From the asylum…

There used to be a horror webzine called From The Asylum. Closed down years ago, but it was a good one. I had a few stories in it and I still have a copy or two of the book the editor published.

Anyhow, this isn’t about that. The last post attracted one of those wild conspiracy theorists whose wardrobe is likely to look rather like this –

So, let’s see if I can answer any of the points raised, if I can even work out what they are. A tip: if you want to convince someone of your argument, at least be coherent in your presentation.

Not for PC/PureCowards?

Pure Cowards as another name for the Politically Correct? Well okay, I can go with that.

Seems like legiron, and many more including Muslims are still duped by Right wing Anglo fascist mainstream media myths on most issues.

Okay. Right wing and left wing were the invention of Stalin. His intention was to distance his brand of socialism from Hitler’s National Socialists (and if you’re planning on telling me – again – that Hitler wasn’t a socialist, don’t waste your typing fingers. Read the history of the Nazis instead).

So Hitler became right wing – killed millions of people just because he didn’t like them and targeted specific groups. Invaded a lot of countries involving much bloodshed and destruction. Lost the lot.

Stalin was left wing – killed millions of people just because he didn’t like them but didn’t quite so much target specific groups. A bit more indiscriminate on the mass slaughter. Invaded a lot of countries involving much bloodshed and destruction. Managed to hang on to most of them for quite some time.

See? They’re very different, aren’t they? That’s the left and right wings of socialism. They are the two extremes of one ideology. In the middle are those who think socialism is a fine idea but who don’t want to kill anyone or force it on anyone. Unfortunately the middle ones rarely get anywhere near power. It’s the extremes who get there.

This ‘left’ and ‘right’ stuff has no meaning outside socialism. It’s two extremes of the same thing. When we talk about ‘lefties’ we are talking about extreme Marxist/Stalinist socialists, the blindly violent arseholes who put the despots into power and are then all surprised when those despots don’t need them any more and pack them off to death camps because they are too unstable to be let loose.

When you talk about ‘the right’ you think you are talking about the extreme end of Conservatism but that ideology has no such distinctions. Capitalism doesn’t have a plan for everyone on the planet. A proper capitalist only plans their own life and really has no interest in planning yours.

I have no interest in planning anyone else’s life. Heck, I don’t even have a plan for mine.  I’d like to be a proper capitalist one day but that kind of true independence takes cash, and I don’t have anywhere near enough of that.

On to ‘fascism’. Really, read up on Mussolini. He was doing fascism the right way, as it should be. Naturally, everyone hated him and he ended up dangling from a rope because fascism is a shit idea. But read up on what it really was because it isn’t your imagined ‘right wing’ who are doing it now. Open your mind and look at who is really doing it now.

Why ‘Anglo fascist’? The most accurate application of fascism was in 1930s Italy. It hasn’t been applied in an English speaking country as far as I know.

As for the MSM, there are fewer and fewer every day who believe a word of what they say. You are better off getting your news from Viz magazine. I used to say the Beano but that has become an indoctrination tool too. I saw one recently. If I’d been given that as a kid I’d have handed it to my father so he could use it to light the coal fire. No wonder copies of the 1960s issues are so valuable. It was a great comic back then.


So many myths on far too many issues since post-Reformation WASPS/White Anglo Saxon Protestants first launched their imperial war on humanity while falsely claiming to save and protect it.

Okay. Someone is pretending they are killing us all for the good of us all. I agree with that. How do you know they are specifically white, Anglo-Saxon and Protestant?

Historically created in 4-centuries by the humanity exploiting and profiteering five eyes fascist phoney-Anglophone/UK/US/CA/OZ/NZ on 5-continents where they don’t belong.

Don’t belong? Really? Are we all to be fenced in on reservations now? How about all those ‘refugees’ pouring into Italy with their designer T-shirts and smartphones? Do they belong in Italy? And you are very wrong about four centuries.

History’s worst hypocrites, cowards, mass killers, liars, denyers, self-justifyers. Always for private profit by mass deception. and always deviously masked by their 4th Estate mass media as so called ‘Public Protection’.

Not always ‘public protection’ and they didn’t get it all their own way. Here’s a story from the British occupation of India.

India has cobras, and the British didn’t like to die of snakebite. They told the indigenous people ‘We will pay you for every dead cobra you bring us’. So the Indians, always a smart race when it comes to a business proposition, hit on the obvious idea at once. They started breeding cobras.

The British found out about this and stopped paying. So the Indians abandoned cobra farming and… released all the cobras. A classic example of meddling making things worse and the ruling powers have never been able to purge themselves of that habit. Lucky for us!

But… only white English speaking people are mass killers? Armenia wasn’t slaughtered by white English speakers. English speakers didn’t cause the Holocaust or the Russian Pogroms. English speakers are not currently beheading Christian children in Syria or raping young girls in front of their mothers. Sure, white British have done a lot of killing but none of it is recent. And personally, I have never killed anyone.

Intially via their post-Reformation media Bible, plus Bullshit, Bombs, Bullets and always more Bullshit. Now via their bullshit multi-media mass mind rapists.

Began in 1640s Ireland where they mass murdered 1/2 million Catholics including tens of thousands innocent children in their own land!

Pfft! Get some history lessons. Or read the Old Testament, perhaps even older texts. That sort of thing has been going on for millenia. The British are newcomers and have already given it up as a bad idea. The Spanish Inquisition (not English speakers) had a hell of a body count in the 1400s and Islam (not English speakers) racked up a pile of dead flesh around 1300 years before that. It did not start with that one point in time you can blame on Whitey. It started when the Hebrews wiped out a snake cult before the Abrahamic religions got under way. That’s why the ‘bad guy’ in Genesis is a snake. Don’t you know anything?

[I’m not perpetuating the links]

Meanwhile the true (Anglo censored) tale of so called ‘Asian Pedo Gangs’. Is that relatively wealthy men of fighting age were and are very attractive to young girls/Adultophiles with no hope in backward bullshit Britain and elswhere Worldwide. Young girls/Adultophiles still are pro-actively roaming the streets seductively dressed predatoryily grooming older guys with bling, cash, cars, etc.

Okay, now you are trying to justify gang rape of children. That, for me, crosses a very dark red line.

It is true that young girls develop a crush on older, successful men but the girls in question are children. The men are adults. The girl’s crush is biologically explainable – every female of every species is looking for the fittest and best mate possible. What no female of any species is looking for is a life of being passed around like a sex toy. And that is not down to the child, that is all down to the adult male who has taken advantage of the child’s interest.

This is why we have an age of consent now. People take longer to reach adulthood than they used to because we live longer (on average) than we used to. We rarely get eaten by tigers or die of easily-treated diseases. Because of this, we get to enjoy the freedom and innocence of childhood longer than we used to. A Roman would have been in the army long enough to reach the rank of centurion by the age of 18. We don’t have to do that any more. Those Pakistani Muslim (not ‘Asian’, that includes too many innocent people) child rape gangs are to blame for what they did, and not the child. Don’t push me on this, it is not an issue I will be willing to negotiate.

Mainstream unreported Adultophilia is as old as time itself and can never be stopped since all early Judeo/Christian sources state that Holy Adultophile Virgin Mary was, twelve, when she wed Holy Pedo Joe, and was then impregnated by an invisible ancient Holy Pedo God creating pro social Holy Sweet Jeez, quote, “Suffer the little children to come unto me.”

Sigh. Two thousand years ago, the average life expectancy would have been lucky to have topped 20. You are assuming Joseph was an old man and Mary a child. If it was the modern world then 12 would be too young – but in the modern world, I believe the age of consent in Spain is 13. A 12-year-old might have reached menstruation which is (to modern eyes) not good enough but in the harsh reality of Roman-occupied Palestine, she might not have very many years left. As for your imagination putting Joseph as some 50-year-old, wrong religion, fella. Joseph might have been 14 for all we know.

And the ‘virgin birth’ might be real or maybe they had a quickie behind the bike sheds at school and decided to pretend that ‘God did it’. None of this is as convincingly paedo as a certain religion which makes the child-shagging explicitly clear. Even rejoices in it.

With respect, stick that lot in yer non-PC/Pure Cowards’ peace pipe and, er, smoke it?

Having established that you have no idea what you’re talking about, would you like to light my pipe of peace for me?

Oh wait, I smashed and burned it after Manchester.

I do not go back. Ever.


19 thoughts on “From the asylum…

  1. Now I’ve never been a “relatively wealthy man of fighting age” who has been groomed “with bling, cash, cars etc” but I’m not sure an 8 year old with a 5’er in pocket money, a hard boiled candy ring and the Barbie mobile should have much allure over anyone.

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  2. I’ll say this much: it makes a change from reading about the Jews getting all the blame for everything.

    Even if it is nonsense.

    Perhaps what this person was trying to convey is that the world is largely controlled by ‘whites’ but that would include the Vatican, probably the ‘Whore’ in Revelation and a main player in the global control system.

    Of course, the Vatican has close ties with Freemasonry, more commonly associated with Proddies, but when you study this sort of ‘conspiracy’ then it is clear that lots of people are working together towards the same goal.

    The Illumanati founder, Adam Weishaupt, was taught by Jesuits.

    There are even theories that the Vatican created Islam.

    Orangemen sing ditties celebrating the Irish potato famine and some Catholics still want revenge for what happened long before any of us were born, but it forced many Irish people to emigrate to America and their descendants raised millions for terrorism during the Troubles, so not all bad news for militant nationalists.

    It is unusual for the anti-religious just to slag off Protestantism, as, in my experience, the most vocal opponents of religion seem to have been brought up as Catholics and as adults have come to resent the beatings and possibly other abuse they received from priests and nuns and through hatred have lost their ability to reason.

    So, it is peculiar to have Protestantism portrayed as Enemy Number One. Perhaps this person was abused in a Protestant setting? There must be some reason for such a huge chip on the shoulder.

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    • Judaism created Islam before the Vatican got really going. They made Mohammed in the same way the CIA made Bin Laden. And for much the same reason.

      The globalists are not more intelligent than the ones before them. They just think they are, as did the ones before them. They will fuck up every time. They always do.

      Arrogance is more futile than resistance 😉

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  3. I admire your energy, although in the future it might be wiser just to recognize Gish Gallopers for what they are. But hey, you’re a writer, so you probably spent less energy than the poor deranged fool.

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  4. All too surreal for me, but full marks Leggy for fearlessly following the mad hatter into that strange mental landcscape.
    A better man than i, i’d have been off the other way like a shot.

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  5. Fair comment mate and I definitely agree with the left wing/right wing definitions. In short the Nazis and the Communists were both socialists, one discriminated on the basis of class, perceived or otherwise and the other discriminated on the basis of race. Which neatly brings me to the Indians being a race – which of course they are not. How would one tell the difference between an Indian and a Bangladeshi or Pakistani? Religion isn’t race, and neither is language or nationality a race either. Race is the unique physical characteristics that differentiate one racial grouping from another. If shown a picture of a white (caucasian race) person you would be completely unable to discern their nationality of place of origin. Any other perceived differences (unless physical) are based on culture, and that isn’t race either.

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  6. My understanding of the difference between fascism and communism is that in fascism the state owns the means of production whereas in communism the people own the means of production. I don’t know much about either but it strikes me that, although in communist states, the people should, in theory, hold the reins of power, the state intervenes to dictate the fruits of production so that in practice the people are no better off than in a fascist state.

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  7. Blimey! Just………………blimey. Very good ripostes and spot on historically as I was expecting. I agree the term ‘Asian’ is far too broad brush and I’m sure Japanese, Vietnamese, Thais and Chinese have a problem with this term as used in Rochdale too.

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  8. Bodge it, Fuck it, Leggit & Co, STILL in deep De Nile, WELL away wi’ the fascist Pharaohs?

    While, WAY less wordy. Worthy BOSSBitch&Co state facts not myths.

    1) Tho, historically other totalitarian regimes (false binaries ‘Right’ or ‘Left’) waged war on humanity. NONE falsely claimed, as do BIG hypocrite anti social Anglo fascists Cromwell & Co killers to ‘Civilise’ humanity while mass killing BILLIONS post-Reformation ongoing. Anti social, undemocratic mass killer WASPS. Clean out-flank, out-rank, out-gun, out-kill Ceasar, Attila, Napôleon, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, et al combined in 4-centuries ongoing on 5-continents where they don’t belong.

    2) Like, having supposedly WON for ‘Freedom & Democracy’ post-WW2 their ongoing mid-East BIG mess, with multi-MILLIONS dead including innocent kids, making EU-massed migrants crisis, Isis, AND 2008-ongoing World financial crisis! ALL caused by anti social Anglo fascist US/UK imperialism for Oil, Gas, Arms, Ratings & BIG profit. While backing anti social ZioNazis white Europeans sounding like Yanks. Also where they don’t belong in the Levant land of DARK semites who never left their Holy Land. Mizrahi Jews, Coptic Christians, Sunni Muzzys. NOT white European AshkeNazis – rightly UN-tagged Izrael an anti social ‘Apartheid State’.

    3) As for the 19Hateys ongoing so called World ‘PEDO’ panic. ALSO caused by anti social Anglo fascist fraud market imperialism, again for fake Populist Votes, Ratings & Uber Alles BIG Scare Profit. All crudely masked, as always, by Anglo fascist MSM mass deception as so called ‘Child Protection’. 19Hateys launched by Anglo fascist Right-tards, not least BIGtime OZ/UK/U$ media monsta MadDogMurdoch, UK MadHagMag & Co and, Uber Alles kidseX craZed Reagan/RayGun & Co Right-tards U$A/Uptite$exualA$$holes – ongoing unchecked.

    Mo’, soon-er, or later, ya’ll cum bak now…


  9. Fer ya’ll Anglo infantilized mainstream mass mind raped victims. In VERY longterm treatment in the BIG Asylum, and VERY Secure Unit fer cUnits, aka the 5-eyes fascist phoney Anglophone UK/US/CA/OZ/NZ.

    Further, VERY inconvenient Facts-not-Myths from straight Anglos who know about telling vital truths in fascist phoney Anglophone lands-of-lies.
    1) Did the US really kill 20M civilians since WW2? Why doesn’t the US media ever talk about the c.2M civilian deaths even in recent wars like in Iraq and Afghanistan… The Korean War also includes Chinese deaths while the Vietnam War also includes fatalities in Cambodia and Laos.

    The U.S. has Killed More Than 20 Million People in 37 “Victim Nations” …Someone once observed that Germans during WWII “chose not to know” but how many has the United States caused in other nations since WWII? Effort was needed to arrive at the figures of 6 million Jews killed during WW2, but mercenaries in the U.S. and Great Britain……killed…since-world-war-ii/5492051

    2) Ex-CIA truth-teller Will ‘Blaster’ Blum with LOUD hailer outside the Pentagon during the US/UK illegal invasion of Iraq, “Come out, with your hands up!” Plus, paraphrased, “A terrorist is someone with a bomb, but no heavy industrialized, mass bombing hi-tec Air Force, Army, and Navy.”

    3) Plus the most respected UK modern historian Mark Curtis; bent Anglo mainstream marginalized, natch.

    Mo’ soon-er, or later from BOSSBitchTina: Often 1st, Always best, Ferget the rest, Flies WAY past the test.

    Take care now, in that VERY Secure Unit – fer cUnits, aka…ya’ll know the rest.


    • We know all this. The Iraq war certainly, and probably most of the other recent ones, were based on fabricated or wrong information. Wars have only one winner – the ones who sell the weapons win every time. And they are often selling weapons to both sides.

      It’s not the fault of the people of the Western countries. We didn’t want those wars. Blame the ones who sent our people to war, not the ones who had to go.

      So, do you have anything new for us?

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