The Mark

Margo Jackson’s ‘The Mark’ is the next release from Leg Iron Books.

It’s on the way in eBook form as I type. Should appear on Amazon Kindle shortly and will be spreading further over the next few days. It’s up on Smashwords now.

[Update: Now available for Kindle.]

I have to get the perfect back cover for the print book and in the absence of the ideal photo in my collection, I am considering drawing it. It should depict someone standing on a railway bridge (you’ll have to read the book to find out why) watching a train approach. Since it’s set  in the modern day, my old photos of 70s and 80s engines won’t cut the mustard. It has to be a modern one.

A drawing is a possibility. It could be faded out to let the text show and I can leave spaces for that text. In ink, using fineliner pens for detail and brush for fill, of course.

I tried a quick sketch tonight. It was crap, but the layout was okay so I’ll try again tomorrow.

The eBook is done, I need the print book finished. Next is Mark Ellot’s ‘Blackjack’  and there’s an impatient queue behind him.

I have another in Dutch whose title translates to ‘Tales from under the drinking tree’ and I really want an English version of that one!


Tips for authors:

Run Google searches on your book title, your writing name and the name of your principal characters. Ideally you want those things to not appear in the search at all. Then when your book comes out you’ll be top of any search for those things.

Also, if your principal character doesn’t look good and there are a million people with that name, one of them is going to be a dick and get offended. These days, offending someone is worse than eating their children with fava beans and a nice Chianti.

I’d go for a Merlot with a child Madras but that’s neither here nor there…

Seriously though, check out your search engine possibilities. You really want to be at least on page one of a search.

Yeah. I’m learning marketing  😉


3 thoughts on “The Mark

    • I use my own images for covers – unless the author wants to provide theirs. Margo Jackson’s ‘The Mark’ actually has me on the cover. I’ll put up the back cover as soon as the print book shows up on Amazon.

      Not paying a cover artist keeps my costs down and I can make the books cheaper and every one makes something for the author. Not much per book, but every one is a little bit of profit 😉


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