Game of Moans

They’re everywhere. Moaning and groaning and bleating and crying ‘I’m the victim’ while they beat someone senseless with their ‘no more violence’ placard.

They are the victims of votes they don’t agree with. In the UK, in America, in more and more countries across Europe soon, they wail and insist they are the majority. They believe everyone sensible thinks like them, when the evidence suggests they barely think at all.

And what the hell is ‘alt far right’? It sounds like some kind of computer reset code. It’s the latest label for those who actually think before they speak – indeed, for those who dare to think their own thoughts rather than the thoughts they have been instructed to think.

There has been much rumbling over Donny Trumpton’s attempt to ban travel from seven countries. There was no such rumbling when Barry O’Blimey bombed six of those countries. The Tiny Blur has been out telling us we must do what politicians say because he knows best. *cough* Iraq *cough*. Middle East Peace Envoy? Oh how we laughed. At him, not with him.

Gary ‘Skidmark’ Lineker and even John Cleese have been siding with the thoughtless. Rich people talking about socialism. They really haven’t got a fucking clue what it would mean if it really happened. I used to laugh at John Cleese’s comedy. Now I just laugh at his tweets. It’s pure Lefty handbook stuff. Insult, belittle, ridicule, block but above all, do not debate. Debate is dangerous, it might force the Lefty mind to generate actual thoughts and they might start to question what they’ve been told.

Neither Trumpton nor O’Blimey, nor any other leader for that matter, have ever imposed sanctions, travel bans or gone to war against Saudi Arabia. Are they really so powerful that even America dare not offend them? No, they have no need of any army. They have money and oil in abundance. That’s why they get away with everything. Incidentally, they were building a border wall to keep ISIS and the resulting refugees out. Nobody seemed to mind…

That’s why the West does so much to appease Muslims. Saudi Arabia tells their leaders to and if they don’t, well, a shortage of oil would be a terrible thing, wouldn’t it? The leaders pass it down the line to their idiot drones and useful rich idiots who believe what they are told. Or maybe they’re paid to believe it. Rich people love getting more money. Socialism has made quite a few people very, very rich while making millions more very, very poor.

How can a socialist with many millions in the bank and several businesses decry capitalism and get away with it? Simple. You only enlist gullible idiots at your grassroots level. There are plenty of them out there.

They will demand redistribution of wealth while never noticing that you keep all yours.

They will insist on higher taxes so you can cream off even more money while they starve. They will idolise you while you do this and see no contradiction. They won’t mind you avoiding taxes. You’re one of theirs. That ‘crime’ only applies to the other side.

And when they lose a vote, they will insist that they are the majority and the vote is only democratic if they win it. They will see no contradiction in this either.

They will initiate mob violence and claim victimhood. No realisation of contradiction again.

They will call everyone else ‘fascists’ and ‘Nazi’ without once pausing to reflect on their own actions. They haven’t even bothered to look up what those words mean. They are too busy polishing their jackboots for the next round of head-breaking.

So, ‘democratic’ now means do as we say or we’ll kill you. Never mind what you want, only what we want has any validity and disagreeing with us means your life has no value. We can wear T-shirts proudly proclaiming we punched you and we can call you violent and still claim to be the victim.

That is the Lefty mind. That is the future they want. Even though they really don’t know what it means.

Kim Jong Jingly Jangly must be oh so proud.


30 thoughts on “Game of Moans

  1. I thought America was now energy independent ,with “fracking”, et al and didn’t need the camel jockey’s oil anymore, so why keep appeasing them? The Americans don’t worry about anybody else in the world,so what’s going on?

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  2. Very well put LG. I think I’ll design a Tee with “Do as we say or we’ll kill you” on the front and “New democracy” on the back. That’ll tell ’em!
    Just finished reading Cultish – hilarious but absolutely filthy as per its warning. I’m lending it to an uptight god-botherer I know…

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  3. I’m kinda surprised at John Cleese – he was pro-Brexit and debating all comers on Twitter at the time. Eric Idle, on the other hand… raging retweet Lefty, I recently stopped following him because he was just polluting my timeline with such bollocks and guff.


  4. Socialists know and have always known exactly what they’re doing. In Russia and the vandalised, 800++year-brutalised nations surrounding it (this devastation not necessarily Russia’s fault initially – more to do with both The Church and Islam…) socialism had an easy ride-in in 1917 and 1945.
    Less so in the liberal minimal-statist Anglosphere Western Nations. Socialists realised as early as 1884 (cue: Fabian Society) that theprocess of destruction of ordinary-folks’ lives would have to be stealthy and gradual (cue: Quintus Fabius Conctator vs Hannibal). nobody should be able to notice what was tto be happening, and “good things for the poor” should be done, like “garden cities” with (a) no pubs (Legiron watch out!) and (b) “alcohol not allowed to residents”. I see the fore-runner here of the progressive and stealthy restrictions on smoking and its promotion, which I have been watching for 45 years now. (I didn’t speak up for I was not a smoker…now when in the ad-industry did I work on a cigarette account – only Condor pipe tobacco, and there were to be “no planned restrictions on pipe tobacco ads”…!))

    Then came the Frankfurt School and “Political Correctness” which is Marxism, as soon as it was clear that violent revolution wouldfail in Western nations. This as Legiron knows was the modernassault on Western culture and values, using language and its selective deletion/addition to invert these values, and that is where we are now.

    The battle for global socialism is almost won. Indeed, the UN and the EU and in on it, and they think the end-game is near, which is why all the foul SJWs and small cadre (less than probably 1 million) rich left-leaners and all coming into the open. They think they’re the cavalry-unleashment into the battle-zone, that will finally sweep away in slaughter the demoralised and disorganised troops of ordinaly liberalism.

    They are, I fear, probably right. The rest of us who could have made a difference, have either died, or did nothing when we might have done.

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    • It’s all coming to a head, for sure, but I suspect the ‘cavalry’ are cannon fodder. They’ll take the blame and take the fall. They’ll be the bait that brings out the troublemakers. Once that’s done, they’re not needed any more.

      I have wondered how far the wars have been engineered. Leave the population destitute and weary and clamouring for a new way. All it took to set off the first one was the assassination of an archduke. All that was needed for the second was a deranged corporal with ambitions.

      So really, starting those wars wasn’t all that hard. Bankroll both sides, leave them in debt and ruined.

      It would make for some interesting fiction, at least…

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      • The Cavalry are the 1-million or so Enemy-Class. They’ll have electricity, gas and water and will have _taken the internet_ for themselves. They’ll live in “protected spaces”. Into these the rest of the sutvivors of the rest of us will not be able to go.

        Sometimes, “educational missions” will exit these protected spaces. They will be heavily armed. They will search for the prettier children of the rest of us, and these will be “taken into care”. They will brook no argument.

        Occasionally, elements of their more enthusiastic young males will raze our cropfields, burn a few “homesteads” with the protesting occupants barred inside, and perhaps lynch and machine-gun a few captured protesting fathers. But “lessons will be learned”.

        The official population of the planet, now “saved”, will be somewhere between 1 and 5 million. The remaining few tens of millions “outside” will not need to be counted, but are for periodic harvesting.


        • You have described Panoptica, but you assume those outside are just prey. In fact, those inside are the weak and made weaker by progressie edicts.

          Those inside are the prisoners 😉


  5. It’s getting quite frightening. I’m keeping my head most firmly under the parapet whenever I think I’m in the company of lefties. Fortunately, my home town voted for Brexit, so at least I get some kind of break from it all. At least when I’m at home. Elsewhere, I have to be careful what I say! One slip of the lip, about my feelings about the EU and I’m liable to be shot down. Only verbally for the time being, but I really get the feeling it might be physically any day now. They don’t mind getting violent when it suits them!! And of course, you can’t expect any help from plod, as they’re all indoctrinated drones too. Heaven help us all.


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  6. I find it amusing to read some of the comments in media websites as they talk themselves into a frenzy because they’re so sure they’re with the majority.

    For years we’ve been chewing things over about fake news and the way tobacco control have hoodwinked the bovine herd.

    Frequently I’ve wondered if we were in our own little bubble, though I hoped we weren’t.

    I now know there’s always been a silent majority out there. They may not back us lot, but they surely do see the world through our eyes.

    That’s quite an achievement, and it can only continue to grow.


    Because once the genie’s out the bottle (to quote Wilders) there’s no putting the stopper back. Certainly not if those suggesting we do so are Blair and Mandelson.

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  7. Someone moans, a proper investigation is required, and a technician makes a numerical measurement using a device that will stand up in a court of law so debate is squashed and no defence will work.

    This will be applied against the smell of marijuana as well as tobacco, this is what this is for.

    The city has since invested in a device called “Nasal Ranger.” It allows code enforcement officers to scientifically measure a particular smell.

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    • Interesting. We can finally crack down on whoever’s been frying bacon in the mornings and forcing pork particulates down the throats of decent folks living in our apartment complex!

      – MJM, PAPPET (People Against Passive Porking Environmental Threats)

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      • I think they are doing this because Nevada legalized marijuana and now people are complaining about the smell of marijuana smoke. This allows any smell to have a digital value placed on it and similar to the drink driving having a number placed on it, they can now place a number on an odor, of any sort, including tobacco and hand out the $1000 citation saying the number proves it and the courts will never side with the defendant since the number value will stand against her. This is not about bacon smell, this is about all smell, but they are probably going to use it specifically against marijuana and tobacco smokers. Especially in cities outside of Las Vegas where smoking is frowned upon. This new machine is not going to make things any easier.

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        • Nan, I agree that the intent will not make our lives easier, but if we can push the concept of generalizing the “stink smells” beyond tobacco or even beyond marijuana smoking to include such things as cat odors, cooking odors, etc … MAYBE we can wake people up as to how much they’re opening the door to having no private rights at all.

          A slim hope to be sure: but when all you’ve got to grasp at is straws… well… you grasp at the damn straws!

          – MJM


    • I don’t quite understand: why should there be exemptions for food preparation at restaurants? If the ordinance simply depends upon an odor intensity that ANY person finds offensive, then if I find a particular food odor offensive I should be able to have it banned, no?

      – MJM, Founder of ANCFSBB (All Non-Chocolate Foods Should Be Banned)

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