The Big Day

Well here it is. The Big Day.

Parents are coming to visit and the guest room is all painted and looking quite good, if I say so myself. I do say so myself, if anyone was thinking of asking. There’s a lot of tidying to do tomorrow but there’s no wet paint or varnish anywhere. I haven’t yet put the pelmet back up but that’s not critical. Curtains don’t depend on it any more.

Also, the second Underdog Anthology is assembled and formatted, and covers are made. Author contracts are in.I’m holding off for a few days because there could be a couple more stories to come in. That’s okay, Easter starts on the 14th April (Good Friday) and I need the book available a week before. So it must go to print by the 6th at the latest. That gives a week of leeway on the deadline.

Don’t start writing for this one now. I have to have the last stories in before the 6th for a quick edit and format, and the ones already potentially on the way are all I can handle in that time. Think Halloween, if you’re planning to write a short story.

There was something else. What was it? Oh yeah, Brexit.

Tessie Maybe has finally made the decision. She wrote a note to the boss of the EU along the lines of ‘Oi, Tusky, we’re outta here, innit? Get awa’ tae buggery, ya wee shite.’ It’s a good thing I’m not Prime Monster. I would have written exactly those words.

Still, it is finally happening. Parents are visiting. The book will be out in time for Easter. We are getting out of the EU.

All on the same day.

As this week also includes my son’s birthday and mine, don’t be too surprised if it gets a bit quiet here for a week…


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