Dust off those saddles…

I have broken my tablet computer. Terminally. I had left it on the floor by the bed, the phone rang, I got up to answer it and crunch. To top it all there was nobody on the phone. It was probably one of those timeout sales calls.

Fortunately I had opted for a cheap Chinese-made one so it won’t hurt too bad to replace it. And it did mean I got to take it apart. I’ve always wanted to see inside one of these things. So I now have two very small good quality speakers that will fit easily inside a model train with a sound generator, a couple of tiny cameras and a microphone (not sure how to wire up a camera but I can find out). Best of all is the ‘vibrate’ motor. Runs on 3V and is less than a cm long. I can fit that into something very small indeed, along with a couple of tiny button cells. My model building interest is rekindled!

I might make a tiny electric car. Might as well, we won’t have any petrol or diesel ones soon. Then again, I’ll be 80 in 2040 so probably won’t want to do much driving. My kids will still be driving age though. They’ll be stuck with those God-awful electric cars. Not even hybrids – the petrol and diesel won’t be allowed.

Suddenly, cars are the cause of all ills. Does that let smokers off the hook? We’ve been saying for a long time that the smoke from a cigarette is nothing compared to a passing truck, nor even a drive-by in a Mini. Nobody wanted to hear it.

It doesn’t let us off the hook because it was never about health and neither is this.

Ministers believe it poses the largest environment risk to public health in the UK, costing up to Β£2.7bn in lost productivity in one recent year.

Ministers believe whatever it is in their interests to believe, as always. But their thinking is in terms of lost productivity, not health. Sick drones don’t work as hard. That’s how it was sold to them. Same as with tobacco, booze, salt, fat, anything. They don’t give a shit about you. You exist to pay taxes to them. You exist to work so they don’t have to.

Remember when the antismokers checked carbon monoxide in breath tests on smokers in the street? On busy streets. They never tested nonsmokers and never tested themselves. If they had, all the results would have been the same because the CO and other stuff from exhaust fumes on a busy street will overwhelm anything a cigarette can do.

And yet, at that time, the buses and cars rolling by were totally harmless compared to half a gram of burning leaf.

When my grandmother was born there were no cars. They are really that recent, starting in the early 1900s as rich men’s toys. You had to have a man with a red flag walking in front to warn people you were coming so they wouldn’t be startled. That might come back with the electric car because those things are almost silent. They’ll need sound generators like model trains have, so they sound like a real one.

The Cult of the Green God is not satisfied because like all the other ‘mememe’ groups out there, they are never satisfied. They want cars banned right now. Except theirs of course. I mean, how do you get to the next conference on stopping oil use if oil products are banned? Walk there, like a common pleb? They are far too important for that.

Seriously, imagine a world where you can’t speed around in a flash Audi or BMW and have to try to pick up girls in a glorified disability cart. See it happening? The car industry can adapt of course, they just make electric cars instead of petrol ones and then charge more than the car’s value for new batteries.

But the oil industry? You really think they are going quietly into oblivion? Oh no, this isn’t going to be like the tobacco wars at all. The antismokers never wanted to ban tobacco. That would put them out of work so they work with the tobacco companies to reach a compromise where they both profit. Can’t happen when you completely delete all use of a product. The oil wars are going to be a lot more vicious.

Really though, it’s about our ability to go places without being controlled. They don’t like that. They didn’t like us having places to gather and talk so they wrecked the pubs and everything like them. There has been a war against personal transport for a long time and it was always going to be banned one day.

Your 2040 electric car will have all the latest gadgetry installed. No need to worry about speeding, it will be incapable of exceeding the limit, even in an emergency. No need to worry about it getting stolen because the authorities always know exactly where it is and have the power to turn it off remotely.

A lot of people are going to think that’s all good.

Until they are driving somewhere the authorities don’t want them to go…

40 thoughts on “Dust off those saddles…

  1. They also want to ultimately ban private houses and stack us all into small apartments in “environmentally-friendly” highrises with electric shuttle trains shuttling us to our factories and offices. I think of the conveyor belts in Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis.” Meanwhile, of course, they’ll have tneir daschas and shop at GUM.

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  2. Electric vehicles arent crap, Ive had an electric bike for 18 years the nicad batteries are about 40% of their original capacity but it still works, electric cars are too expensive but the price will come down, perhaps the microbiologist in you could make an organic battery,ingredients rock salt and bacon rinds


    • I’ve got a 20 year old IC bike. It’s got 95%+ of its original capacity (power), does over 200 miles from full to empty and takes less than 5 minutes to “recharge” when drained. When electric vehicles can do the same I’ll pay attention, until then they’re just toys.


    • I can see the appeal of a car you can ‘refuel’ at home, especially living way out here in Nowhere.
      But if the smart meter can cut your power at peak times, why would it bother with your fridge when the biggest drain is charging your car? The law to let electricity suppliers turn off home appliance is already going through. The car charger will not be exempt.

      When you put together ‘we can limit your electricity consumption’ and ‘all your cars will be electric’ it really doesn’t look good.


  3. Whenever I visualise electric cars I just cannot get an image of Noddy and Big Ears in their car out of my head…
    Perhaps when only electric cars are allowed a ‘fast car’ will be one that has a top speed of 50mph, and does 0-50 in 5 minutes…

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    • The fastest production motorcycle is electric, and a croation electric car is faster than a la ferrari porsche in acceleration,Im an old retired man and ive figured it out that the future is electric


  4. “not sure how to wire up a camera but I can find out”. If you can you will be one of a select group and be able to give presentations at hacker conventions.


    • As long as it doesn’t smell of chlorine, it wouldn’t bother me. More of a concern would be that chlorine treatment can only work on the outside. Fine for Salmonella, but Campylobacter can get into the meat. So you still have to cook it through to make it safe.

      If you have to cook it through anyway, there’s no real point in the chlorination πŸ˜‰

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  5. No one seems to consider where all this extra electricity is coming from. Someone down my road has an electric car and I see that they’ve had a special connection outside the house for charging it along with a pretty hefty cable. I don’t know what load it presents, but I read recently somewhere that if more than about half a dozen people in an average street had electric cars charging at the same time, they would need to lay a new feeder cable for the street. If the bulk of these new electric car owners want to charge the batteries by night, that alone would require more power than is currently being fed into the National Grid. And solar cells won’t help!!

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    • They’ve thought it through. As L-I says, electric cars mean we won’t be able to travel far; we’ll be confined to cities – “sustainable” ones, of course and monitored at all times.

      You might remember Forum for the Future’s cartoon series a few years ago, including the “sustainable” city of “Planned-opolis”, in which people lived in blocks of flats, used their phones for everything (that bit has nearly happened already) and could only afford meat on special occasions.

      But this was all portrayed as a pleasant vision of the future. Those who didn’t go along and lived in the ghetto were pitied.

      Forum for the Future don’t even hide the fact that they want to brainwash people, as they offer to train “change agents” to advance the agenda.


      Of course, like the Gates Foundation, they are far from alone in pushing this agenda.


      • Just had a quick look, Stewart, at their ‘protein challenge’ in which they talk about chefs “encouraging us all to eat more plants”. That’s a strange word to use: why not “vegetables”? I find even the fact that this body exists to manipulate people’s behaviour, sinister, as is the fact that it’s hiding in plain sight which suggests that it considers it perfectly fine to manipulate behaviour.


        • Maybe they are developing protein-rich GM ‘plants’. Many years ago, there was talk of one day being able to grow meat-like plants.

          Many, many bodies are in plain sight promoting all sorts of nonsense, because the majority of people have either bought into the climate change/healthist/diversity global agenda or they’re too scared or can’t be bothered or don’t know how to fight it.

          In 2010 there was a eugenicist conference at the Scottish Parliament. Short of an armed uprising, we won’t be listened to. I’ve been trying for years. Nearly all MPs are powerless, despite their self-importance, so even if they wanted to help – few I have talked to acknowledge there are real issues – their chances of promotion would be next to nil.

          And the population control fanatics have people like David Attenborough and Jonathon Porritt on side, and who could argue with such esteemed and educated fellows?



          • If you wanted to turn the whole of Africa into a nature reserve, you first have to get rid of all the people.

            You can’t just march in and kill them, there would be uproar. So you ‘help’ them move to ‘a better place’.

            This means eventual war as the ‘better place’ gets overwhelmed with migrants but that’s okay. It’ll speed up population reduction which is what you want anyway.

            A much reduced population and all the wildlife in Africa forever free of human interference. Any wonder David Attenborough is okay with this?

            Of course, that’s all pure speculation…


            • Maybe the specifics are speculation, but not the basics. The other day, I checked out Mali’s capital, Bamako (after being intrigued by Mali league football fixtures on a website!). It is one of the world’s fastest growing cities, now three times the size of Glasgow.

              Africa is, to all intents and purposes, still under colonialism. It is a source of cheap food and minerals for Western corporations. Industrialisation is hampered by, among other things, the EU for imposing quite large tariffs on some processed goods, like chocolate, so that exporting the raw ingredients is the only way they can make any money.

              If the West cared about Africa, we would be allowing them to trade with us on favourable terms and paying a fair price for their products. It most probably benefits the West to have as many corrupt African leaders as possible.

              I understand that Africans generally have superior genes, so they might be useful to the elites for ‘breeding’ purposes due to the genetic load which particularly affects the pale elites who want to live forever (that’s why they abuse and sacrifice infants?).

              If the globalists manage to reduce the population to their magic 500 million then Africa will not be much needed. Perhaps the mass migration to Europe is to preserve those genes (and hope they don’t dilute them with other people groups, as has happened in the Americas). Just a thought.


  6. I wonder how our nation grid will handle millions of electric cars being plugged in to recharge at tea time, just when the grid is at buckling point anyway. Compound that with a cold winter season and we could be in for some interesting times.

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  7. Re the car stuff: I often like to say that the reason I understand the Antismokers so well is that I used to BE an “Antismoker” of a sort: I was an “Antidriver.”

    Here are two pieces I wrote back then. “Free People’s Transit” was written in 1976, and AATTAACK was written around 1990. See: https://assortedtopics.quora.com/Free-Peoples-Transit and https://assortedtopics.quora.com/AATTAACK

    – MJM, no longer an “Antidriver” although I still don’t drive! :>

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  8. Your average EV can go 16 miles on 4kwh (20 miles on 7.5kwh)- so that’s on the electricity used to just to refine that gallon of gas, nevermind the energy used to extract and transport the oil, and the tailpipe emission.


    • The pad never had anything on it that wasn’t duplicated anywhere. I’m well aware that these things can die like light bulbs – work fine one minute, turn them on next time and pop, they’re dead. Standing on it was really unfortunate but it did let me take it apart and dabble with the insides.

      Hard drives can die like that too, that’s why I have an external hard drive for backups and DVD and USB stick backups too. I was once responsible for statistical analysis on a very big project and the damn computer died as I was almost finished the analysis. I had the raw data backed up, but still had to do it all again! These days a crash doesn’t lose very much. Usually unsaved email attachments, anything on the drive is copied elsewhere.

      Lately I’ve been getting a lot of emails with JS:LockyDownloader attached. None have got past me yet but you never know! All it’s achieved is to increase my rate of backup πŸ˜‰


  9. The oil companies will just move to the production of hydrogen from fossil fuels for use in hydrogen fuel cell cars. How else are we to generate hydrogen in sufficient quantities to cope with demand? I mean, for those people that need to travel long distances battery-powered cars are not the answer. renewable-powered electrolysis will not deliver in bulk.

    The downside is that the production of hydrogen from fossil fuels isn’t a particularly efficient or evvironmentally-friendly process. But neither is the bulk production of electricity, nor is the production of lithium batteries.

    You just push the pollution upstream, so it looks to the consumer like a wonderfully environmentally friendly thing. But it isn’t, it’s a con. All that electricity has to be generated somehow and delivered eventually to each and every house.

    Talking of delivery, how will we charge cars in households that have no drive? Those people that live in tower blocks? Who pays for the charging infrastructure and how will it be delivered heritage areas?

    The only winners are the banks (surprise) who will finance the inevitable lease agreements that will have to be in place to finance cars that are too expensive to buy and run outright.

    Of course how environmentally friendly is it to crush a car that has outlived it’s battery life of 5-10 years (fuelled by gas powered power stations) compared to a petrol cars that runs for a couple of decades without expending energy on being converted into a new car.

    Of course the enviro-fruitcakes will say the cars will be charged by renewables overnight. But at night there is no solar power. The final question is what happens the day following a windless night? All those cars that have failed to be charged… do people just not go into work?


    • When it comes to ‘environmentally unfriendly’, take a look at the lakes of toxic waste from neodymium mining. It’s the element needed for the magnets in the windmills and it’s destroying entire ecosystems to save a few ppm of CO2…


      • Ah, but pollution can be ignored because it’s not the demon CO2. Actual pollution that ruins ecosystems can be ignored in order to make the old stuff obsolete for no reason and make us consume more new stuff just when the old stuff got to a good enough quality and reliability that we didn’t need to consume so much of it. Not only that we can pay mega-rich people more money to install renewable technology and more money to other mega rich people when we consume energy that we just paid inflated tariffs on.


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