The media silence cracks

First of all, I finally got ‘Blackjack’ through every technical hitch CreateSpace could throw at me. The page isn’t fully built but it has begun. The Kindle and Smashwords eBook versions have been up for a while. The eBook is also through Smashwords’ filter now and will be appearing on Barnes and Noble, Kobo etc very soon. If you don’t want a Kindle format one, Smashwords has it in almost any format you could possibly want. That goes for all the previous books too.

Okay. So, have I calmed down a bit after last night’s rant? Not at all. I am more furious than ever. Not only have I remembered that it is in fact eleven years of exile for us here in Scotland, not a mere ten that the English are moaning about, but something Roobeedoo posted made me think.

We’re all banging on about pub closures. What about all that taxi income? Long after the buses have stopped running we often needed a taxi to get home after a night of drinking. If it’s a long way and after midnight that’s a big fare. More than eleven years ago it cost me about £30 to get home from a boozy night in Aberdeen (not quite, a mate of mine got dropped off halfway and paid his share) but that compares with about £3 back then if the buses ran that late. I wonder what it would cost now?

Of course I’ll never find out. I’m not going drinking in Aberdeen because half the pubs I liked are gone and the ones that are left have all banned smokers. There’s no justification for spending on a large taxi fare just to have a shitty evening standing around outside in the rain. I could do that at home. At home, I can smoke inside.

The taxis suffered from the loss of pubs caused by the smoking ban too. I expect those late night shops selling mysterious meat from the ‘kebab’ – a strange animal with no internal organs – suffered also. Now I come to think of it, there do seem to be fewer of those shops than there used to be. I wonder if there are any figures on those things? How many of the late night takeaways, of all kinds, now close at 10?

The media stayed silent on the ban or ran more propaganda from the Dreadful Arnott on how great it was. They kept that tone until now.

It’s changing. The media are starting to question the fake science behind it all. They are pointing out how it was done and how it is being extended to everything else.

In Australia, the automatic respect expected by dickheads like Simon Chapman is no more. That one is more about vaping, which is banned in Australia because it interferes with the tax funding that pays for dickheads like Simon Chapman.

It’s now being recognised that it was the smoking ban that killed pubs. Not the economic downturn, not the ‘temporary loss in sales ‘. The earlier bans in Scotland and Ireland showed the lie of the ‘economic downturn’ story.

It’s all been based on lies. Well over ten years of lies and it has taken until now for it to even start to come out. But once it starts, well, there’s likely to be no way to stop it.

There is a reason behind all the crap science that is published now. That reason lies in the ‘target driven culture’ so espoused by the socialists. You have to meet the target even if you reach  the required level by standing on a pile of elephant shit. So, that’s what people do.

When I left mainstream science and went solo, it was already more money-driven than knowledge-driven. Promotions went to those who had big grants even if the research quality was based on ‘give the funders the answer they want and they’ll fund more’. It wasn’t like that when I started. It’s never been like that for me. That’s why I’ll never be rich.

The cracks in the target-driven, money-oriented corruption of what used to be called ‘science’ are widening. Those cracks will swallow a lot of the utter nonsense out there now, including, eventually, the smoking ban and all its Puritan vile control freaks. It’s all going to fall down just like it has every time they’ve tried this in the past.

But don’t get complacent. They’ll be back.


8 thoughts on “The media silence cracks

  1. My microbrewery has been going (brewing) for 6 months now. We are doing OK and breaking even most months. Profits are for the future. Great fun but interesting times. If I was dictator I would rescind this smoking ban (I don’t indulge myself) as it is anti freedom.

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  2. Another consequence of the smoking ban I’ve never seen mentioned was the, presumably, huge loss of live-in accommodation for young bar staff. At least 3 of the 5 pubs I used to use regularly in London closed within 18 months after the ban destroyed their customer base. All had provided staff accommodation. Either because of closure or pre-emptive staff lay-offs in a futile attempt to postpone closure, the young lost not only their jobs – often their first – but their homes.

    The pub was always a source of both income and housing for the indigent young, whether British or back-packers from abroad. Perhaps real statistics on that would have been too embarrassing for the anti-tobacco fraudsters and media, who are much keener on inventing their own.

    For many youngsters bar work was the only job where they themselves could smoke and socialise whilst starting their adult lives away from home. Perhaps Arnott and her useful idiots in parliament, Caroline Flint and Kevin Barron, could explain to those youngsters how destroying both their jobs and accommodation on the false pretext of a fabricated health risk, could be defined as ‘help’.

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  3. Didn’t really feel that comfortable yesterday – and you have picked up on the fact we’ve been at it longer than the Welsh (2/4/07).

    (the comments are slightly more interesting than the article)

    or the Irish (April 2007)

    With England last on 1 July 2007.

    Their intention is obvious, no national day to get everyone together.

    So the devious pricks in Scotland chose the day Scotland changed its clocks to summer time in 2006. That was 26 March – and that varies each year, so belt and braces stuff.

    Fortunately the party responsible for the ban lost its dominant position in Scottish politics just over one year later. Jack McConnell is now a Lord of the realm. Andy Kerr, the Health Minister at that time lost his seat in 2011 and is now the CEO of Sense Scotland, using his old network of contacts to get public money into the charity.

    However the most satisfying was the news in 2016 that Stewart Maxwell (the real power behind the ban, the one who convinced McConnell to include leisure facilities) had lost his seat.

    And as the SNP are now a withering political force, it’s highly unlikely he’ll ever cast a shadow within the chamber at Holyrood.

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