Normal service will resume soon.

Teaser time 🙂


The contents page for the second Underdog Anthology, ‘Tales the Hollow Bunnies Tell’…


Mark Ellott
Myffanwy and the Egg
Easter 1916
Morning Cloud and the Spanish Angels
Death and the Life Heareafter

Stephen W. Duffy
Changed upon the Blue Guitar
Doth Close Behind Him Tread

Roo B Doo
Morning Run
The Inchoate Egg

Justin Sunshine
The Journey Chosen

H K Hillman
The Night of the Hollow Bunnies


A couple of last minute entries in there but they don’t need much editing. I’ll have full access to my office (and email) again on Thursday and that will be the Big Push to the finish line. Not as dramatic as it sounds, really. I have most of the book in format and assembled, I just need to get the authors to quickly check for blunders in formatting. The book will be out in time to get it for Easter.

Father is recovering well, and will soon be back to his normal determined curmudgeonly self. They leave on Thursday so he has no time to rebuild dry stone walls outside or try to paint the 10-foot-high walls in the other rooms. I already decorated the room they’re in so he wouldn’t be tempted.

He did a fantastic job on the greenhouse, and if he’d still been fifty I think the house would have had a full internal remodelling job by now.

Anyway, the book. No more Easter stories please, there’s no time to fit in any more. Start thiking up Halloween shorts. If there are enough summer themed ideas I’d do a summer anthology but I might not be in it. Summer horror is a tough one.

Since I have email restrictions while I have visitors, I’ll put some minor contact points here.

Stephen, I need an ‘about the author’ bit from you. It can be a couple of lines or a full page and it doesn’t have to be true 😉

Justin, I’ve edited your story (didn’t need much work, as usual) and the edited version along with the author contract will come back to you by the weekend.

Roobee, likewise, your second story will be edited within 24 hours and the author contract is heading your way.

I think I have to set up a backup office in one of the other rooms. It’s nice to be visited but being separated from the main machine is restrictive. I need to set up a mirror machine.

Still, I got most of the book work done before the visit so it’s not a big deal.

Okay, better get back to it.


11 thoughts on “Normal service will resume soon.

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  2. Use remote desktop to access your main machine from the laptop. Or just access the hard disk directly from your windows explorer. I can give you offline guidance / specifics on this, if you’d like.

    Also – thanks for the editing job. The last lot were vastly improved by your sympathetic minor changes. (And also thanks to RooBeeDoo for similar. May your pen ne’er run dry and your paper be inexhaustible).

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    • Next time we have visitors I’ll set up a backup office in an upstairs room. As it is, I took the book files onto a USB stick and I’ve been using a laptop. I’ve edited yours – it’ll be back tomorrow when I get my office back!

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    • Yes, our computers (my wife’s laptop and my desktop) are set up so we can both access all the files on each others machine, mainly because my wife has a lot of files for her business she stores on one of my external HDDs, as the laptop has limited storage. It’s a handy set-up.

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