Voting time is imminent

It’s this Thursday for me. Local council elections. I have a choice of SNP, Lib Dem, Tory or independent. I might go for Tory just for a laugh (in this part of the country he probably won’t bother campaigning or turning up for the result) but I think I’ll go for an independent candidate.

At least I’m not in the Ellon and District Ward, (Ward 9 in the list) where the SNP candidate is Anouk Kahanov-Kloppert. Och aye, the noo! I would be so tempted to vote for that name. It’s a wonderful name. It’s second only to McPutin as a vote grabber.

I just have ordinary names in my list of options. Nothing exotic or fascinating at all. So I’ll have to vote based on party. How tedious.

I have no idea what any of the candidates promise. Oh some of them have sent manifestos through the post but I ignored them. Since it’s been proven that manifesto promises are not binding I see no reason to even read them. None of them need deliver on the big ideas they claim to have.

So, my vote will be for an independent. I won’t vote independent at the real election in June. I’ll probably vote Tory even though they have no chance here – it’s either SNP or Lib Dem for this part of the country – but at least I can reduce the winner’s majority by one vote.

Here, there is a great deal of support for Scottish independence and also a great deal of support for giving Scotland to the EU. Doublethink is well entrenched in this part of the world. You can’t beat it.

But you can annoy it, and that’s something I’m very good at.




10 thoughts on “Voting time is imminent

  1. That’s really very sad, OM. I know your part of Scotland a little, thanks to our boy who loved studying there for 4 years. Pity we didn’t make the drinky-appointments we tried… we could have done one but we had the 12-y-o, and Older Boy said younger-boy wouldn’t be allowed into pubs, not even The Bobbin, down the street and not even with parents.

    I think the wish of ScotchPoliticos to give Scotland to the EU will fail, because the EU will fail before your localPoliticos get it together to make formal request. That’s my hope anyway; you’ve got a nice house sorted, there, and you don’t of course want the system trashed before your eyes while you live there.

    From a long and broad historical perspective, I see Scotland and the prior entities that called themselves that, eternally combining inimically with France in particular to upset “England”, by which I mean primarily the English Lowlands south of the M62-line. I don’t know what the solution is for this long and great problem, which I think still torments the minds of Scotland’s Ruling EnemyClass.

    I have no comfort to offer.

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    • From a long and broad historical perspective, I see Scotland and the prior entities that called themselves that, eternally combining inimically with France…

      Yes, it’s a funny old thing, that. I remember as a lad seeing cars with stickers on the back with the Saltire overlaid with “Ecosse”, and thinking “What the fuck is that all about?”

      After all, it’s not as if the Scots and the French have much in common, apart from hating the English. I suppose it’s rooted in ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ approach to life.

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      • I think that comes from the requirement to put ‘GB’ stickers on your car if driving abroad. Some Scots would want to be more specific – the ‘we’re nae Engish, ye ken’ mentality is entrenched here. The Welsh usually put a dragon flag on but it doesn’t have ‘Pays du Galle’ on it – usually ‘Cymru’, as if the rest of the world can even say it, never mind know what it means 😉

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    • You could be right – by the time Little Nicky the Fish gets Scotland into the EU, they’ll be the only ones in it.

      If Scotland does get independence it’ll be instantly bankrupt and the SNP, if they are still in charge, will proceed to make it worse. That’s one reason why I’m renting, not buying, at the moment. I want the option to run 😉

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  2. My farcebook page is awash with peeps urging me to vote Labour. Some of the lies they’re using to persuade me are quite entertaining. I’m trying to hold my end up by posting bits from Nigel Farage etc, just to piss them off, but I can tell they’ve all muted me, so I don’t end up on their timeline. Of course I could mute them too, but I believe in freedom of speech and freedom to debate. It’s just that they don’t think I should have either…


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    • I haven’t bothered much with Farcebook for a while. I doubt anyone who knows me would even think to suggest I vote for Labour though. They know what the response will be 😉

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      • I don’t really see why not. Everything that is blamed on Labour the Tories have made worse. Debt is higher despite austerity. Immigration is higher despite T. Mays promises otherwise. The nanny state is worse now than under Labour. Traditionally the Tories are authoritarian. I don’t understand why Libertarian minded people think otherwise…


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