The Mark, now in print.

The latest from Leg Iron Books, ‘The Mark’ by Margo Jackson, is now available in paperback on Amazon. Eventually the print and Kindle listings will combine

One good thing about paperbacks is that they don’t stop working when the power goes off. That happened here tonight, no electricity for over an hour. It drove home a couple of things – the water supply comes from a well via a pump. An electric pump. The heating is oil, but the pumps and controls are electric. It’s not just internet that goes off when the power goes off here.

Furthermore, the area covered by this outage meant that the cellphone mast also went down. No mobile phone signal at all! Fortunately I have an old style phone that is wired into the phone lines. That’s powered by the line itself so that was still working.

If I’m going to stay here a while I’d better get a generator. Might be a useful thing to have around anyway. Also some water cleaning materials in case I have to go to the river with a bucket.

But I digress. There’s another thing that’s good about paperbacks. You get a back cover too. Ebooks don’t have those.

The Mark’s back cover looks like this:

There’ll be a barcode panel bottom right, which will slightly spoil the effect of the rails but not too much.

Why does the back look like that? You’d have to read the book to find out  😉

Of course, the best thing about print books is that if one offends you, you can buy loads of copies and have a bonfire. A mass deletion of eBooks really doesn’t have the same visual impact or news appeal. So, if any of the books I publish offend you, feel free to buy hundreds and have a big fire. I promise not to get upset. The authors won’t get too upset either.

June is Mark Ellott Month. I have updated ‘Ransom’ with a new cover image (actually the same image but processed from ‘bland’ to ‘dramatic’) and a new interior, with the last few typos fixed and a dedication page. If you have a print copy with the old cover it’s a rare book now. I’ll post an update when the changes filter through Amazon’s systems.

Next is ‘Blackjack’, a collection of short stories. I’m getting better at cover images, and I have all the parts to make this one. The back cover…

I’ll think of something.




8 thoughts on “The Mark, now in print.

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  2. A question for you, LI. I have a fondness for signed copies of books (so much more personal, don’t you think?), and despite being in Greece, I’ve managed over the last few years to get a couple of signed copies of Chris Snowdon’s books (VGIF and The Art of Suppression), and even MJM’s ‘Tobacconacht’ all the way from the US of A! (Good old Michael – I bet he didn’t know how much it was going to cost him to post it!) 😛

    So if I wanted a signed copy from Leg Iron Publishing, how would I go about it? I don’t think Amazon do signed copies – especially not with personalised dedications! 🙂

    I’m not, I hasten to add, talking about freebies – I always pay for the book and any shipping costs at whatever the going rate is.

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    • None of the authors live anywhere near me but that does give me an idea for a virtual book signing event. People would have to place orders with the individual authors – rather than have the books flying about in the UK’s mail system – but as long as the authors are willing then it’s a good idea.

      I’ve also wondered about sending a few copies of the anthologies around the authors and getting them to sign their author page and pass it on. Then have some kind of competition with the fully-signed book as a prize.

      I haven’t talked to the authors about this yet though.

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  3. A little 2kW Honda petrol one is the best I think. You won’t be able to run a “powershower” but it’d do everything else. And you could charge backup 12V batteries to run things like PCs and model railways. Or a (6×3.4V) Li-ion UPS for laptops.


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