Goldstein was ‘the evil terrorist’ in George Orwell’s 1984.

He didn’t exist. Bombs went off, people were killed and maimed but the terrorist wasn’t real. It was all done by Government  agents.

Was it a warning, like the rest of the book? A tip-off to how it really works?

I mean, who gained from the recent attack towards Parliament over Westminster Bridge? It’s touted as an attack on Parliament but it clearly wasn’t. If it was intended to hit Parliament they’d have kept quiet until they got to the gates, not start the killing half a mile too early.

The attacker is conveniently dead, shot by a Government minder, so we can’t question him.

But who gains from this event? Islam? They just get shat on harder. They have gained no ground, no advantage, by an attack that kills innocent people and makes them look, once again, like evil dickheads. So who gains?

Who gets more power, more control, from these attacks? Islamists get bugger all from them. The government gets to clamp down harder and impose tighter controls and deeper surveillance and none of that stops future attacks,

I wonder if Muslims are being set up. If so, they’re falling for it, cheering on the attacks as if they actually did them, and getting further marginalised and more hated as the attacks continue. I have no sympathy. If you want to cheer the deaths of innocents then you deserve what’s coming.

You, Muslims, have been set up to be hated. And you have cheered on your own eventual destruction. If any country turns the entire Middle East into radioactive glass, who do you think will mourn you? We’ll have street parties, like you lot did after 9/11.

Oil? You think we need your oil? There is more under Alaska than there ever was under Saudi Arabia. The Americans haven’t touched their reserves there for a reason. They’re running yours out first.

And, yeah, it’s running out.

So is time.

Maybe you might want to think about not calling for so many beheadings. Or killing in general. Or suicide bombings. You are fast running out of options.

I have a feeling that Islam will be illegal within a decade and when it happens, you lot have nobody to blame but yourselves.

You just will not listen, will you?


10 thoughts on “Goldstein

  1. I was talking about this earlier with a friend. Why are these amateur terrorists using vehicles and sharp objects to kill and main? We have been told for many years that thousands of ‘Westerners’ have been in Afghanistan’s terrorist training camps. Presumably, all they’ve had are driving lessons.

    If this wasn’t mainly a con trick to keep us in constant fear, the attacks would be endless. Cities would have been abandoned due to biological and chemical attacks, if not nuclear. Drones would be dropping bombs and spraying nerve gas, etc., etc. Any ten year-old with an average imagination could think up more effective ways to win a ‘holy war’.

    Once the Muslims have served their purpose of giving Western governments the excuse they needed to destroy our own culture, I think you’re right that their chickens will come home to roost, but no halal slaughter – the animal rights lot will win that one.

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    • The problem that all terrorists have is that of communicating their message and clearly stating their victory scenario in such a way as to be comprehensible to the population that they are trying to pressurise. This is actually extremely difficult, unless it is a very clear situation.

      “Get off my land!” is a clear enough message to send to an invader, and “We freedom fighters are attempting to boot this foreign invading bastard out of the land which is ours and yours forever” also works as a message to locals when some people turn terrorist to try to kick invaders out.

      Radical Islamists on the other hand are trying to be cultural imperialists, and impose their thinking and culture onto the main indigenous culture of Britain by force, without any real pretense at persuasion. The message is simply “Think as we think, do as we do or we’ll carry on trying to kill you idiots”, and the response (especially from British people) is very likely to be on the lines of “Oh yeah? You and whose army?”.

      This is the sort of conflict that a very tiny minority terrorist culture isn’t going to win, and it speaks volumes of the minds of these people that they haven’t worked this one out yet.


      • That makes sense in view of my belief that Islam is not meant to win. It is merely a tool to force social change to destroy our culture and freedoms for a one world government. Some of the big guns in the EU have talked about destroying cultures to facilitate a ‘united Europe’.

        One of the UN’s first internationalist and eugenicist director generals, Julian Huxley of UNESCO, has given the game away. Drugs and sex are to be peddled to the proles to weaken them, religion is to be usurped, the long-term unemployed sterilised and the poor to have difficulty getting hospital treatment – they seem to have started with smokers and ‘The Obese’.

        Nice bloke, eh? –

        And my modest refutation of evolution and its adherents:

        Compare Huxley with Thomas Jefferson a century and a half earlier, whose ‘Jefferson Bible’ was a collection of Christ’s teachings minus the supernatural elements which he rejected as a non-Christian, but which he claimed that after extracting the supernatural,

        “There will be found remaining the most sublime and benevolent code of morals which has ever been offered to man.”

        It’s a pity he didn’t understand why they are ‘sublime’ and it should be understood why Western governments are trying to ostracise Christians and impose a new set of rules along the lines of Huxley’s.

        Huxley wrote,

        …any belief in supernatural creators, rulers, or influencers of natural or human process introduces an irreparable split into the universe, and prevents us from grasping its real unity. Any belief in Absolutes, whether the absolute validity of moral commandments, of authority of revelation, of inner certitudes, or of divine inspiration, erects a formidable barrier against progress and the responsibility of improvement, moral, rational, and religious.

        All these dolts who drool over Dawkins are, in effect, shooting themselves in the foot by rejecting freedom for Huxley’s “real unity” of a one world government.

        He also hates ‘Absolutes’ because they stand in the way of progressivism and act as a shield against tyranny as long as people reject moral relativism, but sadly for us all, they increasingly prefer to choose their own ‘morals’ from the smorgasbord offered by the ruling elites to enslave them.

        Ironically, I bet Huxley hated absolutes absolutely, which would nullify his reasoning, if there was still any doubt as to his capacity for reasoning. Apart from the fact that he reasoned according to his psychopathic nature.


  2. We have been told for many years that thousands of ‘Westerners’ have been in Afghanistan’s terrorist training camps

    I must admit the current, seeming, choice of weaponry for terrorists puzzles me too. Getting ‘real’ firearms is probably beyond the capability of Jussif Lone World Mustapha Houri (despite what the MSM would have us believe, getting quality guns in the UK is not easy) but shotguns are easy to obtain and saw off. Blow the head off an armed copper and take his H&K?….infact wasn’t there a similar incident in Belgium a couple of weeks back?
    It’s as if terrorists haven’t heard of ‘The Internet’. I haven’t had an interest in home made explosives for years but I’ll lay money within half an hour on google I could find tested, proven recipes for almost any sort of ordinance. Idiots Guide To Plastique.
    Someone should really tell the Sheik that these days it’s 3D printers that rock the weapons Black Kashbar.

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    • We didn’t need internet when I was a kid. We had proper chemistry lessons at school and soon learned the basis of explosive mixtures.

      Simple, readily available chemicals were all we needed to make our own little explosions.

      I don;t know what they teach in terrorist school, but they’d have been better off with ‘A’ level chemistry from the 1970’s. As long as they had our teacher of the time, a man who delighted in blowing stuff up 🙂

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  3. Seen from where I’m sitting, I do think the “Islamist terrorist” attacks are real ones & not false flags. They’re just not very good at it yet; like random 14th-century (they’re in theirs in actuality also!) late-medieval warriors throwing themselves at us.

    More to the point though, I have an unprovable hypothesis that all the “crazed depressed gunman” attacks on schools and crowds of defenceless people – from the series of mass school shootings to Dunblane to that awful event in Tasmania a few years ago – and indeed “flase flags” designed to deprive normal people of their firearms. That’s why it’s almost always schools and children etc, and why the killer convenently “shoots himself”…nobody left to question under caution…

    On the day of Dunblane, I smelt a rat within about 10 minutes of the newsflashes. I mentioned it and became very unpopular at work, for many months. Almost as if I’d caught Leprosy.

    I also suspect strongly that Gorgon Brown knows everything about Thomas Hamilton and the event and why it happened, which is why the “papers” have been embargoed for 100 years…I’d better leave it there I think.

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  4. The rat you smelt regarding Dunblane was a Freemasonry-flavoured one. The shooter was well known to police and it was the considered opinion of the Firearms people there that he was not a fit person to hold a firearms ticket. People who hold firearms tickets are either obsessive target shooters, or people who need to use firearms as part of their job or hobby, such as gamekeepers and the like.

    Thomas Hamilton was none of these; he was a git who liked keeping pistols for obscure reasons, and he didn’t seem to be a hobbyist target shooter nor a field sports type of person. Moreover, he was dangerously unhinged and had been so for long enough to put the wind up the police. Hence they wanted to cancel his right to own firearms.

    Every time they tried, word from on high came saying to let him have his guns and they were overruled.

    In the aftermath of his killing spree, Operation Arse-covering went into operation and the court record was sealed for long enough that all involved would be safely dead and gone. Yes, this was a cover-up. No, it was not Government run, nor part of some shadowy secret conspiracy, but was instead intended to cover up friends in high places helping other fellow friends keep their guns because all of us friends help each other out, don’t we…


    • I think Dunblane was certainly a false flag and with strong Masonic implications. I suspect, like David Davis, that it was an attempt to further restrict gun ownership and so other people higher up would have been involved, although the 100 year D-notice was probably just covering the backs of the Freemasons, as the higher uppers would be working incognito behind the scenes, as usual.

      The majority of Dunblane ‘deniers’! seem to believe that the cover-up was due to Hamilton procuring children for the Masonic mini–elite, but I’m not sure why he would wipe out so many potential ‘customers’ in a small town.

      Many, if not all, of the US school shooters had been treated for mental illness and were on anti-psychotic drugs.

      I never know what to make of ‘conspiracy theorist’ Bill Cooper, who himself was shot dead by police outside his rural home shortly after 9/11, after confronting them when they came to see him about tax evasion, or something. In his book, “Behold a Pale Horse,” he wrote,

      The government encouraged the manufacture and importation of
      military firearms for the criminals to use. This is intended to foster a
      feeling of insecurity, which would lead the American people to voluntarily
      disarm themselves by passing laws against firearms. Using drugs and
      hypnosis on mental patients in a process called Orion, the CIA inculcated
      the desire in these people to open fire on schoolyards and thus inflame the
      antigun lobby. This plan is well under way, and so far is working perfectly.
      The middle class is begging the government to do away with the 2nd

      He prefaces details of this supposed ‘Operation’ with this,

      For many years the Secret Government has been importing drugs and
      selling them to the people, mainly the poor and minorities. Social welfare
      programs were put into place to create a dependent, nonworking element
      in our society. The government then began to remove these programs to
      force people into a criminal class that did not exist in the ’50s and ’60s.

      I think we’re seeing this in the UK nowadays, where thousands of clearly needy people have been thrown off of benefits. The small villages round here seem to be riddled with petty criminals and drug dealers. The local bobbies were lauded in the local paper after raids on six houses netted ‘£3,000 worth’ of drugs.

      It would surely have been more professional to monitor these people and pick up the bigger fish, but then, I expect that some of the seized drugs are resold by the cops back to those bigger fish.


  5. There are, of course, two bases for geopolitical theories – cock up and conspiracy. You give an example of the latter based with some degree of rationality on cui bono. This follow the money principle only works if you accept that public authorities, including security services, are competent.

    Since my experience with public agencies – police, NHS, local councils – tells me that competence only occurs by accident and rarely, I remain wholly committed to the cock up theory of history.

    Similarly we assume that our London attacker behaved both rationally and intelligently. I suspect this again is a false assumption – his behaviour, regardless of what we consider to be motive, parallels all those other occasions (Hungerford, Dunblane and lots of places in the USA) where a loner with a grudge creates mayhem.

    Finally it is surprising that, given how effective a mass murder tool cars are these days, these lone maniacs still prefer guns and knives!


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