Leg Iron Books – an update

I don’t have a proper website for publishing yet. Coding has moved on somewhat since I last wrote a web page and the stuff I know about HTML is appallingly primitive by modern standards. I also have yet to decide on the format and layout.

In the interim, I’ll try things out on the blog. I meddled with the menu bar today and somehow managed to stop it working altogether. I think it’s fixed now. I have updated the ‘Underdog Press’ link to ‘Leg Iron Books’, updated that page and added pages for the current books under it. Hover a mouse pointer over it, or tap it on a touchscreen and you should get a drop down menu.

So far it just has the book covers. Next there will be links to places to buy the books. Eventually there will be individual author pages with sub-menu section to each author’s book(s). So, each author will have an ‘about me and my writing’ page, a photo if you want one, and a sub-menu listing the books. If you write in different genres and use a different name for each type of book, you get a page for each persona.

Hopefully, once it’s all looking right, it will transfer easily to a ‘proper’ website. Although I will need someone to do the coding, or at least help… a lot!

The Easter Anthology has four submissions so far. Maybe five, if someone who emailed me likes my suggestion. I can’t pay at the same rate as last time or I’ll go bust. So, this time, it’s £10 a story or the equivalent in books – I won’t know the final book price until it’s done but it’s going to be as cheap as possible.

If you have a very short story, say, less than 500 words, well, we’ll come to some kind of arrangement.

Easter is the theme, and it doesn’t have to be the centre of the story. Stories set at Easter time, whether they involve chocolate eggs or religion or neither, are what we need here. Past or future or present, anything from soppy romance to trouser-filling horror. Just with an Easter theme.

Good Friday is the 14th of April and it has to be out by then. So let’s put a deadline for submissions at the end of March. I can cope with one or two late ones after that but really, most of the book should be in shape by then. I’ve already started on the cover, and on the cover for Longrider’s first novel.

I now have five days to finalise Longrider’s novel if it is to be out this month – and I really have to start taking deadlines seriously. Especially since I’ve just had another book sent in!

Okay, back to work…




7 thoughts on “Leg Iron Books – an update

  1. No promises, mind, but I have another Morning Cloud story buzzing around in my head. Given that I plan to set it in Mexico, I could set it during Holy Week – that would fit with the theme of the story anyway. My Morning Cloud stories tend to be longer than average, so will take a while to get down on the page – unlike the shorties I wrote in an evening each.

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  2. That’s not a bad name, btw – Leg Iron books. A bit dark, but not sick. Of course, I’m not sure as to the image you seek. Our acquaintance is long, but not deep. You are somewhat dark. (In contrast to myself, who shines bright as the sun. 🙂 ) I like Leg Iron.

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    • I wanted to call it The Underdog Press but unfortunately the name is already taken.

      So far I don’t have any fixed genre (apart from the ‘no porn’ rule – erotic stuff is okay as long as it’s part of the story and not the whole story).

      As you know, I mostly write dark and scary stuff, with occasional comedy in there too. Still, I don’t want to tie myself in to a limited set of books so (almost) anything goes.


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