When reality falls apart

Browsing the news is strange now. You might as well treat Viz comic as your major source of information. Some of the characters in there wouldn’t be out of place in the pages of a ‘real’ news source. ‘Spoilt Bastard’ is definitely modern MP material. The stories I’m currently editing for the anthology feel more ‘real’ than the stuff coming at me from the news. They are certainly better written and make a lot more sense.

This, of course, assumes there is a ‘real’ news source left on the planet. Most of them seem to print their own versions of reality, often with no regard to the reality of what is really happening in the world. The times they are a-changing, and lately the pace of change has quickened.

Not for the better. Not from where I’m sitting.

Currently, the House of Lards is trying to impose its own will on the people of this country. The House of Lards was meant to be a check on the House of Commons. It was supposed to be full of wise old fogeys who would look at the lunatic proposals of the whippersnappers in government and say ‘Hang on a minute…’

Not any more. Successive governments have stuffed that place with cronies. The Lards are appointed, not elected. We can’t vote for them and we can’t get them out of office. Lately they have their heads so far up their own orifices they are looking out from behind their own teeth. They are not supposed to make decisions, they are supposed to be there to temper the decisions made by the elected monkeys in the silly place we call Commons.

The House of Lards is becoming a de facto dictatorship. It’s no longer fit for purpose. Time to ditch it.

Or maybe replace the Lards with those guys in flat caps who used to sit in the corner of pubs (remember pubs?) with a whippet at their feet, smoking a pipe and sipping a black-and-tan. They’d do a much better job. Just keep them supplied with that dried horse manure they like to smoke and the beer that could legitimately be called a cocktail and that’s all they need. No Β£300 a day, they don’t need that much a week, and they don’t need to be supplied with big red Santa suits trimmed with dead ferrets either. We’d save a fortune and the country would be run better.

What about our elected leaders? What a bunch of shining little wits they are! Bickering like children and pushing their own personal prejudices and agendas as if the people who voted for them just don’t matter at all.

Which, of course, they don’t. Once they have been elected they are elevated to a degree of status that makes God scowl with envy and they can do whatever they please. Just because you voted for them doesn’t mean they have any intention of doing what they said they would do. You just vote. Once you’ve done that, fuck off home and keep out of the way. Important People have Important Things to do and you get to do what you are told by the people you elected to do what you wanted them to do.

Did you want them to totally screw up your life with ever-deeper control? Did you want them to take all the money you worked for and throw it away on their own pet projects? You didn’t? What a shame. That’s what they’re going to do anyway.

It is a constant comfort to me to know that nobody I’ve ever voted for has ever won an election. That might be because I vote based on the person, not the party. I vote for the one who sounds like they make sense. Those people are unlikely to get anywhere near government.

Again, the times they are a-changing. Turkey might be the fulcrum that tips this lever.

Donnie Trumpton won the election to be King of America. He’s not a career politician, he doesn’t speak like a politician, and that’s both good and bad. He does what he says he will do but the flip side is, if he’s said it he feels obliged to do it. Unlike politicians, he doesn’t think hard before speaking and then come out with some platitude that can be translated either way later on. He just Does Things.

He has declared war on Islam in a business fashion, not a political fashion. Not just the extreme Islam, all of it. Well okay, the extremists don’t wear a uniform so it’s hard to tell but this is a sledgehammer approach and while I personally don’t like it, it is in fact the only viable option left. The extremists have made it so. The moderates, the ordinary Muslims, aren’t dobbing in their crazy mates and are not reforming their religion to get rid of the nutters. They will be really surprised when they are rounded up and sent to camps. Ask the American Japanese about the last world war. It is happening again.

Christianity did have a Reformation. Oh there are still violent Christian nutters but you won’t find a single church anywhere who recognises them as part of their religion. Modern Christianity is all tea and cakes and when they speak to you, you’ll really believe they have no bones in their arms.

I used to be visited by Jehovah’s Witnesses often. Nice enough people. They invited me to events I never went to. They gave me their comics and I gave them mine. They were particularly keen on the New Scientist copy I gave them that spoke of blood transfusions and how they had never actually been clinically tested. It was the one describing artificial blood, quite a few years back.

Yet they never threatened me in any way at all. They invited me to join. I declined. That was fine by them. They’d ask again, I’d decline again. I never, ever saw a JW shriek and declare all unbelievers must be beheaded. You don’t want to join, they believe you’re losing out but the point is they give you the choice.

Oh I know the stories of what happens if you leave that group but basically it amounts to ‘Shun the non-believer!’. They don’t issue death threats or throw you off tall buildings and stone your splattered remains to be on the safe side.

Islam, however, is at the stage Christianity was at in the 15th century. When the Inquisition killed, in horrible ways, anyone who didn’t agree with them. Their courts were rigged. If you were accused then you must be guilty of something and punishment of some kind was inevitable and always brutal.

Turkey is an Islamic nation but the government is secular. At least that was the idea. Kamal Ataturk, the country’s founder, was a visionary and I would go so far as to say he was one of the great men of history. He separated State and religion from the outset. He must be so ashamed of what has happened to destroy his vision.

Turkey was once a great place to go for a holiday. Personally I won’t go to any country that even borders that place now. It’s fast turning into another North Korea.

If you believe the news.

If you do, then 30-year-old ‘refugees’ are children. There is no problem in Sweden, Malmo being the rape capital of Europe is an honour and they have put up a gold plaque to commemorate it. There are no cases of female genital mutilation in the UK, no beheadings in the UK, no riots in France or anywhere else, nothing is happening. Nothing to see here, move along, keep your head down and keep paying those taxes. All is well, your daughter’s grooming for a life of being gang raped while drunk is just part of their culture, innit?

The political demigods might be awakening to reality at last. In the Netherlands it looks like Geert Wilders is in with a real chance of winning next Wednesday’s election. The Turkish riots in that country might have secured his victory. The current bunch of feeble minded kowtowing Dhimmis have known this for a while and decided to ban Turkish politicians from campaigning in their country.

Turkey declares this as a Nazi-style move. Turkey allows no foreign politics to be campaigned in Turkey. Pot… Kettle… Politically Correct Very Dark Grey?

Or is that doubleplusgrey in Newspeak?

All this ramble, all this post, all these words, depend upon the veracity of sources. The news. Eye witness accounts, assuming they didn’t dream it after a bottle of whisky and a kebab. It could all be entirely wrong.

It could all be entirely right.

It could all be fantasy.

But look, the Leftie governments are clamping down on Islamic immigration and their general behaving like dicks just before elections that would pretty definitely see them all out of work. All over Europe.

Why? Because the opposition are promising to do something about the things real people in the real world are utterly sick of. The things all the Leftie governments pretend aren’t happening.

Sure, they want Trump discredited. He started it by breaking the first rule of politics – actually doing what he said he would do.

Now every country out there is looking for politicians who will do what they said they would do, and none of them are among the current elected monkeys. People want something new. Something true.

We want reality again. It’s been a long time.

But Muslims beware. You’ve had a really easy time in the West so far. It’s about to change and your life is going to get hard. Those countries you escaped from will seem like Utopia compared to what’s coming, I’d like to be sympathetic but you did nothing while evil people used your religion for their own ends. It’s probably too late to fix it now.

You can try. If you can be bothered.

It’s up to you now.




22 thoughts on “When reality falls apart

  1. But is it all a double bluff? Are we being led to believe that we’re being lied to, so that civil wars break out all over Europe and reduce the population as the NWO allegedly wants to happen? Or are we just doing it in our own way, a few years before it was planned we should do it? Farvtoo complicated for me.

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    • Oh there will be war, A lot of people will die. The ultimate reason will not be part of any ideology or world view. The reason will be what it has always been for every war that has ever happened.


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  2. Actually, a few other interesting things are going on in the world that also spell doom for the Islamic nutters. Saudi Arabia is a medieval nation, always has been. A long while ago someone discovered oil there, and the Saudi kings happened upon a lovely wheeze: pay foreigners to extract the oil, sell it and then they took the remaining profit to do with as they chose.

    Some went to pay the foreigners, some to buy off their local population, and a lot went on military stuff so they could spread their very own take on Islam far and wide. Next to none went on education, which is why they didn’t foresee the oil running out (or the cost of extraction exceeding the going rate), as it is doing now. Saudi Arabia is now in deep shit because their entire state was based on selling oil, and the American fracking people are getting better and better at fracking and are managing to do it more and more cheaply.

    So, right now the Saudi influence is drying up. The Sunni extremists are running out of cash.

    Over here in Blighty, repeated political changes have meant that the Pakistan-derived immigrant populations have a slight genetic problem, exacerbated by generations of stupidity. They are now no longer getting much outside genetic influence coming into the country, so the moronic practise of marrying inside one clan means that such arranged marriages are increasingly inbred now.

    Take a walk through the paediatric wards of Keighley. The percentage of the general population with brown skin (as opposed to pasty off-white, the local Celtic/Anglo-Saxon colour) is about 20% tops. The percentage of brown-skinned kids on those wards is about 90%, and much of it is recessive genes meeting up with various dire results. The effective breeding rate in those populations is dropping like a stone (by “effective”, I mean producing offspring who can themselves breed successfully).

    Unless the Pakistani-derived immigrant community starts marrying out into the local population, they’re going to go locally extinct.

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    • I teach Lancashire teenagers etc privately, maths and science. Now and then I get a Pakistani or Bangaldeshi family. In 50% of cases, a youngish teenage daughter disappears; “Farzana is going for two months “home” to meet her cousins”. Mostly, “Farzana” disappears for good. But sometimes she comes back, aged 15 or 16 (might be less still), married to the same bloke they’re all married to (all the blokes look exactly the same.)

      They always haggle over my quoted fees. British parents don’t. It’s a sore point. Material for another essay later…

      My Dear Wife, a widely-experienced Nursery teacher/SENCO in London first and then here, notices the genetic thing too. There’s a lot of early-lethal recessive conditions coming out now in that population here, especially in male babies. No wonder the NHS is creaking at the seams.

      Even Charles Darwin, who married his first cousin, lost three babies our of nine. He may be forgiven for sciences knew nothing about molecular genetics in the 1840s, and Gregor Mendel had only just got going. If he and Darwin had known of each other and each other’s work – let alone corresponded at all – modern biology would be 2-3 generations further advanced that it is even now.


  3. Re the “moderate Muslims” not speaking out: Remember that the “Moderate Irish” over in the USA Irish pubs largely and unthinkingly offered support in various forms to the IRA over the years. Yes, some might have had second thoughts when seeing an atrocity in the news, but come ‘roun’ St. Paddy’s Day and the tip jars for “the charities” over in Ireland would fill up — never explicitly for nasty purposes, but, to at least some extent in “legend”, the money was likely not just going to buy Christmas hams for Irish orphans.

    It’s difficult to jump out of your cultural/religious mileau, and easy to find excuses for the excesses of your radicals — particularly if the forces they are up against seem to be unfairly powerful in comparison. When America was fighting the Nazis there was no real support for the Reich over here outside of (maybe) a few German beer halls. But with Vietnam the imagery was peasants on bicycles facing up against B-52 bombers and we had millions of folks turn out in support of the bicycle underdogs.

    Yes, it would be MUCH better for Islam and Muslims if the great vast majority became more vocal and active in condemning and destroying their radical elements… but I don’t know if their slowness in doing so is really all that much different than the reaction of any “peoples” who see themselves on the short end of a power equation.

    OK…. that’s enough politics for me for the moment. Back to the important stuff… Jehovah Witness VAMPIRES!

    One of our US longtime smokin’ activists has written and published a Kindle book titled “Blood Witness” that you might enjoy: See:

    Great stuff! Read it and then write him and tell him to get off ‘is butt and finish the sequel! LOL!


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      • I wasn’t as thrilled with Brigitte as the vast majority of the commenters on that board seem to have been. She had some good *substance* in a good part of her commentary, but I felt she abused the power of the podium unnecessarily.

        The Muslim woman who asked the question was an amateur in public speaking, a student. She’d come to speak her piece or ask her question in front of a large audience that she must assuredly have known would be inclined to be hostile toward her simply because she was openly garbed as a Muslim. She did not take the microphone and launch into a diatribe, but spoke for just over 35 seconds.

        Brigitte’s response lasted almost six times as long, didn’t really respond well or clearly to the specific question that was asked, and seemed to be largely a very strong attack upon the questioner as representative of and perhaps responsible for the attitudes and actions of tens or hundreds of millions of people.

        When I first began speaking out about the Antismokers at City Council hearings and such, I found myself in a similar situation: the bully pulpit was controlled by the Antismokers. My own voice was allowed a strictly monitored two minutes after eight hours of listening to testimonies, wailings, and diatribes by largely professional, well-trained, and hostile speakers on the opposite side of the issue.

        Brigitte had some good points. She should most certainly however have been more gracious in that forum in expressing them in a way that did not seem to brutalize a young female student from a culture in which young females are already brutalized in various ways when compared to our own, supposedly much more enlightened culture. Brigitte did not show that enlightenment in her style of response.

        – MJM

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        • Good point. There was no need to target the girl. It did have a bit of ‘shoot the messenger’ in the response.

          Even so, Brigitte was right. The radicals might be a small proportion of the Muslim population but a small proportion of 1.2 billion is still a hell of a lot of radicals. And they don’t wear badges, so they aren’t easy to spot.

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        • Yes, there was a bit of shooting the messenger, you’re right. But as LI says, there was a great deal of truth in what she said also. I thought that the girl actually dealt with the final question (who is the leader of the Muslim peace movement or something) very well. She was obviously sincere, and way out of her depth, and unfortunately oblivious to the global reality of Islam.

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          • I think, in the 1400s, most Christians knew nothing of the actions of the Spanish Inquisition. They didn’t have internet then so they had a good excuse. Nowadays it’s more wilful ignorance.

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        • I posted that video on my blog. It isn’t new. But the substance and fluidity of the reply seemed preplanned. All those figures and facts just “rolled out”. Made me wonder even when I very first watched it whether it was staged.


    • The shunning that JWs practice is devastating, a form of torture they gleefully participate in.

      Members are only allowed to hang with other members, and are encouraged to convert their family members. Their entire world is other JWs.

      The slightest infraction can get one kicked out, and when that happens, none of their “friends” or family is allowed to even speak with them. Being booted means you lose *everything*, and the prohibition against making real friends in the real world means those who have been booted are profoundly alone. It takes most people years, and sometimes decades, to get their heads on straight after being disfellowshipled (their word for shunning).

      Visit any ex-jw forum to read the stories of people who have gone through this. You’ll be able to see through their facade of being “nice people.”

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      • I have heard of this. It sounds appalling. They aren’t the only group to do it, but they are the most mainstream of the groups that do it.

        I’ve never joined a religion. Never felt the need. And… I don’t respond well to being told what to do πŸ˜‰

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  4. As I understood it, a radical Muslim was someone who wanted to blow you to smithereens, whereas a moderate Muslim was someone who wanted a radical Muslim to blow you to smithereens.

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  5. I somehow feel it appropriate to mention Gina Miller here. Yesterday she told the nation on R4’s PM, with the arrogance of one whose Opinion’s worth so much more than others’ opinions, that MPs should have been allowed to vote in secret on triggering Article 50 – even Eddie Mair was stunned. Her reason was so that MPs could vote with their conscience – she’s as subtle as a smack with a wet haddock.

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    • Tessie is delaying triggering Article 50 until the end of the month. Probably something to do with throwing Caviar Woman’s plans for independence into disarray.

      I think women in politics is a great thing. They’re far more devious than men πŸ™‚

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  6. It is utterly disgusting to listen to septics and Limeys condemn the people they have spent the last 15 years murdering for corporate plunder and global hegemony as somehow primitive. Murdering for profit is not enlightened.


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