Tomorrow will be interesting

This time tomorrow the polls will be closed and the counting will be under way. I probably won’t stay up all night to watch it because I have stuff to do on Friday. No point anyway, there’s nothing anyone can do about it by then.

There hasn’t been much talk of policy in the election battle. Corbyn wants a garden tax and May wanted to means test care home residents. Only the most unpopular and crazy stuff has been talked about, along with a lot of personal attacks and slurs flying from all sides.

Tomorrow we vote for the schoolyard gang we think had the best line in insults. I don’t like any of them.

The SNP are expecting to win here. Their entire manifesto, as far as I can tell, is ‘if you don’t vote for us, the Tories will win’. Well I might vote Tory just to make them hate me more. Or I might draw a big dick on the ballot form and put a cross next to every name. I’ll decide when I get there.

It’s not just the SNP. All the parties are basically saying ‘vote for us because the other gangs are worse’ and that is what British politics has come to. Every party now states openly ‘Yes, we are shit, but the other lot is shittier’ and that is all they now offer.

None of them, in interview, could get their facts and figures right. Some were actually comical. We’ve seen almost daily ISIS violence and none of them will admit it has anything to do with Islam. Imagine if they had been pretending the IRA weren’t Irish. That’s the scenario we have here. The killers scream out ‘Ally’s old snack bar’ and the press pretend the stabbings are some kind of street art. Al fresco acupuncture. It’s probably something to do with the NHS, they’ve gone completely bonkers in recent years.

I have seen tweets – genuine tweets – that state that since those killed were all white people, there’s no issue. Seriously. And they say white people are racist? We’re amateurs compared to the ‘entitled minorities’.

Imams are saying they will refuse to say public funeral prayers for the dead terrorists. That’s okay, Islam allows them to say those prayers in private so they can still be supportive in the eyes of Allah while pretending to condemn the attacks.

Islam, you have joined the politicians, Public Health, the Church of Climatology and pretty much every other official body in the UK. Congratulations. Nobody believes a word you say now. We’re not listening any more.

We’ve become used to being lied to by anyone who considers themselves an ‘official’ of any kind. One day they’ll say something true and important and nobody will believe them. ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ is still a valid cautionary tale. Seems to have fallen out of popular knowledge.

Yet, all through the bombings and stabbings, in the days before a general election, not one party will stand up and say ‘We know who is doing this and we will make it stop’. Not one.

The killers were known to the police. A very valid argument someone made on Twitter is this – The police say they don’t have resources to track and stop known terrorists before they kill people. Yet they have plenty of resources to track and arrest someone who says something considered offensive online. One word out of place on the internet and you get a dawn raid. Pray in front of an ISIS flag and declare yourself a jihadist, the police don’t have time to look into it. Words speak louder than actions in our Socialist-inverted world.

Tessie May wants to control the Internet because blocking ‘porn’ (ie anything she doesn’t like, which includes far more than a bit of genital aerobics) will stop terrorism. It will have no effect on terrorism at all. None. It will simply control what the drones can access online. That’s what she wants and she’s wanted it for a long time.

As for porn, take a look at Arab culture. Those guys are so repressed that if you gave them all a ‘Debbie does Dallas’ DVD and a box of tissues they’d have no energy left to commit any kind of crime.

If the Tories win tomorrow, and they’ve been trying very hard not to, expect a lot of Leftie outrage and probably violence. The Brexit vote made their opinions clear. It’s only democracy if they win. If they don’t then Putin must have interfered to install a right wing government because Russia is a capitalist country and… wait, there must be a reason, surely?

So tomorrow we choose which dystopia we are heading into. Either way, it’s not going to be good. The next few years are going to be unpleasant, no matter who wins.

I would not be at all surprised if someone attacks a polling station tomorrow. We all know who will be responsible and we all know we aren’t allowed to say it.

So go and vote. Vote for the schoolyard gang who will bring you the kind of Hell you’d like to live in. Nobody is promising anything else.

On Friday morning, the Gates of Hell open. We get to choose which gates we open. Choose carefully.

We don’t get to choose to close them again.


8 thoughts on “Tomorrow will be interesting

  1. That’s as bleak and honest an appraisal as i’ve seen.
    This election is just another re-arrangement of the deck chairs on a holed Titanic, can’t be arsed to play this time, which is a first for me.

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  3. I left a comment elsewhere on the subject of Islamist nutters which seems pertinent to this thread, so being a lazy bastard, I’ll copy/paste it here:

    The most difficult aspect of Islamic terrorism we have to deal with is the fact that they see death as holy martyrdom, and actively seek death as a part of their actions, believing that in death they will ascend to heaven to be feted as heroes (not to mention the 72 virgins who await). An enemy who is not just willing to die, but actually seeks death is difficult to defend against, since the normal constraints of self-preservation which would limit the damage that can be done simply aren’t there.

    An interesting solution to this dilemma which I read in comments elsewhere suggested that any Muslim terrorist who dies in an attack on British soil should be very publicly wrapped in the skin of a pig before being interred, thus, in the eyes of Islam, not only delivering the ultimate insult, but also removing any chance of ascending to a higher state. If terrorists knew that this was the fate which awaited their remains, perhaps they would be less keen to embark on suicidal jihad.

    Barbaric? Yes. But then so is the ideology behind these attacks. Perhaps it’s time to fight fire with fire.

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    • The Celts didn’t wear armour. They believed in fate and reincarnation. If today was your day to die, no amount of armour would save you. If it wasn’t your day to die then you wouldn’t die. They went into battle unencumbered with armour and with no fear of death. If you die you just get reborn, and what you come back as depends on how you lived your life. That’s a hard foe to beat.

      Islam takes it a stage further. They want to die. They want to be hailed as a hero in Heaven. You can’t fight a suicide bomber, he’s happy to die and take you with him. The attacks show this – they go into those attacks expecting to die.

      It is barbaric, yes, but breaking that link with heaven is the only way to stop them. If they know they’ll be buried with a mouth full of bacon they’ll rethink their willingness to die.

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