Two days past the deadline. An improvement…

Better than last time. ‘Ransom’ by Mark Ellott will soon be available in print and Kindle versions on Amazon and soon it’ll spread to most of the major eBook sellers out there. It’s already available on Smashwords for those who can’t wait, in most formats.

Onwards! This month, another novel and the  Easter anthology. Easter is late this year, it doesn’t show up until April 14th but I need the anthology out in time for word to spread. I’ll set a date for publication at March 30th. There’s still time if you have an Easter story, although this one is getting big.

I’m considering another mixed anthology for the summer. It’s a long time between Easter and Halloween. Maybe something loosely based on summer – holidays, sunshine, even (in Scotland at least) snow. Some time around midsummer for that one. That leaves 4 months to get a Halloween one ready.

First though, I have a pile of stories already for the anthology. Time to get editing…


4 thoughts on “Two days past the deadline. An improvement…

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