Bunnies and chocolate

The author copies of ‘Tales the Hollow Bunnies Tell’ are on the way to the contributing authors. They are in the gentle hands of the post office sorting gorillas and should arrive in a day or two.

Meanwhile, it seems a Food Guru has been getting paid by a chocolate company and this is an Evil Thing in antisugar world.

Towards the end of that article we see ‘no industry funding of research should be accepted’ which will bring a smirk to the face of Big Tobacco and Big Booze and others. Mine too.

I work for commercial food companies. Tomorrow I’m driving to Inverness to talk about cheese. I do not do dodgy research like the anti-everything shitheads produce. If I don’t think it will work I will tell them that. If they want to pressure me into getting a particular result, I go home. I’m a research consultant, not a PR consultant. You want lies, go talk to ASH or pretty much any politician. If your stuff turns out to be crap or even dangerous, that’s what my report will say. Up to you to publish or suppress it.

The thing I’m going to talk about tomorrow cannot possibly be dangerous. It sounds like it could be really impressive but we’ll see. It would be a nice change for me to work with something that doesn’t come with the proviso ‘one slip and you die’.

I haven’t ever worked for a salt or sugar producer. I’d love to work for a chocolate company, the freebies would be most welcome. However, working for a company does not temper my comments. I don’t much care about money because I’ve never had very much of it and it’s not interesting in itself. It just lets me buy more train stuff on eBay.

I will, and have, lost research work through honesty. I could have taken the money for projects that were never going to work but I told them at the first meeting – ‘this cannot work because…’

It’s all good. I might not have much but I seem to be able to get what I need. It’s not true that working for a company means you are owned by that company – not unless you want to be. Nobody can offer me enough to keep silent if I see something to rant about. I cannot stop the rants. Okay, I’ve never really tried but I probably couldn’t. Research is different. It’s commercial so no details. Company behaviour is fair game.

I know someone high in the ranks of the Scottish Food Standards Agency. She doesn’t like me much. That’s understandable. We worked together on probiotics for a while and we were at loggerheads most of the time. I wanted it to work, she wanted to please the company sponsors. She got the high paying job, I ended up redundant and self-employed.

I think I got the better deal in the end, although it has been tough at times. Even so, my principles are intact. I win. She has riches, I have integrity. I still say I win.

So okay. This nutritionist does a bit of work for a chocolate company. Does that disqualify her as a nutritionist? Depends what she tells them to a small extent. It depends on whether she lets them tell her what to tell others to a much larger extent, and I doubt that is happening. No chocolate company would ever attempt to say ‘choc is good for you’ at this moment. Even when there is real research that shows it is.

Her Righteous friends have declared her heretic. She touched the enemy! Yes, they are really that insular.

It’s a witch hunt. ‘You took money from a proper company rather than live like a tapeworm on taxes? A Witch! Burn her!’

Silence her in case she refutes the Doctrine of the Drones. This has happened so many times now and still the drones believe it all. How do these people remember to breathe? I have cultures of bacteria that wouldn’t fall for this kind of idiot programming. People fall for it all – smoking, vaping, global warming, salt, sugar, you name it, they will believe it.

The Righteous have learned how to manipulate the drones. It was never hard. Bread and circuses gave them the way to do it. Labour party and television took their drone lives from them and ripped away all the potential they could have had. They won’t see it, don’t bother. They are lost and they love their oblivion. They are parasites and proud of it. They don’t even realise they have a purpose and a master who controls their thoughts, but it will hit them smack in the face someday soon.

Too late to resist. Their domino will fall and they will look for support – but all the supporting dominoes are already down. The ones who produced, who worked, who made money. The ones they toppled. In the name of Fighting Big Companies For No Reason Other Than That They Exist.

The dominoes are going down. Everyone’s turn is coming. Can you stop it? My domino is already down and I see nobody who wants to help re-stand it. Why would I help with yours? I’ll just drop a hint.

If you want to wipe out an ants’ nest, you have to kill the queen. Then you get peace.


Do you see your enemy now? I know most of the readers here already have but one day a curious drone might happen by.

They’ll just mind-wipe what they’ve read though.  Maybe, just one, will understand.

For one, it’s all worth the effort.

5 thoughts on “Bunnies and chocolate

  1. “I know someone high in the ranks of the Scottish Food Standards Agency. She doesn’t like me much.”

    Has she been involved in the Errington Cheese witch hunt by any chance?

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  2. On this score, I am starting to have some exceedingly heretical thoughts. I am, by trade, a computing systems administrator; it even says so on my job title (didn’t used to, because politics). By training a parasitologist of sorts, but computing was where the jobs were.

    Now, scientific software is a strange, motley beast. You’d think it would be cutting edge, and indeed a very few bits are but most are really rather antiquated. Similarly the machinery underpinning much research is really not at all cutting edge, simply because of how eye-wateringly expensive cutting edge kit actually is. So, faced with needing experimental results and not having the grunt to do things the long way, researchers cheat.

    They especially cheat in climate research. The interesting bit in that great data dump from the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research unit wasn’t the email files, but instead the actual code being used for the work, together with the really rather depressing HARRY_README file.

    The story was that one researcher was taking over the work of another one without having had a handover period, and was writing a checklist for another man to follow. The author of the file had been led to believe that he was inheriting a mature, working codebase and merely needed to extend it somewhat. He hadn’t been told that his predecessor was a self-taught programmer (always a red flag phrase) and that the code was barely of beta standard, if that.

    Little things gave it away. Sub-routines and sub-programs which would take input then fail silently. They’re supposed to scream blue murder on STDERR and give an error exit code so everything knows that they didn’t do what they were supposed to do, but instead they failed silently without an error code. The code was mostly FORTRAN, but with bash shell calls to manipulate things, because Fortran and Bash was all the author knew. Perl or Python would’ve worked better, but he was self-taught…

    Now, if those are the errors that a sysadmin such as myself can spot, what else has this twerp been up to? I’ll bet that codebase has a load of assumptions about various things, including atmospheric density, and especially water vapour and how it behaves (which is universally acknowledged as a right bugger to model), all of which are not true, or not completely true, or just plain wrong.

    Problem is, the climate modellers won’t permit their code to be independently audited. They’re forcing us to take their words that they are the stellar coders they say they are.

    Oh shit.

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  3. Heh, I’m reminded to the prats at TobaccoScam who couldn’t think of anything else to use to slam the Anti-Helena research that Dave Kuneman and I did back in 2005, so they attacked Dave as “A former Big Tobacco Researcher.”

    Dave had worked for years back in the early/mid ’80s as a flavoring chemist for 7-Up soda company. At one point, for a fairly short period I believe, RJR or PM were trying to “diversify” and one of them bought and later sold 7-Up. Thus the legitimizing of claiming our “Big Tobacco” connection from 20 years earlier even though Dave never got anywhere near to working on anything to do with tobacco!

    – MJM

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