Hung parliament?

It’s a delightful image but it’s just an exit poll. Tomorrow we find out what’s really happened.

The big news is that Anna Soubry might be ousted. Good riddance. She might cling on by a vote or two though – let’s not get overexcited yet. And Oily Al, the slippery little Salamander, is at risk of being dumped too. That alone would be worth staying up to see.

Twitter is abuzz with speculation but only those counting papers have any idea how things are turning out. So fill your glass, get your ashtray (or steampunk Electrofag gadgetry) within reach and relax. Polling is over, there’s nothing we can do to change it now.

I notice a few more ‘Corbyn loves terrorists’ tweets coming up. Bit late folks, the polls have already closed. You can drop it now.

The choice we have is between Labour and Tory. Between a party led by an IRA supporter and a party led by a wannabee Big Sister. Oh, her unpleasant opportunism in trying to use the Islamic terror attacks to control the internet will have cost her a lot of votes. She really is a very dangerous control freak and she might be in charge tomorrow. I don’t think giving her a big majority in Government would be a great idea.

The Islamic terror attacks will not stop no matter who wins. Both sides pretend it has nothing to do with Islam so both sides will ferment the general distrust of Muslims even further. They pretend they are trying to stop ‘division’ while doing their utmost to divide us.

Nobody pretended the IRA were not Irish. We all knew that not all Irish were IRA, even though some innocent Irish were treated with suspicion sometimes. There was never any popular call to get rid of all the Irish. The public (apart from a few airheads, they’re always around) did not make the equation Irish=IRA. We could separate the two easily and did not require any Irishman to denounce the IRA so that we could be sure he wasn’t one.

With Islam, we keep getting told that those performing spontaneous dissections on passers-by are not Islamic even though they shout ‘Ally Ally Oxenfree’ while doing it. The news pretends to cover it up and then leaks that part later. It always gets out, have you noticed?

Islamophobia. A ridiculous construct of political correctness. If we’d had this nonsense in the seventies, anyone denouncing IRA violence would have been ‘leprechaunophobes’ or something. Corbyn and his mates would have loved that. Bet he’s wishing he’d thought of it back then.

He could have isolated the Irish and turned us all against them while pretending to protect them. He would have had a group who were simultaneously victim and privileged. Their privileges are the last meal before the axe falls – that’s how it always works.

I wrote this ten years ago. Nobody believed it. I bet it’ll still get scoffed at now.

Islam is not the real problem. The enablers are the real problem. The government and police know who the terrorists are and claim they don’t have resources to stop them. Burn a Quran on the internet and they have plenty of resources to come and get you. Burn a Bible and the authorities don’t bat an eyelid. Christians are not the ones being set up here. It’s only a hate crime if the target is right. Picking up someone for burning a Bible isn’t going to inflame the population. It does not advance the agenda.

The government, police and news agencies refuse to acknowledge the problem. Really? No, not really. It’s deliberate inflammatory action. We are to distrust and isolate all Muslims so we’ll accept ever tighter control on all aspects of our lives because we don’t know if Achmed, the guy who’s run the corner shop for fifty years, is a ‘sleeper’ for ISIS.

We never had this with the IRA. If that same shop had been run by Seamus O’Flaherty for fifty years it would never have crossed anyone’s mind that he could be IRA. The very notion was ridiculous.

Yet we are being put into a position of divisiveness. Imams preaching ‘Kill the West’ get national news coverage. Imams preaching ‘Let’s just all get along’ will never be heard. Maybe they don’t exist. Maybe they do. If they do, we’ll never hear about it. Are there Muslims denouncing the terrorist actions now? Do you think it would get reported if there were?

So now we don’t trust Muslims and Muslims don’t trust us. The plan is proceeding as intended. The division is complete, aided by a lot of politically-correct indoctrinated idiots.

What happens next? Tessie May will be replaced soon, once she’s done what she was sent to do. Then we’ll get someone new.

Oh, Trump is just a practice run. The real game is yet to come.

It starts tomorrow.

13 thoughts on “Hung parliament?

  1. As I’ve been saying (here/elsewhere), this election has been called to weaken the UK Government to undermine Brexit – just when I thought that Brexit was somehow an attempt to destroy the UK. It does get confusing.

    But for Maggie May to call an election when she already had a working majority is ridiculous, when you think about it.

    It’s akin to a football team leading 3-2 with ten minutes to full time and you sabotage the floodlights to force a replay in the hope that you win 4-2. What idiots they take us for.

    Plus the fact, if they really wanted a ‘hard Brexit’, why did they appoint a Remoaner as PM?

    They really shouldn’t insult children with such low-grade chicanery.

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  2. May has done it, the tories have what they wanted since we were naughty people last June and didn’t do as we were told, the excuse they needed to welch on Brexit.
    The real reason for calling this election.

    They’ve always been treacherous, they had no alternative but to take us out following the referendum that Cameron couldn’t lose, but they can always be relied on to find a way to betray their country.
    Why do so many people associate tories with patriots, nothing could be further from the truth.

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  3. So it seems UKIP lost more than half its voting support after it dumped its support for smokers people’s freedom to run their own lives and businesses and families.

    We should all work to repeat that message in every venue and on every message board discussing elections out there. And you Brit folks ought to do your best to get nice, short, to-the-point Letters to the Editors published in your newspapers with that point being made clear as well. The major media will never mention it otherwise!

    – UM, who realizes he’s poking his nose a bit across the Atlantic


    • With respect, Michael, it’s probably a combination of other factors like UKIP being seen as a single issue party which has now had its day; the erosion of the personal standing of the new (now ex) leader and people voting tactically. I think that one of the many mistakes the Tories made was to imagine that former UKIP voters would return to the Tory fold, not realising just how many had been disgruntled Labour voters who thought that this time they could risk voting for Labour with its airy-fairy promises.


      • Jay, yes, I’m sure there were a lot of factors at play, but the smoking aspect was certainly in there. It’s not likely that it would have been enough to swing the vote in this case, but I think it did for both Brexit and Trump.


      • You’re right, of course, Jay, but given all those vote-dwindling factors, it was mad of UKIP to compound the damage by doing themselves out of their last remaining group of voters by quietly withdrawing their support for the one group who have been roundly ignored by pretty much all of the other parties for the last few years. With support draining away from several quarters because they felt that UKIP had served their “Brexit” function, it was crazy to thoughtlessly neglect the quarter for whom they did still speak (especially when no-one else was doing so) and chuck those votes in the bin, too. It wasn’t so much political self-destruct as political self-annihilation. No wonder they did so badly.

        It’s possible, of course, that, just like those other parties, as (mostly) non-smokers they feel that because smoking isn’t a big deal for them, then it isn’t a big deal for anyone else, either. But they’re wrong. Had they been standing in my area (they weren’t), and were still offering to call the dogs off smokers, they’d have got my vote. I doubt I’m the only person who feels like this, and you’d think that any small political party in trouble like UKIP is would thank its lucky stars for having hit upon one group whose vote they could pretty much depend upon – simply because all the others had overlooked them – in such a volatile and unpredictable election as this one was.


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