The Procrastinator

I thought I was good at procrastinating but Tessie May is a master of it. She seizes on every opportunity to not do what she was voted in to do.

Look, we can’t go back into the EU now. This is what we face if we do –

The European Parliament’s Brexit coordinator, Guy Verhofstadt, struck a harsher tone: Britain, he said, could change its mind, but it would be poorer.

“Like Alice in Wonderland, not all the doors are the same. It will be a brand new door, with a new Europe, a Europe without rebates, without complexity, with real powers and with unity,” Verhofstadt said.

If we go back now they’ll gut this country. They’ll tear out the heart of it and feed it to the dogs. And yet there are so many who want that to happen. How the hell do the young think their future will be improved by adding leeches to it?

Get us the hell out of there, now.


In other news, the mower is running again but permanently at full speed. It needed to be at full speed today because the grass was long and wet and even with the motor at full tilt, it choked three times. I have new governor springs ordered which should help. The machine is about 25 years old now.

I have cut three lawns, one more left to do, but I had to run it without the grass box or it would choke every few minutes. So there was a lot of raking up afterwards.

No chance of hay. If I’d left this stuff I’d have had a lot of bad silage tomorrow.

I hope we get enough fine weather that I don’t have to deal with this amount of grass too often!


2 thoughts on “The Procrastinator

  1. Maybe you’ve hit on it, or maybe it’s the globalist Verhofstadt, so often seen jeering and sneering on videos of Nigel Farage in the so-called European Parliament, being a bully.

    The young will love it because they are still too naive to understand that politicians are self-obsessed and most don’t care tuppence for them. The young have been led to believe that it’s the EU which has brought peace to Europe, despite only being 25 years old and not having its accounts in order for most of that time, but what does that matter when that nice Mr Corbyn has all that free money to give away?

    I hadn’t known that the European Parliament chose Guy Verhofstadt as their Brexit coordinator. It shows the contempt they must have for us and why we must leave straight away.

    Brexit, one way or another, is a con. It has to be. The globalists don’t make such silly mistakes as to give people the freedom to choose anything but one of their puppet politicians.

    The plan could well be to insert us back into the EU, but further down the pecking order than Turkey, who aren’t in it.

    Or maybe it’s all theatre to make us think they are desperate for us to remain in the EU, but really, they want to destroy us after we have left. Heads they win; tails we lose.

    The winners so far are the Controllers. The divisions and hatred being perpetuated are bigger than all their other divide and conquer projects combined.

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