The Caliphate of Canada

Many Americans, especially the rich and famous luvvies of Hollywood, said they would move to Canada if Trump won the election. I neither know nor care if any of them actually did it.

Well, Canada has now made blasphemy a punishable offence. Only blasphemy against Islam, of course. You can make nose jokes about Jews and send Jesus a Screwfix catalogue open at the nails page, no problem. You can poke fun at Kali (probably best not to, just in case, she’s pretty badass) and you can say you have the body of a god – unfortunately it’s Buddha – and nobody minds. You can watch and laugh at those Japanese ‘Monkey’ shows that were a total piss take of the Chinese god Hanuman and your front door will never feel the kick of a single jackboot.

Say one word against Beard Boy and his baby-shagging habits and the police will arrive, stroke their beards and smooth down their one piece white uniforms, then give you a formal warning that will leave you about eight inches shorter.

They were going to run from Trump to a country that just set itself back into the fourteenth century. Blasphemy laws. Really? In 2017 we have new blasphemy laws? And you lot were scared of Trump? You were enraged that he wanted to restrict travel from those countries where such blasphemy laws still exist? And you decided the safest place to be was… an Islamic dictatorship.

Excuse me while I giggle a bit.

I know there are politically correct cretins thinking ‘Oh but if you don’t say anything bad about Islam, you’ll be fine’. You fucking idiots. Read up on the Spanish Inquisition. You don’t have to do anything wrong. It’s a law against spoken words. You don’t have to actually say the words. All it takes is for someone to report that you said it. Then, frankly, you are screwed.

And when an Islamist blows up a train with your mother on it, or sells your daughter to his friends as a sex slave (as happens in the UK) you can’t say anything about it. Tell it to the police and they’ll arrest you for Islamophobia. Hey, you let it happen. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Sharia works in much the same way as the Inquisition. Seriously, read up on it. God can never be wrong so if you are arrested by religious police you must be guilty of something. Pretty much all 14th-century religions had that attitude.

Islam has won Canada. You think it stops with this new law? Hahahaha! Canada is two years from cutting hands off thieves, rape victims needing four witnesses, gay people dropped from skyscrapers and public stonings and beheadings. Unless the Canadians do something about it, starting right now. Time’s up guys. As the old saying goes, shit or burst. Do something now or suffer the consequences.

For all the bad stuff said about Trump, he would never let this happen in the USA.

Canada, have a song from that other bastion of control freakery, Australia. At least you can still speak there.


23 thoughts on “The Caliphate of Canada

  1. It is astonishing that an advanced & formerly civilised country should introduce a law that takes a pile of superstitious claptrap seriously & winds the clock back 600 odd years.

    There is an economic implication, so I would be interested to know whether Mr Mark Carney approves & also what his views are of the social & economic ramifications for us.

    I remember school in the 1960s where loads of trendy young teachers, often with beards etc. & keen to be called ‘Dave’ or whatever, talked about ‘Post Christian Britain’. I had no problem with that, but they didn’t say they were promoting an Islamic one instead. Can we sue them for mis-selling? They should (at least) receive the Cliff Richard treatment from the police & BBC.

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  2. Actually, it’s a non-binding motion, not a law. Not that that makes me happy about it, but it essentially says ‘the Canadian Parliament disapproves of Islamophobia’. Though nobody’s given a solid definition to what constitutes Islamophobia yet.

    That’s pretty much it.

    I hope there’s not a slippery slope coming, but I feel almost naive even writing that.

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  4. Terms such as “homophobia”, “islamophobia” are concocted. They have no actual meaning. It’s just one example of the bastardizing of language to push agenda.

    Phobia typically refers to an extreme, abnormal/irrational fear; it’s a type of anxiety disorder. An excellent example occurred a few years ago on the Australian “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here”. It turns out that a legend of the sport of cricket is arachnophobic. To his despair, one of the trials involved having a spider (tarantula) placed on his open hand for some 30(?) seconds.

    From the time the trial was announced, the celebrity was in a nasty mental battle. Part of his mind said that it was just a short time to endure the spider; all would be OK. Another part was in utter panic. By the time he had to hold the spider, he was already a mess. But since his successfully holding the spider was to the benefit of all players, hold the spider he did. And he was battling himself all the way through that 30 seconds, at one stage reduced to tears. It took hours after the event for him to calm down. Asked straight afterwards what it felt like, he replied that it felt like he was going to die.

    Phobia involves clinically identifiable psychogenic physical reactions, e.g., heart palpitations, dizziness, shaking. Phobics are aware that their extreme visceral reaction is abnormal/irrational, but the feelings of dread, of impending doom/death are overwhelming.

    Disapproval of homosexuality is not a phobia. People may have coherent ideas for their disapproval. Further, there is typically no extreme anxiety reaction when there is contact with homosexuals. I don’t know of any documented case of anyone receiving therapy for phobic reactions to homosexuals. There is no “homophobia”. It’s contrived. Yet the term is bandied about ad nauseam as if it’s a well understood phenomenon.

    Homophobia is a contrivance by the “gay” lobby. The preference for the term “phobia” is the intent to reduce/dismiss all opposition to homosexuality as irrational. But phobia refers to more than just irrationality as indicated above. Unfortunately, the term is now abused to silence opposition in a variety of areas. Another example is “Islamophobia”.

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  5. There have been critiques of the abuse of the term “phobia” in the formal literature, e.g., psychology/philosophy journals. Yet these would rarely, if ever, get an airing in the captured mainstream media. From a commenter on another blog:

    “A phobia is an irrational fear. Every phobia is a fear, but not every fear is a phobia, because not all fears are irrational.” ( Vallicella)

    Journal of Applied Philosophy – Professor Gary Colwell – Philosopher (Canada) 1999.
    “The charge of homophobia, indiscrimininately made in a large part of our Western culture today, is ill conceived, illogical and fake. The sweeping charge may be pictured as a triangle of informal logical fallacies. The more prominent side, the one which the public encounters is what I call the fallacy of turning the tables: the rhetorical device of making the source of the criticism the object of the criticism. The other side of the charge is the fallacy of equivocation. The boundary of the term homophobia is made so elastic that it can stretch around, not just phobias, but every kind of rational fear as well; and not just around every fear, but also around every critical posture or idea that anyone may have about the practice of homosexuality. At the base of the charge, and undergriding other two fallacies, is the fallacy of begging the question. A commitment to the complete acceptability of the practice of homosexuality enables its proponents to ‘know’ beforehand that all criticisms against it must originate in the defective psychology of the critic.”

    The term ‘homophobia’ was coined by G Weinberg.

    The term ‘Islamaphobia’ was deliberately constructed to shutdown argument of a political/religious ideology infiltrating Western Civilisation.

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  6. Meanwhile Khalid Masood was ‘not a good Muslim’ because he fornicated and took drugs. And police say they may never know what motivated him to attack Westminster.

    We’re doomed.

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    • Even the Saudi royal family are concerned at the unrest that one is causing.

      Then there’s the Twitter campaign to have a Pakistan blogger killed because he’s an atheist.

      Newspaper columnists are openly criticising Islam…

      That shit hits fan moment is getting closer.

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    • On a dark desert highway
      Warm wind in my beard
      I called ‘Allahu Akbar’
      But without heads they can’t hear
      Up ahead in the distance
      There was a quick flash of light
      My belt felt heavy though my head was dim
      It was my turn tonight

      This one has to happen even though the Muslim clerics will put out a fajita against me for it…


  7. I agree it’s a shite law but:

    I seem to recall “folks” standing around in Britain with signs reading “behead those who insult Islam” and the cops doing nothing, and;

    Tommy Robinson getting arrested for stating his opinion on said Islam?



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