No more

I have been a defender of ordinary Muslims. Not the terrorist ones, they can die a slow death and I’ll watch with popcorn. No, the ordinary people who just happen to worship an old Persian moon god. They’re fine with me. Waste time worshiping the supernatural if you like, it doesn’t care anyway.

I have often said that the Islamic terrorists don’t represent all Muslims any more than the IRA represented all the Irish. I have said that, over and over.

No more.

The attack on the pop concert in Manchester is the last straw for this particular camel’s back. A deliberate attack targeting children and young people who have never attacked any Islamic country and who probably, due to educational indoctrination, would have supported their cause.

Muslims kill children. Yes, Muslims, you do. You ‘honour’ kill your own children for stepping out of line. Where is the honour in that? It’s the most evil, disgusting thing a parent can do and you call it ‘honour’. It’s so sick it’s beyond any horror story I’d ever write.

Muslims rape children while killing gay people. It’s allowed and indeed prescribed in their holy book. Yes, Muslims, you do that. You can shag a baby up the arse and then go and throw gay men off a building to watch them splatter on the ground and you can feel all holy and righteous about it. Doesn’t that just fill you with God’s pride and holiness?

No more.

The BBC and most of the news pretend it’s a random attack. It is not a random attack. It is Islam again. targeting the unarmed and defenceless as usual. They don’t have the courage to go after politicians or armed soldiers. They attack the children.

There are worse than Islam out there. The apologists. The ones who demand we smoke in the middle of a field for  ‘the cheeldren’. It seems ‘the cheeeldren’ are expendable when it comes to defending a murderous religion they want to import. Hell, Islam could not have killed all those young innocents without the help of the BBC and its idiot PC pals. It would have been wiped out of this country long before now.

This attack is not something we should get used to. This attack should be the last. The final straw.

No more.

I have defended ordinary Muslims in the past. I will never defend them again. The radical arm cannot be reasoned with nor bargained with. This is it. This is the beginning of the end.

Islam, you have to stop this. Nobody else can other than by killing you all and turning every country you hold into radioactive ash. We can do that, you know. Look at our history and know that you have pushed too far.

Nobody outside Islam can stop it. It has to come from within. If you don’t want to stop it then you support it. Don’t pretend to be surprised at what happens next.

Until Islam openly disowns the shitty parts, until the Imams preach peace instead of death, I have no more support for any Muslim anywhere. You can all go to Hell now. I don’t care to support anything about you any more.

I will support none of you now. Not one.

No more.

40 thoughts on “No more

  1. Leg, I have to disagree with the “all Muslims in the same basket” approach. It’s really not *all* that much different than the “all Catholics in the same basket” attitude that I’m sure some North Irish Protestants likely had at times in the last century or so. And while there was no “dancing in the streets” celebrating IRA bombings among the Irish community in the US, there were a lot of Irish bars with Irish workers of questionable immigration status that had “collection jars” set out on the bar for “Irish Charities” that I remember having strong doubts about back in the 1970s’ era.

    The radical extremists in any political movement are almost always bent and determined to try to push the image that they are representing “ALL” of their particular stripe of hatred.

    In the US 50 years ago the black radicals would try to spur clear visual examples of “police overreaction” to demonstrations: they LOVED it when the K-9s and clubs and firehoses and tear gas came out… since it “proved the point” that blacks were being oppressed by “The (white) Man” and served to nudge many middle of the roaders over to giving at least some passive support to the extremist elements within groups like the Black Panthers.

    In the hippie peace movement, the same sort of thing was done vis-a-vis the police during demonstrations in an attempt to show that the US Government WASN’T just killing strange “different looking” foreigners over in Vietnam but were also willing to use similar “tools of violence” against good, God-fearing, blond-blue-eyed-educated “American Children” on the streets of our own cities.

    And we’ve seen it in action in our own fights here against the Antismokers: they LOVE to bring up (usually faked) examples/stories about smokers being extremely rude and uncaring about sick children and pregnant teen-aged mothers who are “forced” to work in densely smoke-filled taverns — “poisoning” their unborn innocent babes simply so they can buy food. They revel and glory in any story about an “innocent” suffering an asthma attack or dying from lung cancer because it helps turn ordinary “nonsmokers” into “Antismokers.”

    The Muslim bombers know that their actions will cause some good Muslims to back away from them. But what they HOPE is that there will be enough of a general backlash from mainstream non-Muslims that any such losses will be more than made up for as mainstream Muslims begin to be attacked. Those attacks on the mainstreamers will VASTLY swell the ranks of support for the radicals.

    They win the victory they’re looking for if they can inspire persecution and hatred toward that mainstream. Without that persecution and hatred they’ll remain nothing but a small splinter group of crazies. The TRUE “evil ones,” those who brainwash and motivate and train the poor dupes that they convince to blow themselves and others up in these things…. THOSE true evil ones rejoice when they see/hear/read reactions that lump all Muslims into the same basket, because the only way they’ll ever have true power is if those mainstream Muslims get shoved over into their camp because of such reactions.

    Don’t help them win.

    – MJM

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  2. My tolerance of ordinary Muslims evaporated after the Charlie Hebdo attack when a couple of days later a large group was filmed clambouring over a war memorial in London demanding to be respected. I think that solutions can only come from Government and I think they must take action or the Manchester atrocity might well be the one that sees British people taking action of their own. As I see it there are two problems: one is the extremists and the other is the ordinary Muslims who, according to various opinion polls, appear to sympathise with the extremists. A further problem is that demographics project a Muslim majority in the not-so-distant future and as that time approaches those with the loudest voices and motivation who will be the more zealous and in positions of power will introduce Muslim values whether or not the ordinary Muslim wants it. We, of course, will have no say.

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    • They say there are two types of Muslim. The fanatical Muslim, and the moderate Muslim. The fanatical Muslim wants to blow all non-Muslims to smithereens. The moderate Muslim wants the fanatical Muslim to blow all non-Muslims to smithereens.

      Fifty years ago, I set out on my travels. A young lad with absolutely no prejudices at all. I took people as they come, as indeed I still do now. My travels took me (among other places) through Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan; all Muslim countries. When I returned to UK a couple of years later, it was with the conviction that Islam is a seriously fucked-up religion. And that was purely from personal experience of travelling in those countries

      And fifty years ago, the fundamentalists hadn’t got any sort of a strong foothold in the Islamic states, which for the most part tended to be fairly secular. But I had a few pretty horrific experiences that were due to no other reason than that I was a non-Muslim in a Muslim country. I was very aware of cultural differences, and always behaved in a manner that would cause no cultural offence. As one does when all those around you are toting pistols and/or rifles. I had no desire to be yet another of the many Occidentals found in the desert in those days with a bullet through the head; usually as a result of thoughtlessness, or ignorance of local niceties.

      Yes, Islam is still firmly rooted in the barbarity of the 13th century, and whatever we do, we’re not going to change that. The simple solution of course is to keep the barbarian outside the gates, but it’s a bit late for that now, thanks to the multi-culti bleeding-heart liberals who have been running the show for the past couple of decades. The gates have been well and truly breached. I fear we will have to fight fire with fire.

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  3. The Mothership and I had talked about going to that concert. The Mothership had looked into tickets and flights. She always drags me with her to different concerts with bands she likes so we joked that finally it was my turn to drag her along to something.
    But lucky for us my parents put their big wedding anniversary party the weekend before, so we ended up thinking it was too close to each other and ditching the concert plans.
    Especially lucky as we usually leave early to avoid the stress of all the people trying to leave at once, so we may have been close to the blast.

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  4. Two things (and I am not an apologist for Islam, as you know). Firstly, another ‘well-timed’ event. I see people who are calling ‘false flag’ on this are being vilified with righteous indignation, but many people still believe the official 9/11 narrative, despite panellists in the original 9/11 Commission report having to resign due to lack of cooperation from the US Government.

    In my mind, this comment on the Daily Mail sums up why this attack happened:

    becky3322, york, United Kingdom, 9 hours ago
    “We need a strong leader through these difficult times irrespective of the election and policies we need to be safe sadly I cannot put that responsibility with JC or any of the shadow cabinet just look at the awful comment this labour politican has made disgusting”

    She is not a fan of punctuation either, but another knee-jerk reaction to a probable ‘deep state’ execution for political gain and more controls to keep us ‘safe’.

    ‘Brexit’ is a con trick, as is Trump. Do you really believe that those who want to control everything we eat, drink, say and do would allow ‘populism’ to succeed? I’m not sure what the agenda is here yet – the US & UK, the usual hawks waging war in Muslim countries, being seemingly separated from the globalist herd for a while for highly nefarious, evil purposes (occupation of Syria leading to confrontation with Russia?) Russia is always in the news: softening up the public to hate the country that looks at our emails (like our government), bans ‘gay pride’ marches (good for them), etc. But to the fleece-covered ‘general public’, Russia is evil and so they would accept a war.

    Second thing: how wonderful are the British at protecting and nurturing our children anyway?

    Over 400 unborn babies are killed every day – that’s twenty Manchesters every single day. But that’s a ‘woman’s right’ when it suits. A few years old, and the death is a tragedy, and rightly so, so why do most people do nothing about the daily infanticide?

    How many parents take an interest in the garbage taught in schools these days? How many say, “actually, I don’t want my child to learn that it is OK to be sodomised”?

    How many parents monitor the mind control filth that passes for music and other ‘entertainment’ which their children are constantly exposed to on television and soft porn teen magazines, etc.?

    Millions of school-leavers go to university and leave as permanent debt-slaves to the System and unable to get a job in a market where millions of people with degrees are chasing too few jobs.

    Even if the problem were Muslim-only related, we’ve still let the children down by voting in Labour and Tory governments who keep letting them in and then ordering us to respect them, or else.

    It is time to face our own mistakes and also to read between the lines to discover what we are not being told. If you have reached your 50s, like me, and still believe the government is on your side and will keep you safe, due care and attention has not been followed.

    Some people (knee-jerk reactionaries) believe that not blaming the media-announced suspect is a sign of disrespect to the victims. Our ‘civilised’ society disrespects children every day of their lives (if they get to live at all), to make them suitable as worker drones, cannon-fodder and other assorted roles, none of them in their interest.

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  5. Unlike most people, Muslims will not report a crime or potential crime to the authorities if another Muslim is involved. They believe that what one does is “the will of Allah” and thus the other person is doing what he is because Allah would have told him what to do. They will not do anything in case Allah disproves of their own actions. Essentially it is a form of self doubt, they don’t have enough confidence to say that something is wrong and must be stopped in case they upset Allah.
    A very difficult problem to confront.

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  6. All religion is evil in my book.

    Time the world moved on from the age of superstitious nonsense and we found another reason to murder each other.

    If not all muslims are bad, then why don’t the good ones do more to root out the bad ones? Does the Koran not tell them to ‘smite the heads from the infidel’? Did I miss something..?

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    • “All religion is evil in my book.”

      Is it published by Leg Iron Books?

      Anyway, atheistic regimes were the cause of 100 million deaths in the last century. Islam and the Catholic Inquisition could never manage that.

      You prefer to believe Darwin & Dawkins? That hydrogen gas turned into people over time. That’s still a belief system – and not a very believable one – and it has consequences, some of which I mentioned, above, which destroy lives, at least as far as the vast majority is concerned.

      Moral values cannot come from atheism. If all that exists is matter obeying the fixed laws of nature, there is no right or wrong (just ‘blind pitiless indifference’, as Dawkins noted), so you can write, “All religion is evil in my book,” but you cannot justify it under your worldview because there is nothing inherently moral or immoral in atoms or chemical reactions or physical forces.

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      • Moral values cannot come from atheism.

        Yeah, they can. I don’t believe in gods, yet I have a clear set of moral beliefs – including, but not confined to; not blowing people up because they believe different things to me.

        I don’t need gods to tell the difference between right and wrong. No one does.

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        • You have moral values because Almighty God gave you a living soul. No other creature has morals.

          Your beliefs about not killing people come from the religious-based society you were raised in. Were evolution theory true, morals would hinder the preservation of your genes in the struggle for life.

          You can’t have it both ways. You’re like Dawkins, a ‘Darwinist’ when it comes to the alleged science, but not a Darwinist when it comes to morals.

          I think you can still read ‘The Dawkins Proof for the Existence of God’ –


          • a) Morals make sense in an evolutionary sense if the result is a stable society where your offspring are less likely to be killed off – and more likely to be helped to survive – by other people’s offspring.
            b) even if evolutionary theory was wrong in every single respect it still wouldn’t mean that any other random made-up toss was therefore true. It isn’t either/or.


            • a) Morals, as we know them (or knew them), are the opposite of what you would find if evolution theory were true. Altruism in the hope of reciprocal altruism when needed would have evolutionary benefit, although I have found that when you show favour, you’re as likely to be used and abused as you are to gain any future benefit, so a resounding NO to the idea that our moral values are in any way derived from ‘evolution’.

              They can only come from our Creator.

              b) If evolutionary theory is wrong, which it demonstrably is, then that leaves special creation, which is not random made-up toss. That’s what evolution theory is, if you ever care to actually explore it.


  7. Thing is, Leggy – people in this country do tend to forgive first – I never did because Islam was one of my studies and I know what damage it does. I’ve a 78 page collation on it. So I was out of step with Britain for so long. Now people like tommy robinson are beginning to be heard.

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  8. When officaldom will not allow it to be known that “Mohammed” is the most popular boy’s name in this country. Instead they use the weaselling excuse that there are five different ways of spelling it.

    When the Mayor of London says that terrorist attacks are part and parcel of living in a big Western city. As an aside one wonders what Londonistan will look like after his caliphate has ended?

    I fear the tipping point has already been reached.

    I hang my head in both shame and sadness at the country my grand daughter will become of age in.

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  9. It’s not Islamic nor Islamic extremists, they just sense the supine posture of our Politicians and act on that lead. The politicians are our problem, there isn’t one of them that could stand up on two legs in a breeze.

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      • “Trouble is, people keep voting for them.”

        Well, yes. But take for example, the BBC. I would suggest that 70% of the population get their view of the world from the BBC, by the way Channel 4 is another state run broadcasting operation, giving the impression of duality but still presenting the same world view.

        The Tories, have had seven years to do something about the BBC, a one line bill – ‘The BBC should be funded by individual subscription, the licence fee and associated measures are hereby revoked’. – would probably do.

        But no, nothing, yet the BBC continues to distorts national dialogue.

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  10. I am a woman in my sixties in the U.S.A. I have yet to find one culture where the things you decry do not happen. When white supremacists in the U. S. do mass murder, they are called “mentally ill”, not perpetrators of a “hate crime”. When the U.S. govt. does mass murder, or sells for billions instruments of mass murder (killing many children), they say they are trying to help. The focus at the moment is on “Muslims” and is keeping the violent cycle going. It’s humans performing the violence in every case. Pushing back against whatever the perceived threat is. So let’s stop, please. Stop participating in thought, word or deed.

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    • “I am a woman in my sixties in the U.S.A. I have yet to find one culture where the things you decry do not happen. “

      Can you find one where the atrocities are to be found in their Holy Book?

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    • Those things happen everywhere but in most places they are seen as wrong or even evil. In Islam you have high level preachers stating that these things are just fine and dandy with the religion.
      I know not all Muslims are like that. I know a lot of them were born into a religion they don’t agree with, maybe don’t even like, but they are held there by the threat of death if they leave. I know this. I can appreciate the daily terror of being a gay Muslim and knowing you can be flogged or even killed for the crime of loving someone. I can understand that even though I am neither gay nor religious.
      Even so, I will not support them. Not any more. Bombing a pop concert full of teenagers is the last straw for me. Islam can fix itself or fuck off.
      I’m done with it.

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  11. Way back in the early sixties, NASA investigated how a spacecraft might easily reach Mars, and indeed even the outer planets in a reasonable timescale. They solved this problem fairly easily, with the technology of the time. That project was called “Orion”, and the rocket fuel used was nuclear; this rocket craft was pushed forwards by letting off nuclear bombs behind it.

    Now, obviously you need a lot of nuclear bombs to do this, so a sub-project was set up to optimise the bombs and work out how to mass produce them. Hitherto, the nuclear weapon design had been somewhat tricky; this was solved so America (and by inference Russia now as well) know how to mass produce nuclear weapons; merely knowing it can be done makes working out how a lot easier.

    This should really be a timely warning for everyone not to declare a war on America, especially not when it has a president like the current one in charge, and especially not when the Middle East is diminishing in importance as an oil producer. The yanks really can carpet-bomb the Middle East with nukes, so be warned!

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