Writing day

Longrider’s novel is done. All editing, formatting and cover work is finished. I sent it back to him at three minutes to March for a final once-over and then it’s publishing time. Yeah, I missed the end of February deadline but not by much and I’ve left time to get the second anthology ready for Easter.

There are enough stories to make this one worth doing so the second anthology is a ‘go’. Could do with a few more authors – there are only four of us so far – but then Easter is a tough topic. Still, we have nine stories so far and some are long ones. It’ll be big enough to be worthwhile.

For the Longrider fans – yes, Morning Cloud is in it again.

And I’m bringing back my favourite demons, Foras and Bifrons, for this one too. I’m also working on a Dume tale that might or might not make it in time. If so, that would be ten stories.

There’s still time to think up a quick story or two. This one will pay at £10 per story plus a copy of the book, or all in copies of the book if you prefer. I can’t keep up the pay rate I had for the first one or I’ll go bust.

I have also started working on a cover. This is at the draft stage, all might change although I do quite like that title. I’ve gone for pastoral and cute, as you see. Well it is Easter…

cover2smallNo last minute rush this time. I’ll work up an intro and all the fiddly bits well in advance. It all comes with practice. Four books done under the Leg Iron Books banner and I’m finding out where the bottlenecks are. Mostly, it’s me  😦

I have always has this tendency to try to do everything myself. To the extent that I spurn instruction books until I get past the first few disasters. It’s been labelled ‘male pride’ in the past but it’s not that. It simply does not occur to me to ask for help. There is also an element of perfectionism bordering on the OCD. There were only ever two technicians who could work with me and that’s because they were just as picky as me. I didn’t have to check every detail of their work.

Not one PhD, M.Sc. or any other student ever failed when I was supervising. Some ended up utterly despising me but they all got their qualifications. There are some who will never speak to me again but they passed and that was what really mattered.

Okay, my one man show means everything gets done exactly as I want it done but sometimes – as with the rhubarb incident I’m never going to be allowed to forget and several others that have, to my relief, been forgotten – I have attempted a two man job on my own. I always succeed but rarely without some kind of minor injury.

Lately I have begun letting people help. Roo B Doo helped a lot on the editing of the first anthology but now she has a real job again, I am reluctant to ask her to help on the next one. It’s a lot of work and I can’t pay much. Hugo Stone (the author of ‘Cultish’) helped with the editing on Justin Sanebridge’s ‘The Goddess of Protruding Ears’ and without that help the book might still not be out yet.

It took me over half a century, but maybe I should consider letting other people help out once in a while.

Maybe next year.


15 thoughts on “Writing day

  1. I have my first Easter Anthology story written now and a second on the way. I just need to polish it up a bit… And finish the second 😉 But like you say, we have a little time, especially if you have the cover art in hand.

    I’ll always have time to help you out with your editing needs at Leg Iron books… It means I get to read the stories first 😀

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