Han Snel

I’ve been pretty busy lately. Arranging a little trip abroad, getting a dog into dog prison for a week, and today was the first fine day for ages so I spent several hours cutting all the grass I have to deal with. There’s a lot of it and the damp weather means I haven’t cut it for weeks.

I have now proved that it is possible to cut all the grass in one session. Having proved it, I don’t ever have to do it again.

Smashwords are still holding back distribution on ‘Tales the Hollow Bunnies Tell’ because they now want every author in an anthology attributed on the cover and in the description. They add in the authors to the online listing manually, this thing isn’t even in ‘beta’ yet. I’ll get to it but since I wanted it out for Easter there’s no hurry now. At least it was out on time(ish) on Amazon.

If Smashwords want every author in an anthology on the cover, they are going to get some pretty tedious covers.

Createspace have been keeping me busy. A biography of Han Snel, the Dutch artist, in Dutch with colour pictures is finally back in their greasy hands with no automatically generated errors this time. Just when I thought I had complied with all their requirements, the cover images came back with ‘We need 300 DPI. This is 292 DPI’.

It was 300 when I sent it but they stretched it a tiny bit so it wasn’t any more. Can the human eye distinguish between 300 DPI and 292 in print? What the hell, I resized them and they’re in now.

So, coming soon, ‘Han Snel’, a biography, by Dirk Vleugels. I don’t expect it to be a big seller in the UK because it’s in Dutch, and the colour images make it costly. Still, if you can afford original art, a little book won’t faze you.

It’s in the review process for printing now. I can get back to Margo Jackson’s ‘The Mark’ and get two books done this month. Maybe three. Margo’s doesn’t need much editing so it’ll be quick. But then I said that about ‘Han Snel’ so I’ll stick with promising two this month.

If it’s three, the third will be ‘Blackjack’, a short story collection by Mark Ellott. If you’ve read either of the anthologies you know what to expect from him. The unexpected.

If you can read Dutch and are into the art world, you should see this cover appearing in a few days on Amazon.

It’s not an eBook yet. With all the images, that could take time. It’s not impossible though. There might even be an English version one day. No promises, but it could happen.

Just let me get past CreateSpace with the print version first…


UPDATE: ‘Han Snel’ has passed every hurdle and will go live in a day or so. It’s expensive but it’s a niche market. The book is the only biography of this artist available and is written by someone who knew him personally for many years.Β  As with science books, these kinds of book tend to be expensive because we know we won’t be getting anywhere near bestseller lists. It’s a source of rare information… in Dutch. An English translation might be forthcoming one day, but that’s not a promise.


16 thoughts on “Han Snel

  1. Maybe the next UA should be called…
    The Underdog Anthology Vol III: Every Author On The Cover: An Den Thee Description

    Since the name is a “running title” or theme/themed, I wonder if they will make you start putting previous authors on the cover and in the description? It sounds like an ordered list is in/on order, but then I wonder about prevalence. Just kinda thinking about that Cicada 3301 whatever it was, and the holographic nature of those images, with respect to the author’s names in your books over time. /shrug

    Not trying to create headaches for you, but yeah…I kinda am. Maybe help you think about future nonsense as “the market(s)” change. /shrugs again


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    • It only applies to the Smashwords version. I suspect that, once they realise every other version has a much tidier cover, they’ll change their tune.


      • It does seem to be an odd requirement. I’ve never seen any other anthology with all the authors on the front cover. Usually, it’s just the editors or the person responsible for putting the collection together.


        • I do see some science fiction anthologies with all or most of the authors listed on the cover. Not sure if I can link jpgs here, but for example:

          A minor point, but just as a ‘black swan’ illustration πŸ˜‰


            • May I hasten slowly to note that I haven’t read those;- I just typed in “Science Fiction Anthology” into my local library catalogue search, and picked off a few; – (they link to syndetics for more information, incl.a cover image.)

              (Mind you, I think I have read a historic anthology like the middle pic; although I can’t find it in my online opted-in reading history; several records are deleted…)

              An endearing feature of it was that not only did the editor/collator introduce himself in a preface or foreword, but also introduced each author between stories.

              In that science fiction anthology case, they all knew each other, so there were also many quite pleasant anecdotes.

              The search could have been for ‘Horror Anthology’:

              It’ll be a matter of creativity to mock up possible cover pages and have fun with it.

              Best of luck and fun and creative inspiration!


    • I suppose it has to be legible. Some anthologies could have a cover on Smashwords that’s just a list of names. Other outlets will have a much nicer cover.


      • It’s hard to imagine that they could be dumb enough to make a comment like that for anthologies. I’ve got roughly a hundred paperback sci-fi short story collections and NOT ONE of them tries to list the authors like that!

        Would they at least let you use the back cover? Have you looked at covers of other anthologies to see how they’ve handled the problem?



  2. If you’ve read either of the anthologies you know what to expect from him. The unexpected.

    Just call me Ronald. I know how to spell it πŸ˜‰


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