The Pen is mightier than the Sword

…but it seems Le Pen is not as mighty as a Macaroon.

France has a pro-EU, Brussels puppet as its leader. Well, it’s what they voted for. I don’t know how much real power the French President has – don’t his pronouncements have to go through Parliament? I’ve no idea, perhaps one of the France-occupying readers can tell us. Not our problem, since the UK is now on a no-going-back route out of the EU. We’ve even been deleted from their propaganda leaflets.

At least there aren’t likely to be riots, at least not by the French. It seems clear in modern politics that one side always accepts losing a vote while the other side scream about voting being non-democratic because they didn’t get what they wanted. Then they have protests to overturn the vote in the name of democracy. These are usually violent.

It’s always the same sides too.

It’s rather like the Church of Climatology’s thought process. It gets a little warmer, that’s global warming. It gets unusually cold, ‘weather is not climate’. In the same way, Socialism only recognises democracy if they win the vote.

This kind of doublethink is endemic now.

I bought New Scientist this week. First time for ages. There is a feature article about air pollution. Apparently, at least in the West, it’s not so bad. China, India, Bangladesh… well they are effectively going through their industrial revolution phase and that’s always messy. The cities in those countries get smog like London used to get. Pretty pointless pushing to ban smoking there – but they do anyway.

The article carries a chart showing causes of death. Predictably, smoking is near the top. What’s interesting is that nowadays, nobody just dies any more. Everyone dies of something that could have been prevented if only the NHS could force them to live pure lives. It seems based on the premise that if we remove all risks from life, nobody will ever die again. Except… of boredom.

While the article shows a rapid fall in air pollution in the UK, the editorial laments the UK government’s failure to tackle air pollution. It’s headed with a picture of a smoggy street which is quite clearly not in the UK. The cars are on the wrong side of the road and the no-parking lines are red, not yellow.  They didn’t even bother to spend five minutes with Photoshop to make it half-convincing. What really hurts is that PhD level scientists will read that crap and not question it.

The editorial calls for some kind of legally-enforced action from the government while the article claims all major atmospheric pollutants are in decline in the UK’s air.

I don’t mean the smoke from half a gram of burning leaves. I mean properly toxic stuff. The UK’s air is getting cleaner. Remember that when the new anti-motorist regulations come into force so that the Green Men can breathe pure air in the cities. I’m glad I don’t live in one.

We now have the latest big push from antismoking to classify vaping as smoking. It’s clearly not smoking. For one thing there’s no smoke. No tobacco either. It’s getting to where rechargeable batteries and USB connectors are likely to be classified as tobacco products – and politicians all over the world can’t seem to understand why they are now openly ridiculed. If there is one thing more likely to see you more universally despised than being a smoker, it’s becoming a politician.

The antismokers say they want us to stop smoking but only using their approved methods. You know, the ones they get paid to push. Not some independent method that’s been shown to work for an awful lot of people, oh no, can’t have that.

“Nicotine is ‘addictive and deadly’. To help you escape its clutches we’ll sell you patches and gum loaded with… nicotine.”

What they really want is to get you ‘addicted’ to their own nicotine delivery method, so they can cash in.

Warnings on cigarettes, warnings about the alleged addictiveness of nicotine on vaping gear… seen any warnings on the patches and gum? Of course not. Seen any public shouting about people under 18 getting hold of patches and gum? Neither have I.

Approved nicotine is magically safe to prescribe. Non-approved nicotine is deadly and will kill you along with everyone in a 100-metre radius. Every time a smoker lights up in public we are like slow motion suicide bombers. That is what modern medicine, and our Governments, actually believe.

Really. They genuinely believe it. In the old days, schools used to teach chemistry and anyone from those days will have no trouble finding the chemical structure of nicotine. It’s a simple molecule. The nicotine in patches is the same as the nicotine in tobacco. The same as the nicotine in vape steam.

I’m still amazed no doctor has been charged with attempted murder for prescribing nicotine patches after telling us it’s deadly and addictive. Why hasn’t that happened? It’s wide open, that goal.

You know, some vapers don’t even have nicotine in their steam. Some have found that it’s the action of smoking they like. The taste, blowing smoke rings, all that stuff. The nicotine isn’t really necessary. I’ve tried it in my own Electrofags. Nicotine isn’t the biggest part of smoking, it’s the taste and the action that matters. That’s why Electrofag has worked for so many people. Not for me, not yet. The strange flavours are a lot of fun but I haven’t found a tobacco flavour that tastes just right. Maybe one day.

It must be difficult to keep a war on smokers and a war on motorists going at the same time. A war on all forms of transport, in fact, other than electric Noddy cars and trains made by Hornby. They have to ramp up the same pretend risks for both wars without anyone questioning how you can die twice. They seem to be managing this quite well because the general public have failed to notice.

There have been several Dalek and other alien invasions of Earth. Remember those? Nobody does, and in subsequent episodes the Doctor puts it down to the human ability to blot out anything that doesn’t fit their worldview.

He’s right. Humanity is easily controlled. Has been easily controlled for a very long time. It’s a herd. The oft-used sheep analogy is not misplaced. Those of us who won’t run with the herd are treated as anomalies and freaks – and perhaps we are. We like it that way.

Some of us will always refuse to obey. Some of us will snarl back at the sheepdogs. Some of us will remember and write it down for the future’s annoying buggers to know they are not alone.

The pen is, still, mightier than the sword.

Just watch out for macaroons…

16 thoughts on “The Pen is mightier than the Sword

  1. Pharma should’ve been done years ago under the Trades Descriptions Act for selling their gum and patches as NRT. And we never hear of NRT as a gateway to other forms of nicotine delivery. But that doesn’t surprise any of us who read here – we know they’ve been getting away with utter drivel for years.

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    • Good point – nicotine gum is available everywhere, kids like gum, therefore it’s as much a gateway to smoking as menthol cigarettes or candy flavoured vape. More so, since it’s easier to get.

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    • Agree Elena

      “he doesn’t appear to have much of a party”

      Correct. He has no MP’s, he’s head of a “movement” with paid up members, a reasonable message and he’s 180 degrees to Le Pen. Oh and he made out he’s an outsider, which he is on account he’s never been elected to anything before.

      “some of his cabinet are going to have to come from elsewhere”

      All in fact. However they’re queuing up to get in on the ground floor, with this high profile chappy already jumping ship in his haste to remain in politics for another five years – at most.

      However Leg’s may be ever so slightly optimistic about the French. They don’t much care for this business of 42 hour weeks, a hike in the pension age, hire and fire, less restrictive labour practices and all those things Mrs. T sorted for us.

      So when Macron tries to introduce them, there will be strikes and riots – and to hell with the state of emergency. The natural born French are perfectly capable of trashing their own back yard, though they tend to not kill people.

      Unlike the person who got seriously pissed off at some cyclist, so just ran him off the road!

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      • Thanks, Smokingscot. You obviously know more about it than I. Do you live in France? I do.
        I will be very interested to see who he appoints, especially his Prime Minister.

        The local opinion in Brittany seems to be that there is a large gap between Macron and Le Pen with nothing much else to fill in since the trashing of Fillon, if in fact that was true. And Macron being much the better of a bad job. Much shoulder shrugging as per usual.

        I doubt it will affect me in any way. I have just had my Supplementary Health Insurance reduced by 40 Euros a month, by The French State, due to my pathetic Basis British State Pension, and now also have access to the local Food Bank for the same reason. Neither of which are likely to be removed because I have been here for too long. And would almost certainly qualify for French Nationality if I decide to apply, which I well might.

        Vive La Belle France, I say.

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        • Hi Elena,

          Closest I’ve been to France was Andorra.

          I do however have a great interest in French Presidential elections and was astonished at how incredibly stupid DSK was prior to the last one – and how the opposition (and perhaps a few other “interested” parties) completely destroyed the man.

          I was saddened at that because France would undoubtedly be a different place had he become the President instead of the seriously ineffective twit they’ve had to put up with for the past 5 years.

          This election was as just dirty, yet Fillon was equally naive to assume the press wouldn’t uncover his wife bit. Pity because he was undoubtedly the most competent candidate.

          But it was horribly dirty – and again careers have been ruined. I believe there’s more to come on Macron, so his time in office is likely to be handicapped to an extent (offshore accounts) and my opinion is the guy’s too lily white to be real.

          Le Pen crippled herself in the final debate and instead of getting 42 to 45% of the votes, actually put people off at the 11th hour and 58th minute. She needs training on anger management.

          (As an aside it seems Nuttall’s doing much the same in the UK, with that moronic claim that immigration will be one in, one out. Does that man not know there are 2.5 million Britons living overseas – and a good many of them actually support UKIP? As others have commented FGM and the burka are not issues that win general elections. The man’s a boor).

          Fortunately I get France 24 television and enjoy their discussion programmes. It’s far more sympathetic to Britain and Brexit than DW television that’s neither nor.

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  2. Smoking kills as does air pollution?
    Therefore, anyone that smokes or lives in a city with air pollution is committing suicide.

    Life insurance will not pay out on a suicide death and life insurance companies employ legions of lawyers and math people to make certain that they do not pay out cash if they can possibly get away with not paying.

    But, life insurance companies do pay out when a smoker dies from one of the diseases ’caused’ by smoking.

    So, life insurance companies, the greedy bastards, feel that they can not prove that smoking kills and that smokers are committing suicide.

    If cig smoke does not kill the smoker, SHS definitely can not kill someone that is exposed to only a very small fraction of that same smoke.

    Besides; to my knowledge, no one has ever been charged, in a criminal case, with harming or killing with cig smoke.

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