Unreal numbers

Corbyn is a lunatic.

He plans to raise money for extra spending, not save money by stopping all the ridiculous lifestyle-control groups that waste so much on policies that are designed to not work.

Of course they are not intended to work. If antismoking worked and we all stopped, what happens to their cushy jobs? If antifat and antisugar and all the other food Nazi policies worked and we all got thin and type II diabetes didn’t exist, what happens to their cushy jobs? Now we have antivaping, another pressure group we’ll all pay for and they want their own income stream from a vaping tax. Really. A tax on steam!

All these pressure groups depend on not succeeding. If they succeed they are out of a job.

Anyway, Corbyn plans to fund his Utopia by getting all the rich people to give up bothering to work any more or simply move to another country. He plans to raise corporation tax to 26% which will move every big company out of the UK. A lot of small ones too. Good luck finding a cheap alternative to the Royal Mail if Corbyn gets in. They’ll all be based in Lithuania.

He will not get the tax take he projected. He might not get anything at all. He’ll spend it anyway.

I’m certainly not building a business on a 26% corporation tax rate, plus tax on anything I earn from that business personally, plus VAT plus business rates plus council tax etc. I won’t have much left for all that hard work.

If Leg Iron Books gets to be a big success it won’t be in the UK any more.

Okay, scrapping university tuition fees, I’m good with that. But why not get the money by stopping the tax-funded lobby groups? If the lobby groups feel that strongly about their case they can fund themselves. If they have as much popular support as they claim they can survive on donations. Funny, they seem to rely heavily on tax money…

If Corbyn gets in we’ll all be skint again. Next time Labour lose an election there’ll be another note in the Treasury saying there’s no money left. They do it every time.

I don’t want to vote Tory, and I won’t vote SNP or Lib Dem. I’ve never voted Labour and never will. I spent myself into penury once, I’m not voting for a government who will do it for me.

I’d like to vote UKIP but they’ve gone a bit strange. I’m not sure where they stand now.

For me, the biggest issue is the Nannying. Just leave me alone! Okay, I know salt and smoking and whisky isn’t good for me but I like those things. I might die before I get to the adult nappy and thinking it’s 1967 while drooling in a wheelchair years but trust me, I’m okay with that.

I’m not costing the NHS anything. I’m on no medication and the local medical centre doesn’t know who I am. I am not obese and am on no benefits of any kind. I have paid far more into the NHS than I could ever use.

I’ll vote for a party that has one core promise. A promise that they will not try to control what I eat, drink or smoke. A promise that they will not try to run my life for me. In any way at all.

Basically, promise me that once elected, you’ll leave me alone, and you get my vote.

19 thoughts on “Unreal numbers

  1. It sounds simple when you put it like that: a one-page manifesto which everyone can understand and which should sweep you into power, were you to stand for election. But most people seem to like voting for the dregs of society who appear temporarily concerned for others as they wear a pretty rosette before elections and talk about old people, sick people and the cheeeldren.

    I have finally started reading ‘The Communist Manifesto’ by Marx and Engels. It’s been on the shelf for over a decade. By page 40, not much has happened. All the problems we proletarians suffer is the fault of the bourgeoisie. I’m wondering if the book blossoms into any sort of rational argument involving real-life economics or the fact that for every worthwhile, compassionate communist leader there have probably been thousands of genuine social pioneers drawn from the dreaded bourgeoisie and those awful petit bourgeois shopkeepers and Betterware reps! Marx and Engels would, of course, have been unable to understand that their politics were to cause so much suffering after their deaths (or the extra earning potential of Betterware; probably earning less than minimum wage, I imagine).

    I did snicker when I read about Corbyn’s plans to pinch the ill-gotten gains of the rich and not-so-rich to build more hospitals [yawn, yawn].

    Under Blair, the rich/poor divide increased. Socialists seem to imagine that the mega-rich have fiscal shock absorbers which will soak up the tax hikes and leave them, basically, unaffected, when they can maintain their monetary advantage via many other means, which ultimately entails that it is the people at the bottom who end up paying. That’s why a £2 packet of fags costs a tenner and a £4 bottle of whisky costs £14. Proof, were it required, that the poor get stuffed regardless of how much the rich pay.

    What annoyed me about Corbyn’s plans was the idea of charging VAT on private school fees. What will this achieve? More children in already overcrowded state schools gaining the benefit of a Marxist ‘education’ and being enshrouded in a metaphorical cotton wool cocoon of ‘tolerance’, ‘respect’ and visions of a ‘sustainable’ and ‘smoke-free’ future.

    As for the self-interest groups, they won’t disappear, because they can keep morphing by producing quite unexpected new agendas after their original raisons d’être have been achieved.

    For example, once the battle for ‘gay rights’ had been won, who would have thought that there was a whole substitute bench of paid-for diversity officers pushing ‘transgender’ rights? Now, the game plan has moved onto ‘non-binary’, ‘gender fluid’, choose-your-own gender – and it’s coming to a school near you:

    It is an attempt to teach that gender is just a social construct and nothing to do with biological sex. Human autonomy now extends to the extent that you get to choose your own gender. And there are now [sic] longer just two – that is so 20th Century! Now, according to Facebook, we can choose 56. Gender identity is fluid.


    But we must have ‘safe spaces’ so that young people are not subjected to views which might cause havoc to their programming. That’s the real reason for so many new “universities”. It doesn’t matter what they learn, as long as it’s Marxism, political and cultural.

    As for me – I’m a man – 100% male – Y chromosomes and Y fronts. Seeking 100% woman with two X chromosomes and all other bits in the right places.

    Dating websites are going to be very confusing soon. I expect it will be a crime to be a 100%er; you’ll be denying your feminine side (if you’re a geezer) and be reappraised by an ‘expert’. Whatever you’re assigned as, you can be sure to be ‘proud’. And have a special flag and ribbon, but they’ll need to invent new colours to cope with the demand.

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  3. Corbyn wants to limit the salaries that bosses earn to twenty times that of their lowest paid worker. In than most firms will employ someone on minimum wage, this means the top salary will be in the order of £300K. Elsewhere he promises to raise money by higher taxes for the higher paid. Unless he defines “higher paid” as those earning more than, say, £50K, this tax won’t bring in much!

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  4. C. Northcote Parkinson….’Parkinson’s Law (hilarious & recommended) writes how social scientists stree that much work remains to be done, but wonders if they do not do that solely for reasons of job security.


    • It’s standard science – ‘more research is needed’. If it wasn’t needed, if science finally and absolutely proved everything, we’d all be out of a job!


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