Books update

My own writing has concentrated on ‘Victor’s Will’, a zombie tale with a message of hope for all the Politically Correct – when you die, you come back to life and nobody can tell the difference.

I should have concentrated on ‘Panoptica’ because more of it just came true. It soon won’t be worth writing it, it’ll just be a reality show.

“This tyrannical bill is nothing but social engineering to the nth degree, all in the name of political correctness,” Jeff Gunnarson, vice president of Campaign Life Toronto, a pro-life political group in Canada, told LifeSiteNews.

That’s what political correctness is for, didn’t you know? It’s a control mechanism designed to ultimately control what you are allowed to say or even think. This law was always part of its intention. Expect the first Newspeak dictionary any day now. One more generation and dissent will be impossible because there won’t even be a word for it.

Anyway, on to the other books.

‘Ransom’, by Mark Ellott, has been updated with a new cover and interior, same story but with a few typos taken out. Note that Amazon keeps changing your search to ‘Elliott’. There’s no ‘i’ in the name. You have to be persistent. Trust me, it’s worth it.

‘The Goddess of Protruding Ears’, by Justin Sanebridge, has reached the desk of the Belgian ambassador to Indonesia who has read it and has now put it on Facebook. International fame for the author and also, of course, for Leg Iron Books.

‘Blackjack’, a short story collection by Mark Ellott has completed editing and is now at front cover stage. I have just emailed a couple of first-go covers to the author to check they are how he envisaged his description.

‘Cultish’, by Hugo Stone, is a costly book because it’s a big one. I have an idea that might reduce the page count without changing a single word. So hopefully I can soon reduce the price of that one.

‘The Mark’ by Margo Jackson and ‘Han Snel’ by Dirk Vleugels have not required any modifications. I’m getting better at getting it right first time.

I’m also getting better at cover art, and am developing a proper photographic studio for the photos. I already had most of the gear, I’m just getting better at using it. Now I have some good plain backdrops too, for those ‘no weird shit in the background’ photos.

Marketing is the tough one. I started from the level of ‘I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing’ and I’m rapidly finding out why marketers drink so much.

Anyhow, Dirk Vleugels has a book called ‘Tales from Under the Drinking Tree’ which is in Dutch, but I’m really hoping he’ll do an English translation of that one. He’s translated one story and it’s a belter – and a true story too! The Dutch version will come out first because it’s ready to go and I can’t do much editing in there anyway.

I have a self-imposed target of publishing a book a month. One more week to get ‘Blackjack’ finalised. Dirk’s book in Dutch should be really quick to deal with because I have to take his word for what’s in it.

So, I am open for submissions. There is still a queue but it’s getting shorter.

I can take short books for eBook-only publication if it’s too short for print. If you have several short ones they can go out as individual eBooks very cheaply and as a combined-volume print book. It has to be around 100 pages to be worth putting into print or the cost per page gets crazy – especially if you want it in colour. ‘Han Snel’ is expensive but it’s a very market-specific art-world book.

Niche market stuff can be expensive, those interested will buy it but it won’t be a best-seller. The same is true of science books. Nobody outside a particular branch of science will be interested so they have to be expensive if the author and publisher are going to make anything at all.

Some time back I floated the idea of a blog-book, using blog posts to make up a real life book. That’s back on the agenda. Not immediately, there’s no rush, but a smoky-book could be on the cards this year or early next year.

Especially now that smoking is blamed for racist hate speech

3 thoughts on “Books update

  1. “I should have concentrated on ‘Panoptica’ because more of it just came true. It soon won’t be worth writing it, it’ll just be a reality show.”

    LOL! That’s how I felt about “TobakkoNacht — The Story.” I wrote it 1997/98 and in 2009 I decided I better at least get it up on Kindle before it all came true! LOL! (Ouch… it HURTS when I laugh like that…)


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  2. I wonder if MPs in Canada have the same protection as ours do when speaking in the House of Commons? Our MPs cannot be prosecuted for what they say in the House. If that is the same in Canada, what is to stop an MP referring to another MP as ‘he’ or ‘she’ regardless of the new law? What if many MPs did that one after the other? For ridicule is the best answer to such laws.


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