Finally, I have books

I met my deadline for ‘Tales the Hollow Bunnies Tell’ but have been thwarted by delays at every turn. Usually when a book goes up on Amazon, I order it straight away and get it within days. Yes, I order a copy of every book I publish. It’s to check it prints okay. Also I send novel authors some free copies for bragging rights.

For this second anthology, all the authors elected to be paid in copies of the book. I ordered quite a lot and about ten days after that order, they are finally here. The author copies are now bundled up ready to post.

Smashwords are still finding problems with it so it’s not on Barnes and Noble etc yet. I think I might try doing that through instead. The latest is that they want all the author names on the cover and all in the description (which has a character limit) and then I have to email them so they can fiddle it into shape. They have a new system for anthologies which isn’t ready to use but they’re using it anyway. Perhaps I won’t bother with Smashwords for anthologies in future. Lulu doesn’t have the same reach but it gets into the most important places.

At least the Kindle version went through without a hitch.

There’s no problem with single-author books. Those go through right away. It’s just anthologies that seem to be a problem. With that in mind, I’ll close submissions for the Halloween anthology on 30th September so I can have it all in place and ready to advertise in time for Halloween. That still leaves time to think up stories.

In progress, and coming soon, are :

Han Snel, by Dirk Vleugels. A biography of a Dutch artist, in Dutch, which needs to be in colour. It’s going to be an expensive and somewhat niche book but it’s going ahead anyway. Maybe it’ll become famous one day, you never know.

Blackjack, by Mark Ellott. A collection of short stories of varying genre. Something for everyone.

The Mark, by Margo Jackson. An innocent man assailed by modern prejudices and ingrained ideologies lurches from one misinterpreted situation to another. Is he really innocent though? You have to decide for yourself.

Okay, back to work for me. On Tuesday I have to go to Inverness about microbiology stuff (no, I’m not sampling monster shit) so there is a lot to get done before then.

As well as complying with Smashwords’ new anthology rules without actually having any clear idea what they are…


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