Chinese Beard-Burn

My parents are still visiting and I still have a deadline to meet but this one caught my eye.

China has banned Islamic beards and veils in its most Muslim region.

There were many comments on Twitter to the effect of ‘Well, now they are going to have to deal with the backlash from Islamic terrorists’. Because the West’s policy of roll-over appeasement has worked so well, hasn’t it?

I don’t think China will have a problem dealing with terrorists. This is the country that, faced with protesting students, sent in tanks. China tends to deal with such matters quickly and mercilessly.

Islam attacks America, uses planes to kill thousands and the current president tries (and fails) to restrict travel from certain Islamic countries.

Islam attacks Europe and we send aid money and bow to the Caliphate because our leaders are all anencephalic.

Islam attacks Russia and they send fighter planes and bombs.

Islam attacks China… well if there is anyone on the planet who gives not a single shit about world opinion, and who is therefore likely to retaliate by turning the entire Middle East into radioactive glass, it’s China.

So far they are only pissed off enough to ban hair and veils.

Go on, ISIS. Have a go.



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