Now there’s a title that should boost my stats. Hello, all you secret service people. And hello to all you nutters looking for instructions on how to make bombs. I’m afraid you’re all looking in the wrong place.

The USA has just dropped one hell of a big bomb on an ISIS cave and tunnel system in Afghanistan. This particular bomb is designed to penetrate the ground and explode underneath, in the tunnels.

“What it does is basically suck out all of the oxygen and lights the air on fire,” said Bill Roggio

Well no. If it’s sucked out all the oxygen it can’t set the air afire. Setting the air afire would remove all the oxygen but the order of events is important to us insufferable pedants.

That, however, is the point of it. The blast is huge and will cause a lot of damage but its effects will extend beyond the actual blast area because it’s being funnelled along a system of tunnels. Nobody could outrun it and even if you managed to get into a side room and escape the flames, when the flames pass there’s no oxygen in the tunnel.

It’s very nasty. Being away from the blast centre is a worse way to die than being hit by the blast. The hand-wringers are out in force, as you’d expect, claiming this is an inhuman use of weaponry on ‘innocent people’.

Let’s step back from the emotions for a moment and realise that these ‘innocent people’ have been killing civilians in almost every country on the planet for years now. They don’t target fighting soldiers or politicians. No, they blow up railway stations, fly planes into office buildings and drive trucks into shoppers. They attack people who are no threat to them at all.

And the same hand-wringers always defend their actions.

So now the US has said ‘You want bombs? We’ll show you a fucking bomb’. I fall short of actual applause because it’s still killing people even if they deserve it, but I will not defend ISIS.

It is impossible to reason with zealots of any type, and ISIS are definitely zealots. It’s their way or death, that’s the choice they offer and they will not consider any kind of compromise.

It’s really not an Islam thing. It’s a zealot thing. Our tobacco control, booze control, salt control etc zealots would, if they could, bomb smoking shelters, off-licences and burger bars. They actually went so far as to create a video game where a sniper picked off smokers in the street. That’s just one step from becoming an ASH version of ISIS.

Like ISIS, ASH and other zealots have their supporters who cheer on their zealotry without actually taking part. If those supporters ever thought there would be retaliation and it would be aimed at them, they’d evaporate faster than a fart in a wind tunnel. That is something to consider if you are an ISIS supporter. Trump isn’t pissing about like all the other Western leaders. He’s not going to stop at one big bomb. He’ll go for the support base soon, if he hasn’t already started.

That’s just the way real wars work – where the people you are killing are killing you back. Real war is coming to your home town, wherever you live. You think you’re safe? Read up on your history, about what America did with the Japanese living in America during that war. It is going to happen again, you can bet on it.

So, in the total absence of any kind of compromise with ISIS, there really is no choice but to go all Crocodile Dundee on them. ‘That’s not a bomb. THIS is a bomb’.

Will it stop them? Well, the devastation caused by two nuclear bombs on Japan stopped that war at once, but then the Japanese are an intelligent and reasonable people. ISIS are not.

[One possibility, since Trump has now attacked both ISIS and Assad, is that they might join forces against him and become ASIS. Or Russia might get involved too and form ARSIS. This is what comes from trying to have a serious discussion with CStM…]

ISIS are convinced they are chosen by God and that everything they do is in the service of that God.



They are a bunch of raving lunatics who use a particular sky pixie as an excuse to exert control over everyone else, and to excuse a campaign of carnage and death. No different to the Nazis. No different at all.

Like the Nazis, their footsoldiers come in (generally) three kinds. Mugs who believe the shit they have been told, those who don’t believe it but are just along for the violence, and those who don’t believe it but are too scared to disobey. Disobedience means death.

ISIS have killed members of their own gang, even high ranking ones, for smoking and for other trivial ‘offences’. If they are smoking then obviously they don’t believe the crap. They are just along for the violence. Those too scared to disobey will stay right in line.

ISIS, like the Nazi leadership, don’t care which sort of footsoldier you are, as long as you do as you are told. Like the Nazis, it’s an ideology and you can’t reason with an ideology.

So was Trump right to let loose the big bomb? I’m actually surprised (and somewhat relieved) he hasn’t gone for nuclear. That would be a quick finish – or would it? ISIS is all over the Middle East so he’d have to nuke it all. That would send fallout over Russia at least and probably China too. They won’t like that one bit. So then he’d have to deal with retaliation from Russia and China… No, nuclear would not be a good option.

I think he was right. ISIS will never sit at a negotiation table. They will never have peace talks and they will never surrender as long as they can cheer on a truck driver who kills a few pedestrians to atone for his life of drugs and debauchery and finally get into Heaven.

If you believe Allah welcomes you into Heaven for doing that, then Allah isn’t who you think he is and Heaven ain’t where you’re going.

I’ve said many times that Muslims are being set up to fall. They will not see it, so confident are they that their God will protect them. Yeah, like the way God protected the Jews in Nazi Germany, or Allah protected the Muslims in Spain during the Inquisition. You’re the next for rounding up, Muslims, and they won’t just come for the violent ones because nobody can tell who they are.

This is not a threat, as some Lefties will declare. I’m not rounding up anyone. It’s a warning. I don’t predict the future nor do I make it happen. I analyse and work out what is likely to happen next. It’s scientific training. It’s what I do. Many others do it too, I’m just the oaf who can’t keep it to himself.

ISIS were created by the West. Al-Qaeda were too. They were set up to paint Islam in a bad light because the Western leaders want to use you and then erase you. Not the shoppers or office workers or people on trains or buses. They are not your enemies. They are the ones those leaders want you to kill so they can keep their own people in fear, control them utterly and take away all chance of them ever rebelling.

You, Islam, are a tool of the West now. That’s why they defend you when you act like dicks. That’s why they give you special treatment – although that has started to end, have you noticed yet? Your work is nearly done and like any other tool no longer required, a tool so well used it’s just dangerous to leave lying around, it’s almost time to dispose of you.

Don’t look to Allah, look to history. Find one single example where anyone’s God ever stepped in to save his people from destruction. It has never happened. Billions have died believing they would be saved. None ever were.

I know some Muslims have tried to instigate change. Tried to root out the violent parts of the religion and keep all the good parts. Tried to start a Reformation like Christianity had, all those centuries ago. Keep trying, please, although I fear it might already be too late.

Those ‘leaders’ (we don’t like them either) will not only dispose of Islam, they will dispose of those they have trained to excuse and support the violence. I’m actually impressed by the scope of the indoctrination – many gay supporters of Islam seem to conveniently overlook the gay Arabs thrown off tall buildings to splatter on the ground below. Why? Because they were gay. No other reason.

And yet there are so many gay supporters of Islam. That indoctrination runs very deep.

Feminists support Islam while ignoring Islamic women who cry out for help.

It’s awe-inspiring, the depth of the idiocy out there. Especially among those who think themselves of superior intelligence. I can’t argue with them any more. I’ve heard enough of the abuse they call ‘winning the argument’. It’s like being mocked by a mollusc.

All of them will be gone. All of them. When it’s done,. Hitler’s ghost will sidle up to Pol Pot’s and say ‘You know, we look like rank amateurs now’.

But there will be nobody left to write about the horrors because we’ll be of three types – those who believe what they are told, those who love the violence and those who are too scared to step out of line. It’s already begun.

Oh Islam, you are not the only ones to play this game. There were many before you and there will be more after. In the past it was countries and empires and at best partial control. This time it’s global and total.

You know, Islam could stop the global world government from happening. With a reformation, an end to violence in the name of Allah and a genuinely peaceful religion, Islam could stop the plan in its tracks and win a lot of converts too. Not me, obviously. I’m Ungodly and always will be.

I don’t think they will. I’m not even sure they really want to. I mean, they’ve been promised the whole world and all I’m suggesting is peaceful coexistence. I’m sure a lot of Muslims would like that but I’m equally sure their lefty loony ‘supporters’ don’t want it. They want hate and division, they want a reason to have a violent demonstration in the wrong place about the wrong thing. To them, the place and the thing don’t matter. It’s all about the violence.

Don’t look to Islam. That’s just another religion among many. Sure, it’s the current religion the violent loonies use to excuse their actions but the IRA used Catholicism for the same thing. The Spanish Inquisition used that too, and their tortures were legendary. It’s going to keep happening.

What’s different this time is that the One World lunatics have got hold of it. They are running the show. Not Islam. not Isis, they are just stooges and they don’t know it and won’t believe it if you tell them. So don’t bother.

If there really are any Muslims who want to keep their faith alive against the torrent of abuse that’s coming your way, best of luck. I really hope you make it through. I really do.

A world of different people is good in my view. I don’t want a monoclonal human race like the ‘Diversity’ crowd are aiming for. A world of different beliefs and different thoughts and different opinions is, in evolutionary terms, a world more likely to survive. A monoculture is the fast lane to oblivion.

Islamic Caliphate crazy bastards might want to look into the biological implications of their doctrines.

Your Leftie loonie supporters will only inhibit your chances of survival.

19 thoughts on “Bombs

  1. Sheesh. You’re not the only one who could get a visit Leggy! My increasing talent toward serendipity had me writing a post on Quora just fourteen hours ago that started out with these two sentences: “I believe we came close to using some of the small tactical nukes we had developed as “bunker-busters” during the post-9/11 actions in Afghanistan when it was believed Al Qaeda and Bin Laden were hiding in deep fortified cave complexes. This would have been a very dangerous line to cross and fortunately we didn’t do it.” (See for the full answer if you want…)

    The first reporting I’m seeing at the moment about the current Afghan bombing came out of CBS News ten hours ago… about four hours *AFTER* I wrote the above.

    Soooo… serendipity strikes again. Let’s hope Trump has the good sense to maintain a non-nuclear policy.

    – MJM

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  2. “Muslims in Spain during the Inquisition.” Pardon me for asking but did you have in mind “…during the re-conquest”. Brilliant summary as always. Another one to bookmark. Thank you

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    • Later than the re-conquest. The Inquisition went after anyone non-Catholic (Jews, Muslims, Protestants etc) in the same way extreme Muslims now go after anyone who is of a different religion or even a different facet of their own religion.


      • ” The Inquisition went after anyone non-Catholic (Jews, Muslims, Protestants etc) in the same way extreme Muslims now go after anyone who is of a different religion or even a different facet of their own religion.”

        Actually, I hadn’t thought of it before, but Protestants and Catholics are probably fairly analogous to Shiites and Sunnis, no? And we’ve seen the Prots ‘n Caths tear into each other in some places quite recently in our history! Not to mention the part that it was mainly good (well, ok, maybe not so good) Christian brethren who designed, ran, and filled the German gas chambers with Jews and various sorts of heathens.

        Of course the gas chamber Christians may not REALLY have been “Good Christians,” but are the Terrorist Muslims “Good Muslims”?

        – MJM, a VERY good Chocolatarian


        • Hitler was more into Paganism (they’ll hate being reminded of that) which is why Wehremacht, Panzer and SS division markings were Nordic runes.

          He was pulled into dark stuff mostly by Goebbels but we had some of that on our side too.

          It was all a bit strange.


          • Many years ago I read a book called ‘The Spear of Destiny’ by Trevor Ravenscroft (?), which was about Hitler’s obsession with the alleged spear that pierced Christ’s side, and was endowed with dark powers. It was an interesting read, although I did regard it with a degree of scepticism, I have to say. Nevertheless, I feel there was more than a grain of truth in it.

            Hitler was apparently (according to this book) also a fan of homeopathy, and pondered on expanding homeopathic practice into a larger field (literally). He is supposed to have got his scientists to remove vital organs from rabbits and distill them into a homeopathically dilute solution which he then poured round the boundaries of the estate of one of his henchmen who was plagued with rabbits, with a view to eradicating the rabbit problem. If successful, this experiment was then to be repeated using the vital organs of Jews, and the estate borders expanded to the borders around Germany. I seem to remember (it was nearly fifty years ago that I read the book, so I’m a bit hazy on the details) that the rabbit experiment was deemed a success, but it was close to the end of the war, and Hitler never managed to progress to the culmination of his endeavours with homeopathic cleansing.

            Very interesting book, however, even though some of the claims are a bit implausible.


            • I’ve heard about his obsession with the Spear of Destiny. The legend is that if you have it, you can’t be defeated in battle – but it has a habit of just slipping from your grasp at a crucial moment.

              I didn’t know about the homeopathy, but I did know he was into all things Green, a virulent antismoker and desperately healthy eater. He’d have fit right in with most of the NGO’s here.


  3. Good post, but the war in Northern Ireland was political rather than religious. A Catholic copper was just as likely to stop a bullet. The SDLP (labour party affiliate) were mostly Catholic but were anti IRA.
    The Britishness (or “occupation”) of Northern Ireland was the problem as far as the IRA was concerned.


    • I think you’re largely correct Richard. I’m peering at it from off in Philadelphia. But the religious affiliations certainly seemed to help in defining the sides. Two phrases spring to mind (“dirty Prot” and “filthy Papist”) but maybe I just got them from a movie or something. There’s very very little of that sort of division here in the US, though there was a bit of a stir when JFK got elected in 1960: supposedly people were worried that he’d feel he had to take orders from the Pope!


    • ISIS is political too. Their Islam is a conquering one: they don’t really care about religion, they use it as a means to get recruits.

      The IRA were political, yes, but they shielded themselves behind Catholicism. Like ISIS, they could get recruits by reminding the Catholic South about the excesses of several English Protestant invaders.

      Faith isn’t a weapon in itself but it’s certainly useful to keep the army together.


  4. I was with you till you got to the part about the West wanting ISIS to kill westerners as a way for western govts to control their own people. That’s one too many loops in the chain for me.


    • Maybe ‘wanting’ is too strong. ‘Letting’ would be better.

      They do continually excuse and cover up the excesses of the terrorists, while telling the rest of us we have to be scared of the terrorists.

      And they have those ‘response measures’ ready within hours, every time. Almost as if they were in storage somewhere, waiting for a reason to roll them out.


  5. I never knew Hitler was into homeopathy. That gives me goose bumps thinking about our royal family and their love of it! Are the germans into it too? I knew he was into the occult, as was most of his senior officers. Dictators usually are into weird stuff like that, they think it gives extra special powers and of course they want world domination and total control, so the two tend to go hand in hand.

    For some reason, the fact that the UK now has Universal Credit has just popped into my brain, fuelled I think by a mate of mine who has just lost her job and had to sign on. She has been telling me all about it! The Blocked Dwarf I think said that Germany already has it. It was never dreamed up by CallmeDave or Ian Duncan-wotsit, like a lot of people think, it was manufactured by Merkel and her crowd. Member states of the EU have duly been ordered to bring it in. Despite us leaving the EU then, we are still following orders….

    There’s some crazy stuff on the interweb about Merkel being Hitler’s love child. It couldn’t possibly be true now, can it? Is she into homeopathy, the occult? Anyone?



    • XX I never knew Hitler was into homeopathy. That gives me goose bumps thinking about our royal family and their love of it! Are the germans into it too? I knew he was into the occult, as was most of his senior officers.XX


      HIMMLER and HEß were the ones into homeopathy Himmler into the “Occult” and Heß into all kind of strange Quack doctory. Thier hobbys were frowned upon, but suffered by Hitler.Both were kept under close scrutiny of the SD (Sicherheitsdienst, run by Heydrich, the Kaltenbrunner. Theoretically Himmler was THIER boss, but….) Goering was just a smack/Morphine head, and, as mentioned above, Goebells?” TOTAL fucking bollox.

      Try studying some REAL documents, and books by people who are not interested in ripping off 200 pages over breakfast, in the hope of making a quick buck from the gulible at the John Menzies “best seller” shelves.


  6. If it did kill 90 ISIS then bring it on at any time. These are fanatics and the way to shake their faith is to kill as many as possible until the replacements dry up and what’s left has minimal experience.
    Or if you are Corbyn ,invite them to a candlelit supper to discuss things.


    • There were, apparently, no civilian casualties. It was a remote hideout and underground so the blast was mostly underground too.

      This time, they didn’t hide under a school or a hospital.


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