Interesting experiments…

Donny Trumpton has decided to pull the USA out of the Paris agreement on man-made-up climate change.

He offered to renegotiate, but the EU said no. The EU does not negotiate. They make the laws and everyone else obeys. Well, that’s how they think it works, even now.

Naturally, anti-Trumpers are going to keep to the Paris agreement city by city whether Trumpy likes it or not. He can’t stop them and has no reason to try. What they do with local laws is not his business unless it conflicts with federal laws, and this won’t. He’s not making a law about ‘not doing stuff’, he’s rescinding a law about ‘doing stuff’. If you want to carry on doing the stuff, fine. There’s just no longer a law that says you have to.

Some cities and states will carry on as before, others will ditch the windmills and green schemes and that will be an interesting experiment indeed. Different systems at work within one country, within a single economy. Which one will fare better, socially and economically? The rest of the world should be watching with interest but they won’t.

Especially not the EU, who have declared that Trump cannot complete his withdrawal from the agreement within the term of his office. ‘The law is the law’. They seem to have overlooked a detail or two…

The USA is not part of the EU and if they choose to ignore laws declared as immutable by the EU, what is the EU going to do about it?

An embargo on trade with America? That means no more Microsoft or Apple products for a start. The NHS could find that… awkward. So could many other institutions.

Would OPEC stop selling oil to America? I think we’ll find that money shouts louder than morals. The big food producers are intending to keep the Paris agreement going because there is a serious amount of profit in it for them. Some American cities and states will keep it going to spite Trump but they’ll have to fund it themselves now.

Would the EU go to war with one of the biggest stockpiles of both nuclear and conventional weapons on the planet? That would be suicide. Think Russia would join a side? Hardly. Putin would break out the popcorn and try not to choke while laughing. China, India, Pakistan and the Middle East would not intervene in the West’s determination to wipe itself out. It would save them a lot of bother. Kim Jong Jingly Jangly would tell his people that he made it happen.

Really, apart from wagging the naughty boy finger at Trump, there is nothing anyone can do to stop him. He offered to renegotiate, the EU stated that the agreement was forever and cannot be negotiated. So Trump, in effect, said ‘screw you guys, I’m going home’ and he doesn’t even have to change the law back home. All he has to do now is not enforce it.

Not keep records, not fund any more windmills and solar panels, just ignore it. If he ignores it correctly it really doesn’t matter whether it goes away or not.

I don’t know if he has the wit to realise it but he could have just set up the biggest ever real-time experiment to test the claims of the Climatologists. Some states keep the Paris agreement measures, some states drop them. He should be publishing quarterly reports on how those states are doing. If the Paris agreement really has any worthwhile effect, this will show it. If it’s just more control freakery simply for the sake of control, this will show it.

Oh the Church of Climatology won’t like it. They risk exposure. They will deny any advance made by the non-compliant states and shout about the tiniest success in a compliant state. They will spin like dervishes.

See, you’re not supposed to question anything now. Questions are offensive. You are here to obey. Treaties are now forever – as long as they are the ‘right’ treaties. Renegotiation is not an option.

These are the same people who call other people ‘fascists’ and never suffer from irony overload. That’s a medical miracle.

Today’s news was not a surprise. Sir Trump of Madhair stated in his election campaign that he would do this and now he has done what he was voted in to do. Whether you agree with him or not (depends on whether you voted for him I suppose), you must surely agree that we could do with more politicians who actually do what they said they would do. There are very very few of them globally.

I didn’t vote for him because I’m not an American. I have to choose the least maliciously self-aggrandising liar on the ballot form in the UK next week. It’s a little difficult because I don’t trust any of them to do what their little leaflets say they will do. That comes from past experience. Still, the leaflets help heat the house.

I’m not sure whether Trump is a good president or not. He hasn’t been doing the job long and he doesn’t have much political experience. He’s good at business though, he obviously knows when to walk away from a bad deal. I wonder if whoever wins the UK election will have the same knowledge? From the list available it doesn’t look promising.

He has a lot of detractors and enemies, that’s for sure. Including the raddled harridan who posed for a picture holding a fake bloodied Trump head. Then went on a ‘pity me, I’m the victim here‘ binge while her lawyer stated that Trump’s 11-year-old son cannot possibly have been traumatised by the image. Her reasoning? ‘Everything Trump says is a lie’. That was really it.

The harridan went on and on about ‘detailed death threats’ without giving any details. I think one of the commenters beneath the article nailed it though. If she had done that a few years ago with Obama’s head, she wouldn’t get death threats. She’d have been killed or maimed already. That’s how Socialism really works. You are free to do as you are told or they’ll kill you.

I’ll be watching Trump’s experiment with interest. Especially the part where the EU expect him to do as he is told.

I really hope he doesn’t. If there are any Americans reading and more so if you are an Anti-Trumper, what say you? Should the president you despise bow to the Europeans and allow the EU to dictate how you must live? Would you really give away your country to spite your president?

Which one is the leader you want to follow?



15 thoughts on “Interesting experiments…

  1. ‘These are the same people who call other people ‘fascists’ and never suffer from irony overload. That’s a medical miracle.’

    Medical miracle, psychopathy… Hmm… it’s a gray area…


  2. My popcorn maker broke and I had to buy a new one when DJT backed out of the Paris climate clusterfuck. Seriously, every place I go into that sells popcorn is out of stock. Gosh, isn’t this fun to watch?

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  3. Climate change. It does change and there is no way we can do anything to stop it. Carbon dioxide is plant food in effect. The powers that be tax us on everything. They really want us taxed on breathing. Tricky. But then a bright spark said don’t try to tax breathing in, tax breathing out. The biggest hoax, scam and con ever!

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  4. Leggy, just a small point. It isn’t actually a law. Not in the USA anyway. Obama signed the agreement and never put it to Congress, as there was a fair chance that it would have been rejected.
    As has been discussed in detail elsewhere, it was just a wealth transfer scheme to empovridh and hobble America.

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    • Law requires passing by national legislatures, means of judgement of breaches, and a means of enforcement or sanctions where necessary. None of these qualifications are in place, it is another scam.

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    • Timbo is correct. Presidents sign treaties all the time but they’re not “valid” until 2/3rds of the Senate or somesuch approve them.

      Even AFTER they’re approved, I believe they’re pretty easily dropped. They don’t actually seem to have much more power than a promise made between friends: there’s no “higher power” that comes down to penalize you (unless you count the UN withholding funds as being a “fine” of some sort.)

      Am I correct in that understanding? It’s one that I was taught rather strongly by a very bright but fairly radical professor in high school (Heh, I have NOOOO idea why the guy was teaching in our high school: he was better than most of the college profs I later had!)

      – MJM


  5. When I read the Paris agreement, where they want developed nations to cough up $100 BILLION each year for five years. Then It’ll be reviewed and will be increased. And the whole lot goes to some global entity under UN control.

    That’s when I understood where Trump was coming from. The Yanks had pledged $3 billion each year over that 5 year period. UK is the third largest donor at $1.2 billion (so a big thank you to Cameron), with Germany and France joint fourth on $1 billion each.

    All this faux outrage from Bloomberg is irritating. Claims he’ll pay the $15 billion himself. No he will not, what he plans to do is get the snowflake states to sign up with him, then raise taxes and any shortfall, well then he’ll make it up, or his foundation will, just in case he happens to drop dead before 2025.

    You’ll note China has pledged nothing so far. Read the whole treaty and it becomes readily apparent that Trump is in fact correct; the whole thing’s designed to weaken the USA and the rest of us.

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  6. “Would you really give away your country to spite your president?”

    The Trump angle dictates most national stories here, with a few toward taking him out. If there is no Trump angle, the story most likely will not get covered


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