More book stuff

There is going to be an Easter anthology. I Have Decided. I have to move fast but I’m damn well going to do it. Last time there were delays, some due to external factors and some due to inexperience. I can now deal with the latter much more easily. The former, well, I don’t plan to move house (and all the craziness that goes with it) for some time yet. That was the biggest delay.

So, can I do it in a month? A lot depends on you guys. I need stories with an Easter theme. Any genre, any subject, gentle or supernatural or gory or romantic. Based around Easter, that’s the only rule.

Well, there are other rules. No child abuse of course, no violent rape and (new but fixed rule) no antismoking or antidrinking or any story where the control freaks win unless they are clearly the bad guys. I will not be a propaganda machine.

So far we have:

The Underdog Anthology

Cultish, by Hugo Stone (skirts the very edge of the rules and touches the limits of common decency – but very funny with it).

The Goddess of Protruding Ears, by Justin Sanebridge (a sexual, but only slightly kinky tale of romance across time).

All these are available from many other eBook outlets.

Next up is Longrider’s novel ‘Ransom’. I’ll put up the author name when he’s definitely decided what to use. Probably his own name again but it’s common decency to wait until contract time. This one has to be done this month for two reasons – to keep up my self-imposed ‘one a month’ production rate, because I have the Easter Anthology to do and because I have a backlog.

Three. Three reasons.

I have, in the backlog, a short story collection by Longrider, a Dutch translation of The Goddess of Protruding Ears, two novels by MJ (again, can’t give a name until the author has decided what to use) and a biography of the painter Han Snel. Also a few novels of my own.

The backlog has enough to keep pumping out one a month until July without my own books. This little publisher is climbing the ladder, one rung at a time.

Next month is the Easter Underdog Anthology plus one of MJ’s novels. She’s been very patient in the queue. I know, because I’m an author too, everyone wants their own book dealt with first. It’s natural. After spending all that time writing it you want it in print right now. So do I.

But I’m a one man operation. A bloody-minded and determined one man operation but just one all the same.

The way this thing is going, that might change, and sooner than I expected.

But then I’d have to move somewhere with a government that doesn’t do its damndest to slap down anyone who tries to build a business.

Pity. I quite like Scotland otherwise.


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