Backdoor Tories

I was thinking about eBooks not having back covers. It might be possible. Not at the back of the document, at the front because normally you’d read the back cover first. It would then show up on the ‘look inside’ option. I’ll try that.

I’m still waiting for Amazon to update Mark Ellot’s ‘Ransom’. The Smashwords copy is updated, the Kindle one is done, it’s just the print one I’m waiting for now. The interior isn’t updated on the print one either. If you click to look inside on the Kindle version, scroll up, you can see the new cover. The page still shows the old cover.

This post isn’t about books but it is about writing, of a sort. Like everyone else in the country I’ve been getting begging letters from wannabe MP’s trying to persuade me to vote for them. I don’t read them, I save them for the next incinerator session. Or maybe the wood burning stove or chimenea or fire pit… I like fire.

Perhaps, if I light it with a manifesto, I could call it a word burning stove. Or a fabrication eliminator.

There’s no point reading the manifestos. It has long been firmly established that manifesto promises are not binding. Therefore the promises they make are meaningless.

The first part of the SNP one caught my eye though.”The SNP are the only party who can beat the Tories in Banff and Buchan. A vote for any other party risks letting the Tories in by the back door.”

That is the panicked shrieking of a politician who sees power slipping away.

First of all, the last time Banff and Buchan elected a Tory MP was in 1983. He didn’t win by much. The SNP took it with Alex Salmond in 1987 and it’s still SNP now. Could the Tories take it back? Not impossible but they’d have a lot of ground to recover. Still, this constituency voted for Brexit and the SNP intend to put Scotland straight back into the EU. That might well swing it.

Secondly, if you vote for someone other than the SNP, that only increases the Tory candidate’s chance of winning if you actually vote for them instead. If you vote Lib Dem it does not count as a vote for the Tory party. The Tory wins only if enough people vote directly for them. Voting for anyone else does not allow someone with not enough votes to ‘slip in through the back door’. It doesn’t work like that.

What the SNP claim really means is “If you vote for anyone but us, we might not win!”

For this part of North Scotland, my money would have been on either SNP or Lib Dem. Labour would have had a chance if their leadership didn’t continually do things to piss off the voters and make themselves look ridiculous. A Conservative win here is a possibility only because the SNP were voted in on a promise of independence. They have not only failed to deliver on that promise, they are now declaring that they want to declare Brexit void, take Scotland from the yoke of England and put it straight back under the yoke of the EU.

The SNP claim is nothing but end-of-gravy-train panic. Voting for someone other than SNP does not allow the Tories to win by default. If you want the Tories to win you have to vote Tory. You don’t get them to win by voting for a party that is neither SNP nor Tory.

The SNP are not concerned about the Tories, not really. They are concerned about not winning the seat. It doesn’t matter to them who they might lose to, it only matters to them that they hold on to power and they are using the Tories as the bogeyman to scare voters into line.

It’s the wrong choice of bogeyman. The Tories held the seat before the SNP. It’s an area heavily populated by farming communities. It’s a constituency that voted for Brexit. A constituency that used to vote Tory before the SNP wooed them with promises of independence. Oh, and Mrs. T’s poll tax might well have had something to do with it. The other parties still use that as a lever even though it was five Prime Monsters ago.

This constituency is occupied by people who would declare every house an independent territory if they could. They voted for Scottish independence. They voted for Brexit. They do not want a fake independence that still leaves them ruled by another country. I think a lot of them are of Viking descent…

The SNP cannot deliver the true independence the people of Scotland, at least the people of this part of it, truly want. They aren’t even making the fake promise of independence any more. They are promising a change of master. That’s it.

This place has a lot of big houses, including the one I’m renting. House prices are not bad here, out in sticks. Aberdeen and the towns with easy access to it are seriously expensive but townies don’t last long out here after a winter. The last one was mild and still there were a lot of houses for sale in spring. If they wake up faced with three feet of snow and no snow shovel or four wheel drive, they’re gone.

Having said that, I once drove to Cruden Bay in a blizzard in a mk 1 Ford Fiesta with no door seals. Couldn’t always see the road. Made it there and back again. At night. Now I have four wheel drive, and no real need to go far if there is another really bad one.

But yeah, when you’re used to having the council clear and grit the roads for you and the little pavement plough going around (not here, there are no pavements) then winter out in the wilds can come as a shock.

The constituency is full of landowners. Farmers. Also people who depend on those farms for their livelihoods. They just want to be left alone. They want independence.

That’s what the SNP promised at first. Now the SNP promise only a new master, replacing Wastemonster with the EU. That is not what these people voted for.

Corbyn is in favour of Brexit. He could have had a chance here. But he also wants a garden tax. I have a huge garden now and so does pretty much everyone out here. Farms, of course, are immense gardens, so a land tax would hit them hard. Labour? Well… I don’t think they want to win, looking at all they’ve done so far. I think they want to be in opposition, take the money without having the responsibility of doing very much.

Here, at least, Thursday could turn out to be a very interesting day indeed.


6 thoughts on “Backdoor Tories

  1. I think you have nailed it. They don’t want to win but remain a noisy opposition taking all that lovely tax payers cash for just shouting a lot. Nice work if you can get it. Some then employ relatives to keep more of the money at home. Nice.

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  2. What the SNP claim really means is “If you vote for anyone but us, we might not win!”

    And that’s the killer quote. They are so engulfed in the red mist of Tory hating, they cannot conceive that anyone but they should win. That’s what democracy means . If the Tories win, it isn’t democracy…

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