The Janus Effect

It’s been a busy time. I have to control the grapevine almost daily or it will bust out of the greenhouse again, and the grass is growing so fast you can run the mower straight back over it and cut it again. The weeds, I swear they laugh at me. Add in the pretty much daily rain and the garden is winning this year.

Then I had to find presents for Mother’s birthday and two family wedding anniversaries. It gets more difficult every year – good thing CStM had some new ideas.

While this is happening I am assembling Dirk’s next book – ‘Tales from Under the Drinking Tree’. It’s in Dutch but I  hope he’ll do an English translation one day. I’ll have to let him self-edit the final version because I know sod all Dutch. I’m having enough problems learning Danish!

Everything is finally calming down. Tomorrow I send the (late) birthday and anniversary presents and at long last, a few interesting bottles to JP’s Workshop so he can turn them into lamps. He’s promised to make one for me – any one of those will be fine. I hope he can make a few bob selling the rest. The bottles would have been on the way on Friday but the post officette in the corner of Local Shop can’t handle anything over 5 kg and it was 5.1. Computer says no. I’ll visit a real post office tomorrow.

Right. That is one of my longer digressions but, at last, to the point. You all know who Janus was/is? Of course you do. He’s an old god who’s been very active lately. The god with two faces.

Here’s one of his current incarnations…

Chubby Jim only uses magic sugar in his recipes. it’s not the same as the evil sugar sold by Big Fizz, who Jamie wants eradicated from the face of the Earth because they are causing obesity. Jamie’s magic sugar does not cause obesity so he can promote that while declaring everyone else’s sugar evil.

Sound familiar? Doesn’t it sound like the ‘nicotine is a deadly poison’ line that comes from people who want to prescribe nicotine patches and gum? Theirs is magic nicotine, not like the nicotine sold by tobacco and vape companies. It’s the same molecule but theirs has pixie dust sprinkled on it.

It didn’t start there you know. Vinegar produced by fermentation is sooo much better than synthetic vinegar. That one’s been around for many years. It’s acetic acid. It’s a simple molecule. Plain old vinegar is acetic acid in water no matter how it’s made. Okay, the wine vinegars might have a bit of the wine taste left but the alcohol has turned into acetic acid. Which is just plain wrong in my book but hey, if you want to cook with gone-off wine, that’s your business.

We had the Cleggeron Coagulation a couple of governments back. Both those bastards smoked and both refused to even consider any amendment to the smoking ban. Clegg got electorally obliterated and Cameron was ousted by Totalitarian May, she of the DNA database and Internet clampdowns. If your party thinks she’s better than you, give up politics now. You have spectacularly failed. Double fail with honours.

On the other side we have Jezza Corbyn, rich boy with the aim of keeping himself rich and everyone else poor. Cult leader, brilliant at it. Party leader, well, Kruschev would be so proud of him. But he’s not the Janus incarnation here – that is in his mass of followers.

Corbyn is pretty straight and clear on what he wants. He wants Hell on Earth with him presiding over it as Jeremy Chthulu. If he gets voted in before I finish Panoptica, I’ll give uip on it because it will all come true within a decade. His followers think he’s great. They think he supports gay people while he supports Hamas and takes cash from Iran, where Saturday evening entertainment involves betting on which crane-dangled gay guy will stop kicking first.

Corbyn’s supporters have been on Twitter to declare their pride at booing Tory-leaning gays at the Gay Pride march. Which kind of misses the entire point of that march. Which isn’t what you think it is.

Aside from the fact it’s now been commercialised beyond the wildest dreams of Santa, to the point where police stations that won’t put up Christmas decorations (usually citing Elfin Safety) will fly the Rainbow Flag for the March of the Pooftahs, and repaint their cars to look like something Zippy, George and Bungle would ride around in… aside from that, the march is not about pride at all. It’s about shame.

Not gay shame. No, the gay marchers can be proud to be gay – but can I be proud to be hetero? Proud to be white? Proud to be male? Of course not. I have to feel shame that I was born melanin-deficient – worse, born ginger! With a (albeit mediocre) knob that only reacts to women and with an arse that prefers to remain exit-only. Funny, those things have never made me ashamed. Now it seems they must.

This is not the fault of the gay pride marchers. They don’t know how they are being used. And like the Muslims, they won’t see it because they don’t want to. They are enjoying their current protected status, not realising how that is going to change when their heroes come to power.

Look at the Lenin/Stalin takeover of Russia. They had a clearout when they took power and it wasn’t who their supporters thought it would be. Even Lenin, when he fell out of favour, was airbrushed out of many photographs. Useful idiots, when they are no longer required, are simply deleted.

I can understand the gay stance here. Only fifty years ago they could have been imprisoned just for being gay. They have a reason to celebrate. But hey folks, don’t let them push you into being useful idiots. Don’t fall for the ‘shame those who are not like us’ mantra. Fifty years ago, that same mindset put you in jail and now you want to be like that?

Now we have a (maybe fake) transsexual on Twitter saying that straight guys who don’t want to date Frankenstein’s creation have to get over that hurdle and accept those who have had the full dickectomy as mates. Well, okay, some guys will and some guys won’t. Specifically those guys who don’t want to have children might be attracted to a non-fertile XY woman (I’m speaking as a biologist here) but other guys will be very uncomfortable with that.

Should they be ashamed they don’t want to sleep with a boy/girl combination? I would say no, there are plenty who would have no issue with the change so having a few say ‘Ah, no thanks’ shouldn’t be a problem. It happens to everyone. I mean, even Kate Bush probably had a guy turn her down once, although it was Julian Clary – and I bet even he had to think about it.

Apparently it is a problem. It’s more shame.

Shame keeps you quiet. It’s shameful to refer to black people as niggers while you watch them on twitter calling each other that name all the time. No, there really is not a difference between ‘nigger’ and ‘nigga’, so stop being a useful idiot. Janus is laughing at you. From both faces.

I don;t care if you are gay. Why do you care if I am not? I don’t care what gay people think of me. Why do you care what I think of you? (Hint: replace ‘what’ with ‘whether’ and the answer is ‘never’. You don’t have the parts that interest me)

I don’t care if you are Muslim or Hindu or Christian or Jain or anything else.  I don’t care which political ‘us’ and ‘them’ game you want to play. They are all the same, don’t you get it yet?

It is all about making you feel ashamed. You cannot denounce Islamic terror or you are Islamophobic. You must be ashamed. You cannot say you are not comfortable with the shirt-lifters (you can’t say that now, because it’s shameful) and you cannot use the common abbreviation Paki for Pakistani even though your parents used it with no racist intent for decades. Now, even acknowledging their existence is deemed racist.

When you are ashamed, you are powerless. It’s even more powerful as a control than getting you to say ‘sorry’ for something you didn’t do. Like apologising for slavery hundreds of years after we ended it. Ask Islam to stop doing it today. Ask them to stop kidnapping schoolgirls as sex slaves. No?

Janus, your other face is showing.

We never gave Janus due credit. He was a minor god. A  trivial add-on. A mere forgotten app on Death’s iBone. Yet here he is again, filling the world with his two faces and the doublethink that follows.

Janus, two faces, doublethink. The modern way. Make the ‘normal’ ashamed of their very existence and they won’t fight back.

And they won’t. They never do. Those of us who resist get silenced, one way or another.

So hey, magic sugar? You fucking idiots will accept that.

Kill me, before I let more out.

If you dare…


14 thoughts on “The Janus Effect

  1. Grass sometimes stops growing, if it’s very dry. Weeds never do. This is a good thing if you cut lawns for a living as the weeds have to go before they germinate. Tell that to the people who pay you and then they won’t complain when the bill arrives.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Ah, weeds. I am plagued with all of them. Especially nettles.

      As far as i can see, the only way to kill nettles is to dig out the roots and burn them. Anything less, and they just come back.

      Liked by 1 person

      • You can beat Nettles eventually. It is possible to pull them out by the root if you do it during a dry spell. Otherwise just cut them off before they go to seed. It might take three or four years, but I’ve beaten mine.

        Liked by 1 person

        • There are huge patches of them in the woods. The ones in the lawn are easy, I just keep mowing them. The woods ones, well, I generally get out the battery-powered strimmer and go all herbicidal maniac on them. Keeps them down but the thicker ones can be difficult.

          Not for long though. I have just invested in one of these- – one step upwards and 100 years backwards 😉


  2. No, no, I cannot let this go unchallenged. What you shake on your chips matters. A tasting game – which you have often played on this very blog – shows that vodka solvent is very different from Talisker.

    In the matter of vinegars, the name Aspall is always reliable but the creme de la vinegar is Cornish Coverack which you will have to go there to buy or else order a catering crate as they position it for locals and poshy restaurants.

    And don’t tell me that salt is just sodium choride. The flakey crystals of Maldon taste fruiter and are more sherbetty on the tongue. A perfect dinner is fresh fat chips from the chippy, served with buttter fried fresh (and I mean new laid) egg, a frosting of Maldon flakes on the yoke and the chips sprinkled with Coverack. No, it is not pretentious twaddle – it is the best supper in all the world.

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  3. Desperate as I am not to offend anyone, I prefer to use the word “obligatory” when referring to persons of a certain ethnicity, as those like the BBC do seem to be obligated to have at least one in every programme, be it drama, comedy (ha!), or just a news snippet. “Let’s face it,” seems to be the message, “they can’t help it, can they?”

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