No, not another post about all the fake science out there. This is far more important. It’s about whisky.

I have a new one. It’s called Hogwash, it’s from Aldi and at a penny under £15 it’s a cheap malt. Not a single malt, it’s a vatted malt (a blend of malt whiskies). It weighs in at 40% abv, the bottle contains 28 units so it’s easy to reach and even exceed the daily targets set by the NHS. They’ll be delighted to hear I exceed their targets as a matter of routine. I’m dead healthy, so I am.

I’ve been a fan of Monkey Shoulder, another vatted malt, for a long time but that weighs in at nearly £30 a bottle. So it’s a rare treat. Highland Park is an even rarer treat, I usually only get into that level of malts when a supermarket has a special offer on. Tesco had this one going (relatively) cheap.

Hogwash is half the price of Monkey Shoulder but is it only half as good?

No, it’s a very nice whisky. Every bit as good as Monkey Shoulder to me at least. Not as smooth as, say, The Singleton – which has been declared ‘awfy easy drunk’ at many a Smoky-Drinky evening because it’s so smooth you’re plastered before you realise it. Then again, The Singleton is a single malt and a damn fine one at that.

Hogwash is pretty smooth and the colour is on the light side of general whisky colour. I find that a good sign, the darker malt whiskies are more likely to leave me with a head full of sand in the morning. We shall see how that works out tomorrow.

Not that tomorrow matters that much, the weather is set to be cold and wet and struggling to get into double figures (in degrees Celsius, not the old style Fahrenheit still used by primitive cultures). There will be no gardening tomorrow. The weeds will have the freedom to mess up the parts I’ve already cleared and the nettles will need a damn scythe soon. I really should get one.

No publishing work either. I’m taking a few days off between books to catch up on some DVDs and maybe some painting. I have a whole house to decorate!

I hope to soon hear from CreateSpace that the proof copy of ‘Blackjack’ is ready. I proofread online, it’s much faster than waiting for a print proof. Once that’s done it should appear on Amazon in print.

And then, on to the next book in line…


UPDATE: No hangover, so the depth of colour theory is holding up so far. Then again I only got about a third of the way down the bottle so it wasn’t a serious binge.

Today I have the email from CreateSpace saying Blackjack is ready for final checks. Once I hit ‘approve’ (in about an hour or so) the print version is on the way to Amazon!


UPDATE2: Sigh. It was never going to be that easy. The online proofing tool shows every page as it is going to look in print. All perfect except one. One. Page 43 wants to print with the entire body of text offset to the right and upwards. Only that page is affected, it’s in the middle of a story and there is nothing at all to suggested why it’s doing that.

So I have reloaded the text with a different file format. Trying again.

I suspect CreateSpace are about to find out just how bloody-mindedly determined I can be…

8 thoughts on “Hogwash

  1. The “darker malt whiskies” might well have the excitement of E150a in them. But then again you have a bottle of Grants there – which is no stranger to the added colourant, so who knows?

    Some of Aldi’s other stuff isn’t that bad either – have a look at their “Glen Marnoch” branded line for fairly cheap single malts (mostly 40%, chill-filtered and coloured but still pretty good for the price!). The 28 year old, sherry bomb Speyside that they put out before Christmas was superb value for money…

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    • I don’t think my theory of ‘darker means more hangover risk’ works with the grain whiskies. They can all slap me around the head if I overdo it. So far it only seems to work with malts.

      Aldi have quite a good range now. I’ve tried the Islay Glen Marnoch in the past – it’s a nice one too. Highland Black is a decent grain blend but when you can get this vatted malt for only a couple of pounds more, why settle for less?

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  2. Leg, do you find that the online proofing gives you a good feel for margin problems and such things? With both Brains and TNacht I found that paging through the hardcopy, even if done fairly quickly, seemed to alert me to such things almost immediately upon scanning the two pages in front of me better than viewing them online.

    – MJM, The Cross-eyed Yank…

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    • CreateSpace’s online proofing tool is good. It shows you the book as if it was an actual book. It’s best to download the PDF too because that’s easier to see than the little screen book. Together, they work well.

      There’s also the matter of CreateSpace sending me copies from America. Once it’s on Amazon it’s printed locally but the page proofs come from the main offices in the USA. So online is a great deal faster 😉

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