20 thoughts on “Short interlude

  1. Long pig inside a short one, sounds tasty!

    As for vegetables, it’s not all hypothetical:
    The tomato plant has evolved to trap insects in its stem hairs, which drop to the ground, enriching the soil with nutrients which the plant then absorbs. So the question for Veggies is not whether a tomato is a fruit or a vegetable, but if it’s acceptable to eat them at all.
    So I guess there’s no such thing as a vegetarian pizza!

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    • I did see somewhere that figs aren’t considered vegetarian friendly as sometimes a bee dies inside the flower whilst pollinating it. The flower then absorbs/eats the bee and the bee protein becomes part of the fig fruit.

      And I’m a firm believer that theoretically vegetables aren’t really a real thing.

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  2. Actually, anytime you eat out at a restaurant, in particular at a smoke-banned restaurant, you are a cannibal. A great percentage of the small particle dust in the air that you don’t see and don’t smell in such poorly ventilated public venues is composed of human skin cells sloughing off your fellow diners. They float placidly through the air, then sprinkle down upon your fine repast… imparting just a touch of that wonderful flavor that everyone seems to enjoy so much when eating out.

    Smile at your fellow diners.

    You’re eating them.

    MJM, Creator of Pleasant Thoughts To Fill Your Days…

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    • Eww! That is just gross! You should have seen my face when I read that. But then I’m borderline germophobic and imaginative enough to make even Leggy go WTF?!

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      • Now, now, there’s nothing to worry about.

        Although if the person over at the table on your left has a bad case of psoriasis….

        But, perhaps better not to dwell on such things…. Time for lunch anyway! I’m going to head out to KungFu Gardens and eat some Chinese today. Anyone want to join me? The flavor is just…. just…. ::sigh:: indescribable!


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      • Blockie I saw a place in America that had a 3 pound heavy cinnamon roll! I’d live without smoking for a short while just to try that. 😉 Although I’d take cigarette smoke over dead skin flakes any day!

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  3. Having actually worked in agriculture, I’m sure some of these svelte urban Vegans and Vegetarians would be absolutely mortified if they knew what kind of stuff was used to fertilise crops. Chicken manure is good for improving marginal grazing land, pig shit for general yield improvement, and the odd sly dumping of the macerated and digested leavings from septic tanks has been used for cereal crops. Especially those marked ‘organic’.

    Oo-ar, what they townies don’t know, eh Jethro? (Muffled snark)


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