is next up and will be a February release if it kills me. Well obviously not if it really kills me, but even if it damages me to the point where I actually say ‘no’ to a whisky, I’ll still get it done.

It’s a good story in good shape so it won’t take long.

I also have to send some copies of The Goddess of Protruding Ears to Justin Sanebridge. He lives a long way off, still on this planet but only just. I have to get to a main post office for this one. That’ll be later this week.

Next month I’m going for two books published. I really want an Easter Underdog anthology so if you have ideas, write them now. I’m afraid the pay won’t be as generous this time, since looking at the accounts means if I keep paying at that short story rate I’ll be bankrupt in no time.

Novels and single author books of stories are different. Those are paid on royalties – if they sell, even one copy, the author gets something. Not much, I need to keep the final price low because we are talking an unknown publisher of unknown authors here. It’s going to take time to build up but I guarantee every book sale gets something for the author.

Anthology stories I pay for once, up front. I then take the risk that I’ll sell enough copies to at least break even. Hasn’t happened so far but one day, maybe…

There is a backlog. A short story collection, a biography, two novels, and then there’s my own stuff to do too. If I put out at least one a month I’ll be in business until the summer on what’s already submitted.

I don’t want to make too much this first year. The taxman’s ridiculous ‘tax on account’ game where you pay this year’s tax double so you’ve paid next year’s too is what kills small businesses. Too successful too early, the taxman will wipe you out.

It was the Brown Gorgon’s brainchild but the Tories have done the square root of bugger all to change it. I can only assume the Tories don’t want small businesses to succeed either.

So, you have to be cunning to survive as a small business in the UK. Make no profit – or even a loss – in the first year and build up slowly. Do not be an overnight success because the taxman will kill your business by the next morning.

Last time I started a business (rogue scientist) I survived because I had a big redundancy payoff as backup so I could take the hit of double tax at the end of my first year. If you get past that it gets easier since you’ve already paid a chunk of the following year’s tax. You’re really mostly paying the year-after-that’s tax. Getting past that first year as a penniless startup is impossible. Unless, of course, you make little to no profit in the first year.

The second year, you can make a little profit. Not too much because the same business-killing rules still apply. A little more the third year, a little more the fourth…

If you want your business to survive the startup-hating Government we have in all colours now, you have to sneak up on them slowly.

Leg Iron Books is rising, but it won’t be an overnight success. It’s not popping over the parapet to be an easy target for the tax-hungry government.

It’s sneaking up on the big boys.


6 thoughts on “Leg Iron Books – still alive.

  1. I have a story that I need to write for the anthology. Death, easter and dark humour. It’s complete in my head so shouldn’t take too long to write. Bonnie Prince Charlie will have to take a back seat for a day or two.

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