Are these really the best we have?

Politics. I don’t hate it. It’s a necessary evil.

Politicians. Why are they all clearly self-absorbed retards?

Look at the state of it all. Here we have a general election looming and what do we get? Gina Miller and Richard Branson openly trying to buy votes to get the result they want and nobody so much as raises an eyebrow. Even in those backwater shitholes, they at least try to hide the corruption. Here it’s in the newspapers and nothing happens. Nobody gets arrested or even told to watch their step. What the hell happened to integrity? Even Labour used to have some.

‘Labour’. What a joke that party has become. All of them career politicians living off the product of other people’s labour while never doing any themselves. People who work and pay taxes actually vote to be told what to do by people they are paying, and those people live lifestyles the workers who vote for them can only dream of.

‘Conservative’. Hahaha. They are the same, all career politicians who enact laws based on nonsense fed to them by Temperance puritans while their heads remain untarnished by the ravages of thought. Well, they think about money. Mostly how they can get more of ours without having to get their hands dirty in real work of any kind.

Lib Dem and SNP, well hardly worth mentioning. They have become comical in their childish insistence that they are great powers while dwindling rapidly into oblivion.

It doesn’t matter who wins this election. We will be governed by dickheads with no thought beyond getting more cash for themselves no matter who wins. Our choice is simply which colour of rosette our twat masters will wear.

There’s nothing left. Really. Nothing to choose. Place your vote next to Mong #1 or Mong #2, it no longer matters at all. If you’re lucky you can vote for a fish finger, if you’re really lucky you’ll get to vote for Anna Raccoon. Otherwise you’re going to vote for a dickhead. Parties no longer select candidates based on anything more than looks and avarice. That seems to be what voters want too.

Oh I could move to another country but it’s really no different anywhere. Even North Korea is only a logical extension of where every other country is heading. A fat twat with a 60’s bad Beatles haircut who dictates the minutiae of peoples’ lives and punishes dissent with death. Openly and blatantly pointless elections. People in total poverty while the elite live like royalty. That is the true face of the equality agenda.

North Korea is what those who bleat about ‘poverty’ in the West are leading us into. Western ‘poverty’ means you can’t afford Nikes and you shop at Primark instead of Marks and Spencer.

I’ve been poor, as in, no money and severe debt, but I wouldn’t say I was ever in real poverty. I was homeless once but I never had to drink out of muddy puddles. I went a day or so at a time without food but humans can do that. Most of all, I knew it wasn’t going to be permanent. I didn’t grow up with utterly nothing, knowing that was how it was likely to be for my entire life. So I have not experienced real poverty, and neither has anyone in the West – especially those on benefits.

Seriously. You are not in poverty if you are getting money for simply existing. Real poverty is not like that. There are many, many people, all over the world, who would dearly love to be in Western style poverty.

Yet we hear about ‘the poor’ even though, during my time as a janitor, I could have made more cash claiming benefits and sitting on my arse watching Jeremy Kyle and drinking Red Stripe all day. You’d have been paying. I didn’t do it. Instead I paid taxes on my meagre income so others could do it.

Every party on the ballot form will let that continue. Every one.

It’s not because they care. They don’t.  None of them care. It’s because helping the poor gets soundbites while taking away less of the money people actually work for doesn’t get a vote. At least, that’s what they think.

They think that way for the same reason they think hammering smokers, drivers, drinkers of booze and of sugary drinks, those who like a bit of fat and those who just want a quick microwave meal are all good ideas. They think that way because they are told to by the single-issue whiners who tell them how to think.

What we need is a leader who actually thinks, rather than the lazy-minded shits we have now who use the tax money they extort from us to pay cretins to come up with thoughts they can use.

What we need are actual adults in charge, not the schoolyard politics of ‘Oh, I think he’s bad so let’s get him, girls’ that is endemic now. It’s not just the UK. The USA has claims of Russia wanting a right wing government and the left think that makes sense. Barry O’Blimey has interfered in the French election as well as looking very suspiciously connected to the Leftie judges slapping down Donny Trumpton.

Donny isn’t blameless either. He has sacked people for not agreeing with him. Not quite up to the Kim Jong Jingly-Jangly way of silencing dissent but that’s how it starts. He wants a wall across the border too. Everyone wants a wall now. I blame China. They started it.

We have the Tiny Blur threatening a return to politics. Really? How much money can one man spend? Then again, UK dentistry charges on that set of teeth must be astronomical. You could carve names on those teeth and use them as grave markers.

Then there is Brexit. Tessie May has been out whining that all other EU countries are out to get us. Well why don’t we just fuck off out then? It’s what we voted for, it’s what the EU wants, where’s the problem? Oh right, they want us to pay to leave. That’ll be a ‘no’ then and we’ll trade with every other country on earth that isn’t in the EU. It’s not a hard decision, just do it.

So we won’t get any more BMWs or Audis. I drive a Toyota. That doesn’t come from the EU. We won’t be restricted to driving Austin Metros or Leyland Shitheaps.

All the Fords will still be available, and pretty much everything else. A land without Audis might be a good thing anyway, I’m convinced they are all driven by narcissistic morons.

France. Well, the import of frogs’ legs, snails, berets, stripy shirts and strings of onions might fall off but that won’t kill us. We’ll get used to it. Italy? We can make our own pizza and espresso. Spain? Yeah, running in front of bulls, you can keep that one. Germany? Most German lagers are brewed in the UK already and if you make the brewery staff redundant, they know how to set up another one. Sauerkraut, yeah, we’ll manage without that.

Belgium… chocolate. Very nice chocolate, but chocolate has a limited lifespan as a product. It comes from a clone crop and can be eradicated by one disease. Inevitably, one day, chocolate will be gone.

Really Brexit is no big deal for us even if it’s hard Brexit and we just stick up two fingers and walk away. The EU know this. They also know that if we do it that way, a few other countries will say ‘Hey, that was easy’ and do the same. I say we take the lead.

Someone has to. It would mean our leaders acting as grown-ups again. It would be good for us and good for the rest of the world too.

Might shake a few other countries out of their tantrums.



3 thoughts on “Are these really the best we have?

  1. Yuck I do so hate being the anorak… but… well it’s about your assumption that we’ll always have Ford motor cars. We will of course, but not because they’re made in the UK (their Ka+ is made in India and their Fiesta’s a global product so made all over the place, but not UK)

    Anyway the AA has very considerately bunged up a list of those that are made here:

    On the plus side very few Fords will run without a motor – and those we do make (final para).

    However you are bang on. If May does decide the best option is two fingers to Brussels then it looks like we’ll have to stump up about 3% more for those made in the EU and probably 5% less for those made in outside the EU if, as expected, her strategy of tariff free trade is adopted.


    • We can import from everywhere else, even if the EU shun us. The price differential you mention will hurt the EU more than us because most of us will opt for the cheaper, equally good cars from elsewhere.

      And as more countries leave, our options will get better 😉


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