Books update

I didn’t get Dirk’s book, ‘Tales from under the Drinking Tree’ (in Dutch) completed by the end of July so I have to do two this month to keep the average up. This is not going to be easy because a friend from Wales wants to visit for a week.

I’ll do it anyway. I have a 100,000 word novel in the queue, working title ‘You’ll be Fine’, also another from Margo Jackson (she’s not sure whether to go ahead with that one), another on the way from Justin Sanebridge and some snippets of a very interesting (but as yet incomplete) science fiction story.

As for me, ‘Samuel’s Girl’ and ‘Jessica’s Trap’ are both out of contract with their original publisher yet they seem to appear and disappear at random on many book sites and as far as I am aware, they haven’t sold a single copy in two years. I plan to republish them cheaper under Leg Iron Books, with new cover art. The original artwork belongs to the cover artist so I’ll need new covers. I might get the drawing pencils out again for these. These two, the following one and other Romulus Crowe / Foras and Bifrons stories need matching covers.

I’ll try contacting them again – the publisher has changed hands since they accepted those books – but I’m just going ahead with it. They are out of contract, I’m not held by them any more. With cover images I can put out both this month, and cover images aren’t that hard any more.

I haven’t done much of my own writing this past month. There have been some car servicing and repair expenses, some family news (good news, but not yet ready for internet release), a battle with a grapevine that seems intent on producing several vats of wine while simultaneously destroying the greenhouse, and then there’s the eternal war with the grass. The grass is winning because we haven’t had a day without rain for weeks.

At the end of August I will be looking for Halloween stories for Treeskull Stories (Underdog Anthology 3). It doesn’t have to involve trees or skulls, doesn’t have to have demons or ghosts, just some link to Halloween. I really want that ready to go in early October and have an over-ambitious idea to put a linked illustration at the start of every story. It might or might not happen, depends if I can think up enough images and whether anything else interferes with working on it. The book, however, must go ahead. If an author wants to send an image (monochrome only) linked to their story, I’ll pay an extra £5 on top of the £10 for the story as long as it’s a usable image.

Image rules for interiors – monochrome because colour images make the book crazily expensive, at least 300 dpi and the page size is 6 inches wide by 9 inches high. I can monochrome-ise colour images if that’s all you have. Have a margin around the image. If it’s big I can shrink it but if it’s small and I stretch it it’ll drop below 300 dpi and the book will be rejected by the printer. Most important – you have to own the copyright on the image. Could be something you drew or photographed but it has to be yours.

Copyright on images, like the stories, remains with the author. I don’t buy copyright, I pay for one-time publishing rights. You can re-use it anywhere you like. It remains yours.

There should be a Christmas anthology this year too. I’ll start on that at the end of October.

Soon I have to set up a publisher account at Goodreads. I have enough of a catalogue now so I won’t look like I’m just messing with them. I hope that will boost sales.

Oh, and the end of August is the next quarterly accounting month for author payments. Still no Lamborghinis for anyone, but I think everyone has a few sales. I try not to check too often, sales aren’t fast enough yet. They are getting better though.

So if you want to help out one of the struggling authors on the list, take a look at ‘Leg Iron Books’ in the menu bar.

Something to read on those wet and miserable summer nights.




4 thoughts on “Books update

  1. My writing has been a little slow lately. Personal circumstances. I still have “Rebellion” on the back burner and have made a start on another Morning Cloud story. There’s also a ghost story set in Roman Britain bubbling away in my head. All I need is the time and inclination to sit down and write.

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    • I’ll start looking for stories at the end of August. I want the book close to finished by the end of September so it’s out for Halloween.

      Sometimes the books go up within a day, sometimes they take a week to appear, so it’ll need to be available by mid October to be on the safe side.

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