The long spoon

Aberdeen City Council must have a good supply of long spoons for supping with the devil.

Tipped by Roobeedoo via Twitter, it transpires that there is a Labour/Tory/Independent coalition in charge of Aberdeen City now. The SNP increased their seats but not by enough to take control. So the others have ganged up on them. The SNP are not in charge in Aberdeen.

Surely the other parties are happy about this? Okay, it’s a bit like Luke Skywalker teaming up with Darth Vader but if they are both threatened by the same opponent, a temporary alliance might make sense.

Labour lost half their councillors, while the Tories went from three to eleven in the last council elections. The Lib Dems took a hit too, but only lost one. So, if Labour want any say in how Aberdeen City is run, coalition is their only hope. Joining with the SNP won;t help, they are hugely outnumbered and won’t get a look in. The Tories have eleven, Labour have nine so roughly equal matching there.

It could work. The independents will vary their support depending on the issues but the core parties, Labour and Conservative, are balanced. Nothing dramatic is likely to happen.

There has been no word from the Conservatives on this but Labour are incensed. How dare their party members fraternise with the enemy? It’s heresy! Burn them!

Well, the plan is to suspend them from the party.

So they will, in effect, be independents with no party backing. Since no council in Scotland came out with a clear majority party to take charge, this kind of thing is likely to happen all over the place. That leaves the Tories with clear charge of Aberdeen City and probably a lot of other councils too. Just when those Labour councillors are going to need party backing and support, the party washes its hands of them. Even the SNP are disgusted.

Next time you take a shot, Labour, try to miss your foot.

Oh what am I saying? Lately, the Labour party must have feet like Swiss cheese. The first shot hits, they just keep firing.

Labour used to like calling the Tories the ‘nasty party’. Then they do something to prove they are just as bad. That’s the thing about political parties.

Deep down, they’re all nasty.


3 thoughts on “The long spoon

  1. I’m not surprised that the ultra-left Momentum Party – sorry, Labour Party – did this. They’re just plain suicidal.

    I applaud the Aberdeen Labour councillors for doing this, not because I vote tory but because they put the interests of their city and their electorate above party dogma. That’s how it should be. Electorate first, party second.

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