The madness of the modern world

Well, it’s here. The world is now officially insane.

Tessie May took her time about visiting the Grenfell site. That was indefensible, and she’s been rightly pilloried for it. However, she has not sought to blame anyone for the fire.

Labour on the other hand have used the tragedy to whip up local people into a frenzy. ‘It’s the Tory cuts!’ ‘May must resign.’ ‘Take to the streets to remove this government.’ Yes, that last one is real. They are officially fomenting rebellion over an accident.

When the Islamists blow up children or go on knife rampages in the streets, all the politicians on every side call for calm. Muslim leaders play the ‘we are the victims’ card while laughing at the kaffirs’ idiot leaders.

This fire was caused by a faulty fridge and was made so much worse because the building was covered in cheapskate cladding that let the fire spread very quickly indeed.

Sadiq Khan, already linked to the companies who supplied the non-fireproof exterior cladding for the building, is insisting the Government release the true number of people who died in the fire. There are even pretend reports that there is a D-notice on the casualty list. There isn’t. The Government cannot release that figure because they don’t know what it is yet – and might not know for weeks.

Searching a burned-out tower block is not something you can do in an afternoon. Every step has to be taken cautiously. One wrong step on the fifteenth floor and you might find yourself heading for the ground floor at considerable speed.

There are likely to be a lot more casualties in there. It is indeed a tragedy and I can understand that people who have relatives missing will want to know whether they are among those casualties. However, nobody can find that out quickly. Storming the council offices will not speed up the process.

Blaming the Tories is ridiculous, when one of the members of the board that ran that building is now the MP for the area. Yes, the Labour MP for a Labour constituency with a Labour council and Labour mayor. The Tories have no control here, they do not decide on how buildings are maintained, they were not in government when that tower block was commissioned and built and they did not order that cladding. It’s all Labour.

And yet it’s the Tories who are being blamed. They are strangely silent on this. It’s ordinary people who seem to be digging out the information here. Labour MPs and activists are using the deaths to incite people into a Tory-hating frenzy and it’s going to lead to riots. Why are the Tories silent on this?

There are two possible reasons that I can see. Maybe there are more but these two seem most likely.

One – the Tories are letting Socialism show its true, violent face. Letting Labour voters see what they have voted for. Then they can call another election and use footage of the incitement and riots all through their campaign. That would be a sensible, if callous, approach.

Two – and worse – there is still the Civil Contingencies Act. Labour’s ‘enabling act’ that was installed under the Blair/Brown government. The Tories didn’t put it there but it’s now available to them.

It’s basically the same as Hitler’s ‘enabling act’ that allowed his to take over as a de facto dictator. In the event of a national emergency, the government can take complete control. They no longer answer to the people, elections are suspended, the government can make emergency laws unopposed… you think this is a police state? Oh you haven’t seen anything yet!

Corbyn and co. have been stirring up a coup to overthrow the Government. Not in secret, they’ve been doing it on TV. May has a minority government who needs the support of a small hard-line party. She’ll have to cave in to some of their demands. They have her over a barrel and they know it. We don’t yet know what they’ll get but anything they get is going to send the socialist snowflakes into an apoplectic rage.

The EU is gleefully pressing to start Brexit talks and they are offering to take us back on an even worse deal than the one we’re leaving. They expect to clean us out before we go. This shouldn’t be a problem since Labour are also pro-Brexit so should be supporting the talks. However, they hate the Tories so much they are willing to send an army of maniacs onto the streets to start a war, and are still claiming they won the election with fewer votes and fewer MPs than the Tories.

If Corbyn gets his way, the streets of London will soon be out of control. If the EU get their way, those ‘austerity’ measures are going to look like ‘luxury’ measures. We’re going to be another Weimar republic after the EU is finished asset-stripping us. Money that is worth less than the paper (or plastic) it’s printed on.

With a minority government, May can’t restore order or keep any hold on the economy without invoking the Enabling Act that Blair/Brown put in place.

Then, the rounding up of the useful idiots who gave them total control will begin. Oh and Islam? They won’t need you any more either.

After that… it’s jackboots time. For all of us.

And who put this all in place, ready for this day? Hint: It wasn’t the Tories.

I bet they get the blame though.


20 thoughts on “The madness of the modern world

  1. “Searching a burned-out tower block is not something you can do in an afternoon.”

    Lily Allen has spoken, comrade. Who are we to argue with such a talented mind?

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    • It’s really only a little link. Khan took donations from the company that supplied the cladding. He won’t have known it could burn.

      However, it’s a lot less tenuous than the link to the Tories.


  2. An exploding fridge? Hmm, don’t believe that one. Use of an accelerant perhaps? The resident of Grenfell Tower who had this unfortunate thing happen to his fridge has conveniently disappeared. Definitely more to this than meets the eye…


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      • Odd, but not out of the question depending upon what it meant. People don’t think clearly when confronted with a fire that spins quickly out of the “Let me get some water to throw on it.” or “What cabinet is that little fire extinguisher in?” phase. And someone might grab their laptop with five years of non-backed up irreplaceable work on it in one hand and their kitty cat in the other before bolting out the door and starting to yell fire — and then have their actions described as “packing.”

        Hopefully they’ll be able to figure it all out. There wouldn’t be figures on deaths yet, but are there figures on the numbers missing? (Those won’t be accurate for quite a while either: runaway teens, spouses or debtors grabbing a quick way out of a bad marriage or situation, schemers hoping to cash in on insurance, etc. with all make real numbers a bit fudgy.)

        And things will get immeasurably worse if the building actually collapses or simply becomes too close to collapse to allow continued searching.

        – MJM

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        • “Mjm..

          He packed two large black plastic bags, full of clothes, put them in the hallway, then warned his next door neighbour.

          Something here, is very wrong?

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          • Yep, that sounds wrong, but it also sounds like it might be made up. It makes it sound like it was a planned action, which is highly unlikely. Why?

            1) The supposed firebug would not have known in advance that the cladding would catch as quickly/disastrously as it did.

            2) If they did somehow know and had it all meticulously planned out, they would not have had a bunch of belongings in two garbage bags that they’d be lugging around while trying to escape a rapidly spreading fire. Nor would they have tried to make themselves so obvious.

            3) There are lots of ways to start a fire easily with a delay of at least several minutes before the fire spreads. Doing it in a refrigerator is not one of those ways (although I have no idea how valid the fridge claim is.)

            4) There’s plenty of motivation out there for trying to whip people up by making an accident look like something deliberate. Blaming a disaster like that on Islamic Terrorism or on Hate Of Muslims is a great way to grab people into your sphere of belief.

            Rumors should NOT be spread that have no firm grounding in fact.

            – MJM

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            • Agreed on point 2. If I had been charged with torching the building I’d have made a show of ‘I’m moving out’ for a while beforehand. All my stuff would have been gone before the ‘fridge exploded’. And I’d have slipped away quietly without telling neighbours, or explaining to the police and fire service.

              1, 2) He would have needed a qualification in architectural technology to recognise the cladding. Given his reported background, that seems unlikely.

              3) Fridges, washing machines, dishwashers. A mix of water and electricity. Getting one to burn? Piece of piss. Especially if there ‘happens to be’ a mouse nest in the back (there often is, they like to nest near the warmth of the motor, especially fridges and freezers. I’ve had to pick a few out from the lab ones). Could be done but I doubt he did.

              4) It’s not being blamed on Muslims. It’s being blamed on the government who weren’t involved at all.

              Actually I’m not surprised he’s disappeared. Given the death toll, destruction of homes, media frenzy and whipped up mob, plus the Daily Mail published his name and photo… in his place I’d vanish too!

              If it was an Islamic attack, ISIS would have been on the phone to claim it. So my guess is it wasn’t. It was a horrible accident.

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    • Fridges, washing machines, tumble dryers, any household appliance can catch fire. Fridges/freezers are always on so they can flash-fire anytime. it’s rare but it happens. CStM can attest to personal; experience of a microwave oven going up.

      It could be an accident. Could be an engineered accident too. We can’t know for sure. Yet.

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  3. Dear Mr Underdog, this post disappoints me. I have come to expect a higher level of research from you, but to try and spin this as a Labour problem is wrong and suspect that you have taken Breitbart at its word. K&C has been a tory controlled council since 1964. It has never been controlled by anyone else. The member of the board that is now the MP resigned from that board in 2012 I believe and has only been an MP 10 days. The leader of the council is Nick Paget-Brown (Tory) and the Mayor is currently Marie-Therese Rossi (Also Tory). There are 50 seats on the council of which only 7 are Labour and 3 Libdem. Oh and the fact that the block was built under a Labour government has little to do with anything…afterall, it didn’t catch fire for the last 43 years, so was obviously built well enough originally.
    Given the above information maybe a rewrite is in order


    • So, you want me to turn it into something that leaves Labour blameless and pins the blame on Tessie the Slow?

      I don’t like her. Never have. I called her Tessie Jackboots when she was Home Secretary. She’s still after that national DNA database of everyone and she still wants to censor the Internet into an unusable propaganda delivery service. Now she is Tessie the Slow in honour of her impressive ability to delay everything until we all get fed up of asking her to get a bloody move on. If she gets a good excuse to implement the Civil Contingencies act, with her in charge, we are going to dream of living in Orwell’s ‘1984’. Reality would be so much worse.

      However, this fire is not her fault. It’s not the Tories’ fault. It’s not even Labour’s fault. It was a goddamn accident!

      Who is capitalising on this accident? Is it the Tories? Are they calling for people to storm the council offices or to occupy empty houses belonging to other people? Didn’t the government make squatting illegal? It was always illegal in Scotland because of a quirk in their definition of ‘theft’ – the same quirk that meant wheel clamping was illegal here from the outset. But that’s a digression.

      If these people do as Corbyn asks and take over those houses, they are breaking the law and will be arrested. If they riot in the streets to bring down the elected government, they are breaking the law and will be arrested. Corbyn and his mates won’t be arrested – even though ‘incitement’ is also illegal.

      The cladding that caught fire was already illegal on buildings over 10 metres high, and should have been replaced – indeed should not have been on there in the first place. It was a decision by a cost-cutting dick somewhere in the recesses of the housing association, or maybe in the council, and that dick might or might not have been a member of a political party. We might never know. We can, however, be sure it wasn’t Theresa May or a Tory MP.

      So using this tragedy to overturn a government who were not responsible for it is just sick and no, I will not write anything in support of Corbyn’s party. I am sure there are decent Labour MPs, some might even be now sickened by the things their leadership is doing, but as long as it’s Corbyn’s party, they can get the blame for everything from Attila the Hun right up to the time the sun explodes. Truth? Try getting Corbyn to utter a word of it and I’ll consider a retraction.

      The building’s build quality is not in question. It turned into an inferno and it’s still standing. It was the added exterior cladding that torched it. Who did that? Who ordered it, who fitted it (those in charge of fitting it, at least, knew it wasn’t fireproof), and is there any evidence that those who did all that were party members – of any party?

      No? Then why is it Tessie the Slow’s fault? Why is this tragedy a reason to demand the government resign, but the terror attacks never are? Nobody protests about government inaction when they happen. Nobody storms the council office. Nobody mentions ‘austerity cuts’. There are no crowds outside Downing Street demanding action. So why is this Tessie’s fault and all those Islamic attacks are just some kind of ultraviolent street art? How come we are told to apologise to Muslims for getting blood on their knives while an accident is a good reason to bring down a government who were not involved in it? Oh I don’t blame any particular party for that. They are all ridiculously scared of Islam.

      Incidentally, the house I rent now hasn’t caught fire for well over 200 years but that doesn’t mean it can’t. The granite walls will survive a fire but the interior won’t. Length of standing does not guarantee anything.

      The origin of the fire is not clear. The resident whose flat went up first told police that his fridge exploded. Well, that happens. Fortunately very rarely but it does happen. Fridges, washing machines, dishwashers, tumble dryers, they’ve all caught fire. CStM has personal experience of a microwave oven spontaneously combusting. So the accident scenario seems valid.

      The Manchester concert explosion wasn’t an accident. The stabbing spree in London wasn’t an accident. Remember the political response to those? Bit different, eh? So how is it okay to use an accident as a means to overthrow Government?

      Maybe it wasn’t an accident. Or maybe a sort-of accident. The man whose fridge burned has disappeared now but consider, the Daily Mail published his name and photo and an account from his neighbour that he had his bags packed. That’s a witch-hunter’s pointing finger and in his place, considering the mob shown on TV and in the news, I’d damn well vanish too.

      Maybe he really was trying to torch the flat. Maybe he thought only that flat would burn. There’s no reason to suppose he had the necessary qualification in architectural technology to realise that a fire would shoot up the outside cladding like a flamethrower. So maybe it was a not-quite-accident. Or maybe it was a total accident. Maybe he was already planning a trip when the fridge shorted out and burned.

      We might never know, but the blame, if there must be blame, lies within the flat where the fire started. Maybe the tenant, maybe the fridge manufacturer, maybe an electrician who refurbished it as a botch job – who knows? The evidence is burned.

      The blame certainly does not lie within the Tory party nor within the Houses of Parliament.

      You accuse me of spinning it as a Labour problem. It is not. I am not saying Labour set the fire but they have certainly spent a lot of time and effort fanning the flames. Corbyn is using it to enact his dream of requisitioning private property. I don’t agree with people buying homes and leaving them empty but they paid for them (a lot of money, considering where they are) and they own them. I don’t agree with it, I wouldn’t do it (even if I had the money, which is never likely to happen) but if other people want to, and can afford to, that’s their prerogative. Government stealing property is a thin end of a very thick wedge. Corbyn knows it, he just needs to get the tip of his wedge in and he’s off.

      Corbyn is also using these deaths and destruction of homes as a weapon to foment rebellion on the streets. If I did that I’d have my door kicked in at dawn. So would you, if you went on TV and publicly called on people to ‘occupy’ private property, march in the streets and form a rabble outside Downing Street. People are saying Trump thinks he’s above the law. He probably does, but he’s far from being the only one.

      Finally, and most importantly, this is a blog. Not Reuters. Certainly not the BBC. I am not a reporter, I don’t get paid for this, it’s not my living and I can’t be fired from it. I write the world as it appears to me and sometimes it’s right, sometimes it’s only almost right.

      Your information is words. Words that contradict other words I’ve read and heard. Maybe all your words are correct. I let them stand on the blog because of that. I do not delete or edit comments apart from a certain Dick from Norfolk who knows who he is, and so do we. One person on the entire planet is banned from here and he thinks I’m ‘curtailing free speech’. I’m only curtailing his wibble.

      So no, no rewrite. No post deletion. However, your counterpoint is valid even though really, party politics should never have entered into the Grenfell tragedy in the first place.

      Much as I think Snow White’s stepmother would be a much nicer PM, I have to say that this was not Tessie the Slow’s fault.

      Anyway, she’ll be gone soon. The reason the Tories kept quiet is clear now. They let her take it all and her position is no longer tenable. She will soon be replaced.

      Then Corbyn will try to blame the next one. Even if they were only elected 10 days ago.

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  4. Not that load of shit again. I’ve spent half the day putting people straight on that pile of kack.
    1) It is owned by the council. The association that runs it is different but ultimate control resides with ownership.
    2)That seat is only one of seven that Labour have. That counts for feck all when there are 40 tory councillors.
    3) and??
    4)Already pointed out that she resigned her position on that board five years ago.
    5) and?
    6) & 7) ultimate control and responsibility resides with the owner. (How many times does this have to be said?)
    8), 9) & 10) This doesn’t change the fact that the answer to 1), 6) & 7) still applies.
    11) Evidence?
    12) The MP that was elected 10 days ago that resigned from that board in 2012?



    • Couple of things –
      1, 6, 7) Responsibility ultimately lies with the owner. Control can be, and often is, delegated. The council might not have known that the housing association fucked up.

      4) When was the cladding approved? That would have happened long before work started.

      12) Everyone in Government was elected 10 days ago. Aside from the US’s Donnie Trumpton, the Albino Medusa, current MPs had been actively involved in politics long before being selected.

      Just sayin’…

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