The ‘Devoid of Choice’ Generation.

It still makes me laugh to see companies with signs saying ‘This company operates a no smoking policy’. No, you don’t. No company operates such a policy because no company has any choice in the matter. Every company, every operator of every workplace and every place open to the public is obliged to prevent smoking on the premises. If they fail to comply they will be fined.

There is no choice. No amount of smug signs saying ‘we are making this rule’ changes that fact. You might as well put up signs saying ‘we obey’ because that is what you are really doing.

Hiding from that fact only emboldens the Health Nazis. They see such compliance as weakness and they know they have not reached any boundary yet. In fact there’s no sign of any such boundary. I suppose, denied the old fashioned persecution of anyone non-white, gay or otherwise different, the bigots out there have to have someone to hate and the Health Nazis have a target for them. Smokers.

They have more targets too. The overweight. Anyone putting salt on their food or swigging a can of chemical fizz. All lined up for when the last smoker has been dealt with.

Still, the war on smokers continues to its final solution

“We want to address this. Our vision is nothing less than to create a smoke-free generation.”

That’s a quote from Steve Brine, whose surname is going to get him into trouble with the Salties in the future. They want a salt-free world, Steve. No more brine.

But look closely at those words –

“…Our vision is nothing less than to create a smoke-free generation.”

Ah, the new Aryan race. Moulded along lines directed by those who consider themselves lords over all. And to think, they object to being called Nazis.

This ‘smoke-free’ generation are not going to be asked if they want to play along and be part of Briny Steve’s ashtray-free Utopia. Oh no. That generation will be created by the Salty Fuhrer and his coven of We Know Best.

You won’t have the choice, kids, and you’ll be so proud that you have no choice that you will crow about your non-smoking even though you will never get to try it. You will not be allowed to try it and you will obey.

Oh I know there are antismokers out there thinking ‘Excellent. No more smokers’. They don’t see it, do they? Once you are obedient there is no end to it. No salt. Obey. No meat. Obey. No milk. Obey. No booze. Obey. No socialising without State supervision. Obey.

Oh I know, you’re thinking ‘Well I don’t smoke but they won’t make me give up meat’. They won’t make me give up smoking either. It’s not for us. It’s for their Aryan generation of your kids and grandkids and then on forever. The obedient drones they want to create. You want that as your family legacy? We’ll all be reviled as the filthy ancestors who ate burgers, swilled beer and drooled over meat pies with salty chips. Our headstones will be smashed to rubble to pave the pure streets of Obedience Utopia.

Sure, we’ll be dead, why should we care? Why should we care that our descendants will be drones for the elite (who, incidentally, won’t be giving up anything)? Why should we care if the Earth turns into a planet of slaves to be worked and culled and occasionally harvested for the entertainment of a few utter arseholes? Why should we care that Mount Olympus will be staffed by human gods in the future? Why should we care that our children’s children will live their lives in terror of saying a word out of place and ending up ‘on the farm’?

As fertiliser, not driving a tractor.

Why should we care that our great-grandchildren will watch each other constantly, hoping for that buzz of reward when they hand in a wrongthink criminal and get a pat on the head for it?

Ah, maybe I’m exaggerating – but look around. How much of it is in place already? We have ‘bacon crime’ as a real imprisonable offence. Really, we don’t have far to go.

Smoker persecution was just the start. It soon moved on to other things. Smoker eradication is, likewise, just the start. This smoke free generation will be an obedient, choice free generation. They will not smoke. Not because they don’t want to, because they have been told not to and they will obey. Just like those businesses who pretend that being smoke free is their choice, that generation will pretend it’s their choice too. It won’t be. They will not smoke, or drink, or ever taste bacon or beef or chicken, because it will not be allowed. They will be conditioned to believe it was their choice. Just like those businesses with their no smoking policies.

It’s better to believe you chose that path than to accept you were forced onto it, for many people. Not for me. I will not accept force but then school wasn’t a conditioning factory when I was there. They taught us how to think, not what to think. We are no use to the Briny Steves of the world, they are waiting for us to die and, in the meantime, silencing us with political correctness and poofterphobia and dynamitewaistcoatophobia and racism and all the other bollocks. None of it is real for pretty much all of us but their upcoming proto-Aryans believe every word. Especially the made up words. Oh and the suckers who currently enjoy ‘protected status’? Oh you are going to have a really shitty time, very soon.

In the future your grandkids will not smoke and they will convince themselves it’s because they don’t want to. I am not promoting smoking here, I am promoting choice. The choice to not smoke is as valid as the choice to smoke. When you don’t have the choice then you are nothing more than an obedient drone.

Is that what you see for your family’s future?

The vapers will soon point out that the UK Health Nazis have now decided to allow vaping to help with cutting down on smokers. Yeah, don’t get too cheery about it guys. You have not had a reprieve, you have had a stay of execution.

When they finish us off, do you really think they’ll leave you alone?

If you do, you’re going to be very, very disappointed.




28 thoughts on “The ‘Devoid of Choice’ Generation.

  1. Very true, I dread the future for my grandchildren, I am too old and cynical to be bothered by any of this but will there be enough spirit left in the next generation to see through it and resist?

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  2. What always staggers me is how many people simply can’t see what’s happening here. Or maybe it’s a case of won’t see what’s happening – because if they allowed themselves to see what’s happening they’d be obliged to move out of their safe little “doesn’t affect me” comfort-zones and actually do something, and that something, inevitably means that for now they’d actually have to do something on behalf of a group to which they don’t belong. And that doesn’t seem to be high on the priority list for many people these days even if, further down the line, it prevents them from being treated in the same way. It’s all very short-term and all very short-sighted. People would rather bury their heads in the sand and pretend nothing’s changed and/or that they aren’t really being denied a choice, using a kind of doublethink that says that denial of choice isn’t really denial of choice when it matches what you would have done anyway.

    This kind of thinking has always surprised me. Do people really have such small mental horizons that they cannot – really cannot – see the bigger picture until it actually happens? Is the concept of the principle of something really that hard to understand? Perhaps people are just dense. Or maybe they’re just mentally lazy. Or maybe they’re just personally lazy – it’s easy to do nothing if you only address matters at face value and never scratch below the surface or look at what precedents are being set. They’ll deny the Slippery Slope, they’ll sit smugly by whilst dangerously illiberal laws set worrying templates for authoritarians to follow simply because at this point in time it doesn’t affect them, and they’ll go through all sorts of mental gymnastics in order to justify their utter lack of objection to the erosion of their liberties and therefore those of their children. God, when I was just a mere teenager I’d worked this out. I always, for example, baulked at the seatbelt laws (and still do) for precisely this reason. How dare a bunch of smug “caring” politicians take away my choice to ride in a car without a seatbelt “for my own good” and, of course – the Seatbelt Law’s equivalent of ETS – to “save the NHS money.” (That worked out splendidly, didn’t it? Ha, ha!). And yet I’d always, always, worn a seatbelt when travelling, way before it was mandatory. It wasn’t the affect of the law that I objected to, it was the principle.

    But then, as the old saying has it, “A society gets the Government it deserves.” Maybe, rather than whinging on about how “out of touch” politicians are and how stupid their policies and proposals might be and how interfering and overbearing they are, some people (particularly most non-smokers) should take a long, hard look in a metaphorical mirror to see where the problem really lies.

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    • It was the crash helmet law that first woke me up, I had previously thought that I lived in a free country and that my head belonged only to me, not the government. What I discovered was that I was not equal, I was part of a large but unloved minority just as I am now.
      Needless to say, I always wore a crash helmet and had one of the first full faced ones in the area as I reasoned that my face would not be improved if I accidentally kissed the tarmac, but as you say, it was the principle.
      Still, when they claimed ownership of my head, with the threat of fines, though no one except bikers could see it at the time, they claimed ownership of everyone else’s.

      I always wore a seat belt , if it was good enough for racing drivers it was good enough for me, I was not a bit surprised when they were made mandatory for everyone, you see a precedent had already been set.

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    • I have noticed on YouTube comments (why I read them occasionally, I don’t know) that weed smokers see their drug as some sort of deity, while tobacco is a demon that causes all known diseases. If you ‘blaspheme’ against cannabis, you’re likely to attract a barrage of obscenity.

      Which brings me to my point. I’ve never used cannabis, but I used to take kratom (in tea) for anxiety. Kratom has been used for millennia for various reasons. Pain relief is a very common use.

      Since last year, it was banned in the UK, along with a multitude of so-called legal highs. It was bundled in with genuinely dangerous drugs like synthetic cannabis and ‘research chemicals’.

      This shows either a lack of knowledge about kratom (and some other ethnobotanical remedies) among lawmakers, or they desire to be seen to be tough on drugs (and stuff those who rely on them and push them onto dangerous drugs), or the fact that kratom is very different to cannabis in one important way.

      In Thailand, where the trees grow profusely, men who chew kratom leaves are far better workers than cannabis users. The former benefit from the calming effect and analgesic qualities which keeps them working longer, while the weed smokers tend to be lazy and therefore less productive.

      This is why families over there much prefer their daughters to marry a man who chews kratom.

      Now I’ll really get to the point! The Thai regime in the 1930s banned kratom because they made a fortune out of tax paid by opium addicts and kratom, also being an opiate, was an alternative for the poor and untaxed, so in order to increase the tax take, they banned the opposition, even though the relatively, if not totally, harmless kratom is used by opium addicts to detox and is very valuable as such.

      The similarity to electrofags is interesting. A (supposedly) safer alternative to tobacco and one of the most successful ways to stop smoking is vilified, regulated and taxed and banned in some places.

      What does all this tell us? The only thing governments care about is money – and power. By banning alternative, safer products, the tax take goes up, but the ‘harm reduction’ (one of their buzz phrases) would be improved by the free availability of some of the products which are illegal or otherwise controlled.

      We can only deduce that governments aren’t remotely interested in harm reduction, although I have read that Thailand might legalise kratam again after 80 years. Maybe some decent politicians somehow managed to get elected. Can’t see the same common sense happening here any time soon.

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  3. “It still makes me laugh to see companies with signs saying ‘This company operates a no smoking policy’. No, you don’t. No company operates such a policy because no company has any choice in the matter.”

    Yes they do actually. They can either allow smoking on their premises (outside of course, with the obligatory cattle sheds), or not allow any smoking on their premises at all. Every company has a smoking policy and it consists of those two choices.

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    • Inside the premises they have no choice. Outside, for the moment, they do. Some have taken to banning smoking in the open air to prove they are just as bastardly spiteful as the Dreadful Arnottians, and some have whined that people on public pavements outside their doors should be moved to a safe distance away, presumably to a leper colony on a remote island populated only by rats and weasels.

      So basically, what I’m saying here is, if they want to extend their nonsmoking diktat to the outside where they aren’t (yet) forced by law to do it, they are even more cuntish than the original Puritan tobacco controllers.

      And I will remain happily self employed and puff away at my place of work here in my house.

      It is already technically illegal to do this just as it was demonically enforced in the flat I lived (and smoked) in for a year before moving here.

      I spent four years as a professional cleaner. When I left that flat, I got back every penny of my deposit. There was no evidence I had even vaped in there, never mind smoked. And i did both, a lot.

      Cleaning up after smoking is easy. Everyone’s granny knows that. The new weak and lazy generations can’t comprehend proper cleaning.

      But really, outside? Half a gram of burning leaf against one passing bus?

      Banning smoking outside is not policy. It’s persecution.

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  4. On the telly this morning they were talking about iris scanning on your mobile phone being the next best thing in security. Oooer, it all sounds very biblical and very 666. Who’s next? The anti-Christ?


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    • What happens if you get a fly in your eye – you can’t log on unless you’re Jeff Goldblum?

      “Who’s next? The anti-Christ?”

      It won’t be long. The prophecies are coming to pass, the one world government is more-or-less here and the third temple is being prepared in Jerusalem.

      It’s why I don’t really worry about Islamification any more, because Islam will be banned along with all religions (and atheism) as everyone will be expected to worship the Beast.

      You get an invitation to a coffee morning at the Church of the Beast and you’ll be expected – “You are cordially commanded…”.

      Everything that God set up “In the beginning” has been perverted by evil in these days. Think about it:

      God instituted marriage between a man and a woman – Satan has convinced many people that two people of the same sex can be married.

      God created male and female – Satan is convincing more people that gender is ‘fluid’.

      God gave us laws and a conscience – Satan has convinced many people that morals can be based on atheism.

      God made us in His image – Satan has convinced many people that they are nothing more than animals or rearranged pond scum.

      God told people to go forth and multiply – Satan has convinced most people that they don’t need to do that because their career is more important or they need to ‘save the planet’ which is going to be destroyed by fire anyway.

      God told us to feed the poor – Satan has convinced government people to ban soup kitchens and criminalise beggars.

      “Take ye heed, watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is.”

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  5. A bit like John McDonnell telling us that Labour plan to ask the wealthy to contribute more. Yeah, right, like they will have to option of politely refusing…

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  6. Some vegan eco-looney on the VD show advocating applying 20% VAT on meat products.

    For why?

    To save the planet from all the methane that livestock produce, from small acorns etc, the most shocking thing was the BBC gave this fanatic airtime without a hint of satire…

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